LAWSUIT: Bill Clinton made multiple trips to fundraiser’s private island where underage sex slaves were held

This appears to be part of a pattern. That is, a real “war on women” — and girls — waged by the impeached and disbarred William Jefferson Clinton.

A new lawsuit has revealed the extent of former President Clinton’s friendship with a fundraiser who was later jailed for having sex with an underage prostitute.

Bill Clinton’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who served time in 2008 for his illegal sexual partners, included up multiple trips to the onetime billionaire’s private island in the Caribbean where underage girls were allegedly kept as sex slaves… the two men’s friendship … seems to have ended abruptly around the time of Epstein’s arrest

…Tales of orgies and young girls being shipped to the island, called Little St. James, have been revealed as part of an ongoing lawsuit between Epstein and his former lawyers Scott Rothstein and Bradley Edwards…

Flight logs pinpoint Clinton’s trips on Epstein’s jet between the years 2002 and 2005, while he was working on his philanthropic post-presidential career and while his wife Hillary was a Senator for their adopted state of New York…

…[An] unidentified woman [said] how orgies were a regular occurrence and she recalled two young girls from New York who were always seen around the five-house compound but their personal backstories were never revealed.

At least one woman on the compound was there unwillingly, as the suit identifies a woman as Jane Doe 102. She ‘was forced to live as one of Epstein’s underage sex slaves for years and was forced to have sex with… politicians, businessmen, royalty, academicians, etc,’ the lawsuit says…

Epstein’s sexual exploits have been documented since 2005, when a woman in Palm Beach contacted police saying that her 14-year-old daughter had been paid $ 300 to massage him and then have sex… The claim prompted a nearly year-long investigation that led to the eventual charge of soliciting prostitution which came as part of a plea deal. He spent 13 months of a 18-month sentence in jail and remains a registered sex offender.

Maybe this news will push the execrable Woman’s Day magazine to honor Clinton with another award. Perhaps a “Little Blue Dress” trophy?

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Video of my interview “On The Record”: Israeli officials on heightened alert after Malaysian jetliner disappears. “We’re watching a spell-binding international geopolitical thriller.”

greta-Joelinterview2(Washington, D.C.) — “Top Israeli defense officials have hurriedly put in place a confidential list of secret security measures in light of the baffling disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jumbo jet that experts fear could become a weapon of mass destruction if in the wrong hands,” Fox News reported last night.

“With no trace of Beijing-bound flight MH370 after nine days, one of several theories that has emerged is that the plane was hijacked to Iran, where it could be turned into a massive and devastating weapon,” Fox reported. “ Two Iranian passengers are known to have been aboard, travelling on false passports. While Israeli officials did not confirm any suspicions regarding Iran, experts said it is not a stretch to point the finger at Israel’s middle east nemesis.”

Last night, I went “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren to discuss the Israeli angle to this bizarre and developing story.

“We are watching a spell-binding international geopolitical thriller,” I told Greta. “I’m a novelist — post (working for) Netanyahu. This is playing out moment by moment in a mystery that everyone wants to know what the answer is, and the Israelis have a specific concern. They’re watching a security environment deteriorate all around them. Syria is imploding. You’ve got chemical weapons that were supposed to be removed, now what will the Russians do? So they’re watching this very closely, and they’re probably a target, among others.”

[To watch the video of the interview, please click here.]

Greta asked if the Israelis have specific intelligence indicating they were responding to.

“I can’t answer that question,” I replied. “But here’s what they [Israel] do know — al Qaeda, Iran, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, everyone wants them hit….So you have to take every precaution.”

Iran released a video recently showing an Iranian attack on Tel Aviv. We know two Iranians using stolen passports were on the Malaysian flight. As more evidence emerges, officials are indicating that the flight’s course was deliberately changed from a heading towards China to a direction that could potentially have taken the plane to India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or even on to Iran or in the Middle East.

Worst case scenario: the plane was either hijacked by Radical Islamic terrorists — or the pilots, who are Muslim, were radicalized and part of the plot — and the plane was made to disappear so that it could be used for a 9/11-style attack, or even as a weapon of mass destruction. God forbid.

