President Trayvon Soothes Racial Tensions With Historic, Healing, Lincoln-esque Speech

Earlier today, weighing in on the Zimmerman verdict for the first time, President Barack Obama said that “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” That is, if Trayvon had led a childhood of luxury in Hawaii and then somehow attended Columbia and Harvard using financial means yet undiscovered by modern media.

Bryan Preston:

Barack Obama had a moment when he could have stood above all the factions in the black community, indeed all the factions arguing over the verdict in that trial. He could have spoken to and for more than just one American community. He chose instead to insert himself and race into the story from the world’s largest bully pulpit, while refusing to use that bully pulpit to stand up forcefully for the rule of law.

Mark Levin:

Ronald Reagan always talked up America, never apologizing for it, but reminding everyone all over the world what a great country we have. But Obama never does that, he says, even though he’s traveled all over the country and has seen what a great people we have. Levin points out that Obama doesn’t sound like a man who is honored to lead America as her president. Instead he has a chip on his shoulder and is intent to balkanize America with speeches like he made today on race.

Instead of acting like a president, he acts like Al Sharpton – all the while more and more black teens can’t get a job and more black adults are rolling on to welfare. Yet no one ever talks about it. Ever.

Ace of Spades:

On Twitter, I challenged Buzz Feed’s Ben Smith, who had claimed Obama always spoke “incredibly” about race, to apprise me as to what specific insights and memorable sentences he recalls from any Obama utterance, whether on race or any other subject; as of this 6 o’clock deadline, he has yet to respond to me. Almost as if it’s unfair to ask for evidence of the Lightbringer’s alleged eloquence and perspicacity.

Dave Blount:

By whipping up mobs that are already out of control, while simultaneously denouncing stand-your-ground laws that had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin shooting, Obama appears to be setting up a row of dominos that will inevitably fall when one of the sociopathic punks he so openly identifies with attacks someone with a gun who defends himself. The aftermath will be Newtown + St. Skittles, hyped to the last extreme of absurdity by the cultural Marxists who run the media, with the short-term goal of attacking our fundamental right of self-defense and the long-term goal of creating a social divide so deep that liberals will be able to keep exploiting it indefinitely.

A leader attempts to unite his people. A ruler divides and conquers.

Dymphna asks, “Why Is Obama Trying to Start a Race War?”:

Perhaps because there is a disappointing lack of widespread “burn-baby-burn-and-bust-me-some-cracker-heads” outbreaks across the country, our President chose to make a surprise speech today. That is, the occasion was a surprise, but the speech was the usual narcissistic insertion of himself into the story in order to generate a crisis. The man loves crises but mostly all he’s managed to create are scandals. And they go on and on. So he needs the race riots he keeps begging for … Pray that we survive the power of the vile hatred in evidence at the White House. For those of you who don’t pray, please keep your fingers crossed for our country.

This may well be a turning point. If this evil plan works, there won’t be a way back. Obama burns bridges; he has no skill at building them and doesn’t want to learn.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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WOR-NYC radio interview: Rosenberg’s latest tome remains eerily prophetic on rising tensions between Israel, Iran and Syria

WOR“Joel Rosenberg, political strategist and author of Damascus Countdown, discussed the latest Middle East tensions and the premise of his  latest book with WOR’s John Gambling this morning,” notes the New York City radio station on its blog. “‘What if an American president miscalculates with regards to Iran’s nuclear  program?’ Rosenberg says about the premise of Damascus Countdown. ‘What  if he believes you can stop Iran’s nuclear weapons bid by diplomacy, by sanctions, by covert operations — and we always thought those three would  suffice — but what if he’s wrong?’”

To listen to the podcast of this interview, which took place Monday morning, please click here.

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I’ll be on Fox News on Sunday to discuss tensions between Israel, Iran & Syria.

Fox-logoUPDATED: The host is Shannon Bream. The time is expected to be around 1:15pm eastern. The topic will be Damascus Countdown, the Iran and Syria threats, and the President’s upcoming trip to Israel and the Middle East. Hope you can join us live, or set your DVR. Thanks.

