DEFIANCE: New York Protesters Shred Gun Registration Forms

If we were counting everyone defying New York’s unconstitutional “SAFE Act”, we could call this the ‘Million Shredder March“:

Citizens in Buffalo, refusing to comply with the SAFE Act by registering their so-called ‘assault weapons’, gathered today on the deadline for SAFE Act registrations and SHREDDED their gun registration forms…

They had planned to burn them, but since open burning isn’t legal in Buffalo, they decided to shred them instead, just as our elected officials are shredding the Constitution. Their hope is to send a message to Cuomo that they will not comply with this unconstitutional law.

WIVB has some background on this lawless mess:

April 15, 2014 marks the deadline for when people who owned assault weapons prior to the passage of the SAFE Act were supposed to register them with New York State… The SAFE Act redefines an “assault weapon” as almost any semi-automatic weapon with a “military-style feature,” including a telescoping stock, long guns with a pistol grip, or the ability to hold a detachable magazine.

..Those types of guns can no longer be bought and sold in New York, but people who already owned them are “grandfathered” in to the law, so long as they register the weapon or have the guns permanently modified so that the “military” features are inoperable… Those who don’t comply with the SAFE Act’s requirements could face a misdemeanor charge of failure to register their weapons, up to a felony charge for illegal possession of an assault weapon.

I was thinking about headlining this article: “Gun owners tell Andrew Cuomo to drink a big, tall glass of “Go **** Yourself” juice, but that would be impolite.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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“The Auschwitz Escape” debuts at #11 on the New York Times bestseller list today.

NYT_home_bannerThanks so much to all of you who have purchased a copy of The Auschwitz Escape, and to all of you who have been telling your family and friends about the novel through Facebook, Twitter, your blogs and in all kinds of other ways.

The book debuts this morning at #11 on the New York Times hardcover fiction best-seller list.

As many of you know, I usually write political thrillers about worst case scenarios that might happen in the future. This is the first time I’ve written a work of historical fiction, inspired by true stories that happened in the past. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how this one would be received. But on behalf of Lynn and our boys, and the Tyndale House publishing team, let me say how deeply grateful I am — how grateful we all are – for your support and enthusiasm over this book!

As you know, I’ve been in Israel this past week, doing a series of meetings and interviews about the book.  It has been a wonderful time. I return to the States on Tuesday for more interviews and several speaking opportunities in New York City. Here are a few of them. I’ll keep you posted on more when I get back. Thanks.

>> Please join me Tuesday, April 1st, at a synagogue in Manhattan for book tour event with an Orthodox Rabbi. RSVP today. We’d love to have you join us.

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Please join me Tuesday in New York for book tour event with an Orthodox Rabbi. RSVP today. We’d love to have you join us.

EVENT-TESTAt the moment, I’m in Israel, but on Tuesday – as part of The Auschwitz Escape book tour – I will be speaking at a Synagogue in Manhattan, in an event hosted by an Orthodox Rabbi.

The event will be called, “Are We Still Alone? In a time of crisis, will there be Christians standing with Jews?”

Will you join us?

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone, and the chief rabbi of the Israeli community of Efrat (ancient “Ephratah,” near Bethlehem), will be one of the main speakers. I will be the other.

The evening will be moderated by David Nekrutman, executive director of the Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation. (CJCUC was founded by Rabbi Riskin.)

Please make plans to join us for a very special evening as we discuss the themes of the novel, some of the key lessons of the Holocaust, whether Christians risked their lives to save Jews, why many Jews felt alone during World War II, what Jews and Christians need to know about each other in light of history, and where Jewish-Christian relations stand today.

We also look forward to taking your questions.

** NOTE: Very important, the event is free, but you must RSVP to attend as there is limited seating. Please see below.

  • Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 7:30pm
  • Lincoln Square Synagogue
  • 180 Amsterdam Avenue
  • New York NY 10023

RSVP to Ohr Torah Stone: (212) 935-8672, or email to

We are planning to have a book signing afterwards.

Again, I am really looking forward to this event with Rabbi Riskin. Please sign up to come and encourage your family, friends, synagogue members and church members to RSVP and come with you.

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