Greta noted we’re not hearing much from the U.S. government.

“Actually, you’re not hearing from any country except Israel about taking increased security measures. That’s how sensitive the Israelis are to this….They haven’t lost a plane of their own since 1968. Nobody has hijacked an Israeli plane. But once you have a situation in a place where al Qaeda held a conference, in a region where it’s so clearly no-man’s land in the sense of security, that every interview you’ve had describes the Malaysian military doesn’t know [what happened] or even have a protocol for how to keep track of a plane like this, so the threat is real….It’s a thriller we hope gets solved safely and quickly.”


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Who were the four real heroes whose lives inspired “The Auschwitz Escape”? Fox News publishes my column to remember their names, and honor their stories.

Two heroes who escaped.

Two heroes who escaped.

(Washington, D.C.) — Who were the four real heroes who escaped from Auschwitz 70 years ago this spring, the men whose lives inspired The Auschwitz Escape?

Today has published a column I have written giving their names and sketching out their dramatic stories.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read the whole column, and then share it with others. Thanks so much.


They pulled off the greatest escape in human history – from a Nazi death camp – to tell the world the truth about Hitler, but no one knows their names.

By Joel C. Rosenberg, for

To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it.

In 1933, the world was blindsided by the rise of Adolf Hitler. 

In 1939, it was stunned by the German invasion of Poland and the Nazi leader’s bloodthirsty quest for global domination. Perhaps most tragically, most of the world did not understand Hitler’s plan to annihilate the Jews until it was almost too late.

Today, we face dangerous new threats from Iran, North Korea, and a rising czar in Russia, not from Germany. 

Yet curiously, in recent weeks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor have each warned that as we confront current challenges we must be careful to learn the lessons of history regarding how the world failed to understand the threat posed by Hitler and the Nazis and deal with it decisively, before events spun out of control.

I agree, and as an example, I would point the extraordinary events that occurred in the spring of 1944. 

Four men pulled off the greatest escapes in all of human history, from a Nazi death camp in southern Poland. They did not simply escape to save their own lives. Nor did they escape merely to tell the world about a terrible crime against humanity that had been – and was being – committed. What set these true heroes apart is that they planned and executed their escapes in the hope of stopping a horrific crime before it was committed – the extermination of the Jews of Hungary.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of these escapes, and to draw attention to the significance these unknown – or unremembered – events, and the lessons they have to teach us, I recently wrote a work of historical fiction, “The Auschwitz Escape.” I changed the names of key figures involved so as not to put words in their mouths that cannot be verified to be their own. But it is my deepest hope that the book will cause many to dig into the real history of these remarkable heroes.

Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler were Slovak Jews. They escaped from Auschwitz on April 7, 1944.

Arnost Rosin was also a Slovak Jew. Czeslaw Mordowicz was a Polish Jew. Together they escaped from Auschwitz on May 27, 1944.

Upon making it safely to Czechoslovakia….

[To read the full column -- and please do -- click here.]


Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

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QOTD: “I’m afraid this is beginning to border on a cult of personality for people on the left. I happen to agree with many of President Obama’s policies. But in our system it is often as important how you how you do something as what you do. I think that many people will look back at this period in history and see nothing but confusion as to why people remained so silent when the president asserted these types of unilateral actions. You have a president who is claiming the right to basically rewrite or ignore or negate federal laws. That is a very dangerous thing. It has nothing to do with the policies, it has to do with the power…

…A system in which a single individual is allowed to rewrite legislation or ignore legislation is a system that borders on authoritarianism. I don’t believe that we are that system yet. But we cannot ignore that we’re beginning to become a system that is a pretense of democracy if a president is allowed to take a law and just simply say I’m going to ignore this, or I’m going to shift funds that weren’t appropriated by Congress to this area.

The president’s state of the union indicated this type of unilateralism that he has adopted as a policy. Now, many people view that as somehow it is empowering. In my view it is dangerous, that what he is suggesting is to essentially put our system off line. This is not the first time that convenience has become the enemy of principle. But we’ve never seen it to this extent.” –Constitutional Lawyer Jonathan Turley, a liberal

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