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Abbas thanks Ahmadinejad for Iran’s help, but tensions resurface between Palestinians and Tehran.

Abbas and Ahmadinejad talk during Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit in Cairo. Photo by AFP

Abbas and Ahmadinejad talk during Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit in Cairo. Photo by AFP

Serious friction exists between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the leadership of Iran. It’s been there for years, but it’s on display again this week in Cairo.

Abbas met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the Islamic summit in Cairo. He thanked the Islamic Republic for its help and support in creating a Palestinian state. However, behind closed doors, an Egyptian source says Abbas told Ahmadinejad to stop talking about annihilating Israel and talk more about creating an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 lines. I hope Mr. Abbas isn’t holding his breath. Ahmadinejad is expected to leave office this summer. The real power in Iran in the Ayatollah Khamenei, who continues to call for Israel’s annihilation and just flatly ruled out direct talks with the U.S over the nuclear issue.

“The source, who has knowledge of the details of the meeting between Abbas and Ahmadinejad in Cairo on Wednesday, told Haaretz that Abbas demanded the Iranian president talk more about the importance of establishing a Palestinian state and less about ‘wiping Israel off the map of the Middle East,’” reports Haaretz, the Israeli daily newspaper. “According to the source, Abbas made it clear to his Iranian counterpart, at the meeting on the margins of the summit of Islamic states, that Israel has been taking advantage of his comments and using them against the Palestinians. Therefore, Abbas said, it is important for a state like Iran to talk more about the rights of the Palestinians, the need for an end to the occupation and the struggle for the establishment of a state within the 1967 borders in accordance with principles outlined by the international community.”

“Contrary to reports that relations between Abbas and Ahmadinejad were warming,” notes Haarez, “Dr. Samir Ghattas, a Palestinian commentator who directs a research center in Cairo, told a Nazareth radio station on Thursday that the Palestinian president’s remarks about the conflict remain unchanged: ‘[Abbas] doesn’t change his stance vis-a-vis one leader or another and his stance vis-a-vis the president of Iran hasn’t changed since the two met in August on the sidelines of the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement [in Tehran].’”

Abbas and his PLO colleagues have long resented the enormous financial and military support Iran provides to Hamas, which is after all the rival Palestinian faction that crushed the PLO presence in Gaza several years ago, took over control of Gaza and has launched thousands of rockets, mortars and missiles at Israeli civilians. Abbas wants Tehran to be more supportive (financially, diplomatically and otherwise) of Abbas’s PLO faction known as Fatah. It is Fatah, under Abbas’s direction, that controls the West Bank. Abbas feels that Iran’s bellicose statements about destroying Israel make it more difficult for the Palestinians to create an independent state, an analysis that I believe is correct.

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that Iran ‘is ready to annihilate Israel if it attacks one of the Islamic countries,’” reports Ynet News. “He was quoted by Egypt’s official news agency as saying that ‘the Iranian people are ready to ride on to Israel to destroy it. The Zionists hope to attack Iran but they’re afraid of the consequences. Our forces can deter any aggressor and make them pay.’ The Iranian president, who is currently visiting Cairo, met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on the sidelines of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit. In an interview with Iran’s Al Alam TV Abbas thanked Ahmadinejad for his country’s support of the Palestinian bid for UN membership. The two last met six months ago in Tehran on the sidelines of the Non Aligned Movement conference.

“It should be noted that the relationship between the Palestinian Authority and Iran has generally been tense, especially in recent years,” Haaretz reports. “Abbas and Fatah have accused Iran of supporting Hamas and Islamic Jihad and of contributing to the failure of reconciliation between the Palestinian rivals. At the meeting in Tehran, Abbas even made a crack about Ahmadinejad, who spoke about his love for the Palestinians; Abbas told him publicly that he expects him to ‘fall in love with all the Palestinians and not just some of them.’ Palestinian media did not feature the meeting yesterday prominently. Palestinian news agency Wafa released a short statement to the effect that the two leaders met for a brief conversation, in which they discussed the UN General Assembly decision to recognize Palestine as a non-member observer state, the crisis in Syria and other issues raised at the Cairo summit.”

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