SWEET: Apple Files Patent for Wireless Device Charger

Wouldn’t this be nice?

Truly wireless charging, it’s a tech utopia we all long for. Sure, we’re getting there, but it still requires contact, which is only slightly better. If places like Starbucks starts putting pads in their tables, hooray, but it’s a far cry from a real charging zone. A recent Apple patent outlines just that, the wireless charging dream we’ve all been dreaming.

In a patent application published a few days ago, “Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment,” Apple is filing for some tech that looks like wireless charging heaven. Using near-field magnetic resonance, Apple aspires (in theory) to create a wireless charging dome that reaches out up to a yard from the source, powering anything nearby with NFMR resonator circuits in them. Mice, keyboards, phones, remotes, whathaveyou. It’s a dream come true.

That said, the eccentric genius Nikola Tesla is reported to have demonstrated wireless power transmission in 1891, but it has somehow eluded all attempts at practical implementation since.

Hat tip: BadBlue.com/Tech.

Doug Ross @ Journal