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Sinclair: “How Do We Know That Tomorrow Isn’t The Day?”

dollar-annihilation-inevitableWhile most economists and market analysts jump on the mainstream bandwagon by supporting the deception, one contrarian who has never touted the party line is Jim Sinclair of JS mineset.

He’s been accurately forecasting trends and market movements, especially precious metals, for nearly four decades, so he knows a thing or two about public perception, market confidence, and the reality of economic fundamentals.

In his latest interview with USA Watchdog, Sinclair warns that the bottom could fall out at anytime, and the effects will be nothing short of devastating.

Whether you’re goal is to protect your wealth from the continued destruction of our currency, or if it’s to insulate your family from an event that could threaten our food supplies or the normal flow of commerce, now is the time to prepare for the real possibility of an ‘event’ so serious that it will leave the majority of our populace scrambling once it happens.

And as Jim Sinclair notes, it will happen… maybe even tomorrow.

How do we know that tomorrow isn’t the day? Or the day after?

We have so many things wrong in the economy… so many holes in the dike… so many fingers stuck in the dike to try and keep it functioning… that any one of those could create what, ten, twenty, thirty events that could create significant loss of confidence.

Nothing has changed. It has gotten worse. Derivatives haven’t gone away, they’ve grown. Debt hasn’t gone away, it has gone up exponentially. there is no argument that says the dollar is entering into a period of strength. The U.S. economy, at best, is a straight line with a slight uptrend… but very slight… very fragile… very easily derailed… All of which affects confidence.

We’re facing the annihilation of currency.

We’re facing the shift of America as the leading and most influential nation in the world to some form of Banana Republic.

We’re facing… being a second rate country.

In the banking industry we’re facing the possibility of a bail-in rather than a bail-out.

On the individual level, if it wasn’t for food stamps, we’d have long lines waiting for free food.

… We are in a decelerating recovery, which by definition, economically, is an accelerating recession.

Watch, as Jim Sinclair and Greg Hunter discuss everything from how to protect yourself once confidence is lost, to how to GOTS, or Get Out of the System, before the-powers-that-be leave you broke and hungry.

Jim Sinclair is well known for investment recommendations designed to protect you from a widespread loss of confidence in the system’s ability to mitigate crisis and maintain stability.

Gold is insurance. What it insures you against is everything that has to do with the confidence in which gold, the currency is trading, the dollar.

So all of these debt situations, even massive spying on our allies… anything that can affect confidence in the U.S. dollar… is hedged by, it’s insured by gold. The combination is debt, dollar, gold. That’s the influencing items that all come down to confidence.

And confidence lost is a currency event.

And hyperinflation, that which I expect, is not an event economic. It’s an event of a currency… losing confidence in a very short period of time.

I think the dollar gets hammered. I believe we are headed for hyperinflation.

While gold and silver will certainly protect you in the event of an annihilation of our currency, consider that your “portfolio” should include other hard assets that may be just as valuable, if not more valuable depending on the circumstances.

If we’re to expect a hyperinflationary event, then we must assume that the dollar has crashed, rendering it valueless in the eyes of your local merchant and even foreign suppliers of things like food, oil, and technology.

This means that without the dollar there will exist no means of exchange, essentially causing a disruption to the normal flow of commerce.

Subsequently we’d lose our ability to “purchase” food, gas, and anything else you acquire by means of dollar denominated payments.

In such a scenario, only hard assets will be of value. This means that if you haven’t put aside long-term food stores and other barterable supplies, you’ll be left to face the horrific consequences.

The trend is clear. Trillions are being printed on a yearly basis in an effort to keep up a perception of confidence and stability.

The resulting annihilation of our currency and very way of life is inevitable.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Must See Commentary: “I Don’t Know What We’re Going To Wake Up To Tomorrow…”

With seemingly endless scandals rocking the country, economic malaise spreading across the world, and super powers positioning their military assets on the grand chessboard, one can’t help but notice that the entire planet is devolving into completely insanity.

Uncertainty is at such a level that it’s impossible to know what happens next.

These people – our leaders, the purported best and brightest members of politics, finance, and industry – have brought us to the brink. What we are witnessing is a complete destabilization of our socio-economic systems and the rule of law, and it’s being fueled by pandemonium in the upper echelons of the global power structure.

Tying it all together can be a daunting task and certainly can’t be done in a thirty second mainstream media sound bite, but Chris Greene of AMTV does a pretty incredible job of it in about five minutes.

