Teen Suspended For Helping Students Opt-Out Of Common Core English Test

Mikael Thalen | Student interrogated by administrators for opposition to Common Core Curriculum.

Minor in Possession of Tea is Suspended from Cali School; Interrogated By Police

Editor’s Note: In a state where massive cuts in school budgets have left California children without access to classes like art, music, second language, and physical education, school administrators have, instead of finding new and innovative ways to educate their pupils, turned to following the lead of their police state benefactors and shoved the boot of tyranny down their throats. While First Lady Michelle Obama’s government mandated school lunch programs have been heralded by teachers’ unions and the like as a step in the right direction for reducing obesity in America, when an involved parent steps in to do the same, they are lambasted by government and quasi-government officials, threatened with the real possibility of having their  child taken from them under duress, and their child is interrogated in a way that would make the Schutzstaffel proud. As Kimberly Paxton of The Daily Sheeple points out in the report below, this is exactly what happened to one mother after her 7th grader brought a health supplement drink to school. Kombucha tea is readily available over-the-counter at most grocery stores and is sold without issue to adults and minors alike. Bring it onto school property, however, and you immediately become an enemy of the state much like those who would drink and share raw milk or offer organically grown dinners to friends and family.

The government and their minions within the halls of our country’s pedagogical institutions have determined that they, and they alone, are capable of making decisions for our children. They force feed our children with genetically modified vegetables and meats loaded with antibiotics  pesticides and a mix of the most toxic feeds and fertilizers available, and somehow we, the parents, are the bad guys for resisting?

When did this country lose its common sense?

Officials seem to be having a difficult time keeping their hands out of school lunches lately.  Recently children complained of being hungry when schools across the nation began instituting caloric rations on cafeteria lunches.  Many people said, “If you aren’t happy with what the school is providing, send your child to school with a lunch from home!”

But what happens when that lovingly packed nutritious lunch from home gets your child suspended for violating the school’s “zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy”, due to the ignorance of the educational authorities?

That was just the situation faced recently by a Newport Beach, California family.  A 7th grade boy was pulled from class for the entire day after school officials spotted him with a bottle of kombucha, a fermented tea, packed cozily inside a foam sleeve to protect it from breakage.  The lunchroom Gestapo confiscated his drink and the next morning, upon his arrival at school, he was sent to the principal’s office.

At the principal’s office, the boy was questioned (without a parent present) by a uniformed police officer. According to the student:

  1. There was a Police Officer there, who informed him drinking this beverage is against the law.  The beverage he has was illegal.  AND Tried to enroll his in a AA for kids??!! AND talked to him about Drinking and Medications and asked him right out…If he takes any pills also!!! …
  2. The school Vice Principle told him they were looking into transferring him out of that school.
  3. They pulled his school record and went over his “problematic” history.  Obviously, trying to make him feel responsible and teach him a lesson???

His mother, like any mother, was shocked and outraged.  She describes the call she received from the Vice-Principal of the school:

The phone call I received from the Vice Principle was very abrasive.  It went like this:  Hello, Gavin had a beverage taken away yesterday at school and we are going to be sending him home today because on the label it says this contains .5% alcohol and this violates our Drug and Alcohol Policy.  He will be suspended for 5 days.  I then, informed her that Kombucha:

  1. Is not deemed by the FDA as an alcohol beverage.
  2. He can purchase it himself at the store.
  3. The alcohol produced is due to fermentation and that label HAS to be there for FDA.
  4. I brought it to him for lunch.

Well, I wasn’t getting far.  She was not listening to me.  Finally, fed up and with my heart beating fast I informed her.  “My son will not be treated this way, I do not like the way you are verbalizing this, I will not have you telling my son this is a drug and alcohol when it has not been researched yet and If they suspend him, there will be a fight. She would not listen to me and informed me that I would have to Appeal this considering it was turned into the district.

The worried and angry mother spoke with a blogger who wrote about the issue to publicize how the boy was being victimized by the ignorance of the school authorities.  This negative publicity caused the school to refute the incident in a statement, despite the physical evidence of a 5 day suspension form the boy was forced to sign.

“No disciplinary action was taken and the student was not suspended. The parents of the involved student met with the school principal to discuss and resolve any issues that resulted from Wednesday’s incident.  No disciplinary action was taken and the student was not suspended. The parents of the involved student met with the school principal to discuss and resolve any issues that resulted from Wednesday’s incident…

…The article also references police involvement. The Newport Beach Police Department provides two full- time School Resource Officers who work with our Newport Beach and Corona del Mar campuses. Police were not called in specifically for this incident. The SRO was already on campus and participated in a routine discovery process…”

The most insulting part of the entire situation is the way the school attempted to downplay the mother’s reaction to having her child questioned by a uniformed officer, sent home from school in shame, and threatened with drug and alcohol classes.  In fact, the matter was only resolved when the mother went to the alternative media with the story.  The people in charge lied on more than one occasion, only backing down when faced with evidence of those lies.

The school board said in their statement that in the future the discipline process should be more “nurturing.”

Seeing the need to review some of the practices regarding policies and procedures regarding discipline, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board of Education has requested the Superintendent to research programs that would emphasize a more nurturing approach to the discovery process and avoid overly aggressive practices when dealing with the discipline process.”

Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York. This information may be freely reproduced provided credit is given to the author and web site via a direct link to www.TheDailySheeple.com.

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