This is one commentary that’s not to be missed:

(Watch at Youtube)

Alright, so Obama’s about to launch World War III. I believe it’s already started. And this is all on the heels of the massive scandals. Too many to count. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to wake up to tomorrow.

All I know is that we’ve had scandal after scandal – Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the fact that he’s directly lied to our faces regarding the wire-tapping, not just of the Associated Press, but of innocent Americans, the surveillance state… total lies.

This next war is going to be biological… nuclear terror… there’s already a cyber war occurring… this is violence and terror at a whole new scale…

It really is unbelievable. So count on it, count on it. I don’t know what we’re going to wake up to tomorrow… we really don’t know.

We just know what the agenda is – lie straight to the American peoples’ faces as you take them to war and confiscate all their wealth – of which they’ve done a fantastic job.

So, the reset button, the massive reset button which always occurs throughout history – you know we see this with the rise and fall of empires – is war. That’s how they reset everything financially.

So that’s what’s on the Obama agenda as he sits in the war room… That’s what we have coming… war, death, destruction, and to a great extent could absolutely be the Armageddon.

You can follow Chris Greene at the AMTV web site, Facebook or the Greenewave blog.

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SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

SCANDAL, CHECK: Obama IRS Apparatchik Lois Lerner to Plead the Fifth Tomorrow

Well, this isn’t suggestive of a cover-up:

The director of the Internal Revenue Service’s Exempt Organizations division, Lois Lerner, is invoking the Fifth Amendment and will not appear before Congress to answer questions about the agency’s targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Lerner was scheduled to appear before the House Oversight committee tomorrow to discuss the improper conduct of IRS employees who singled out conservative groups, and why she failed to bring that behavior to the attention of Congress.

…In testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee last week, the outgoing commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, revealed that Lerner initially disclosed the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups by planting a question at a conference hosted by the American Bar Association.

Not so fast, honey.

The National Journal reports that Chairman Issa has issued a subpoena to compel Lerner to appear before the committee.

Lerner, you may recall, was the same political hack who got her Leftist wings targeting conservative groups at the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

IRS’s Lerner Had History of Harassment, Inappropriate Religious Inquiries at FEC

Lerner’s tenure as head of the Enforcement Office at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was marked by what appears to be politically motivated harassment of conservative groups…

In the late 1990s, the FEC launched an onerous investigation of the Christian Coalition, ultimately costing the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours in lost work. The investigation was notable because the FEC alleged that the Christian Coalition was coordinating issue advocacy expenditures with a number of candidates for office. Aside from lacking proof this was happening, it was an open question whether the FEC had the authority to bring these charges…

The FEC conducted [81 depositions and] a large amount of paper discovery during the administrative investigation and then served four massive discovery requests during the litigation stage that included 127 document requests, 32 interrogatories, and 1,813 requests for admission. Three of the interrogatories required the Coalition to explain each request for admission that it did not admit in full, for a total of 481 additional written answers that had to be provided. The Coalition was required to produce tens of thousands of pages of documents, many of them containing sensitive and proprietary information about finances and donor information. Each of the 49 state affiliates were asked to provide documents and many states were individually subpoenaed. In all, the Coalition searched both its offices and warehouse, where millions of pages of documents are stored, in order to produce over 100,000 pages of documents…

One of the most shocking things about the current IRS scandal is the revelation that the agency asked one religious pro-life group to detail the content of their prayers and asked clearly inappropriate questions about private religious activity. But under Lerner’s watch, inappropriate religious inquiries were a hallmark of the FEC’s interrogation of the Christian Coalition.

In short, Lerner is a Leftist apparatchik who has no business serving in government.

Jeffrey Lord sums up the ramifications of these outrages:

With the IRS assuming serious police powers of Obamacare, in effect the members of one left-wing labor union will have access to the private health care records of every single American.

Interestingly, the IRS workers themselves want no part of Zerocare:

The National Treasury Employees Union, NTEU, which represents the IRS employees who harassed and delayed tea party and conservative groups, has come out against the proposal to put federal workers into exchange-based health insurance.

Fancy that: the people in charge of deciding whether you go into an exchange, and who decided it doesn’t matter whether your state doesn’t want one, don’t want to be in one themselves.

This administration is completely out of control. It’s time to dismantle and defund it, starting with the IRS.

Weasel Lerner image: Independent Sentinel.

Doug Ross @ Journal