UHM, YES. REALLY. “Hillary says she is still mulling over titles for her upcoming book”

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As MOTUS says, “Alinsky works for us now.”

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There’s still time to pre-order “The Auschwitz Escape” at 65% off. Novel releases nationwide on Tuesday.

Releases nationwide on Tuesday, March 18th.

Releases nationwide on Tuesday, March 18th.

(Washington, D.C.) — Tomorrow, The Auschwitz Escape will release nationwide.

Soon, I’ll post details on the true stories that inspired the novel.

In the meantime, it’s great to see so many retailers strongly supporting the book and offering big discounts for those who pre-order it in hardcover, e-book and audio versions. If you’re thinking of getting the book for yourself — or as a gift – pre-order now to take advantage of these great discounts.

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Still Life With Dichotomy

Pot now legal:

My health insurance now illegal:

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YIKES! Health Insurance Brokers Still Unable To Enroll Consumers

Don’t throw me under the bus, but I was listening to NPR this evening on the drive home. Consider it studying the enemy.

In any case, NPR’s political reporter — Hacky McStatist, I think, though my memory grows dim with advancing age — made the bizarre assertion that Healthcare.gov‘s problems were largely behind it. That is, the website and the exchanges are operating pretty much as designed and that delighted, newly insured Americans are now frolicking in the fields, picking sunflowers.

The reality is, of course, quite different.

Web-Based Brokers Still Unable To Enroll Consumers

…Private health insurance exchanges still are not able to directly enroll consumers in subsidized health plans offered through Obamacare even though the government has said problems doing so should have been cleared up weeks ago. Executives from three online health exchanges that contract with both insurance companies and government agencies to enroll consumers eligible for federal subsidies in marketplace plans say the process still isn’t ready to go and that more work remains. This despite several promises from government officials that technical fixes have been made to allow for business to be conducted on those sites, which are alternatives to the troubled HealthCare.gov website and health exchanges sites run by states…

Obamacare Tech Hurdle Looms Right Before Enrollment Deadline

Some technical experts are perplexed at the U.S. government’s plan to switch web hosts for its new health insurance portal, HealthCare.gov, in the midst of an expected last-minute rush to beat a March 31 enrollment deadline for 2014 coverage. Switching hosts is not in and of itself a huge risk if it is done carefully and with lots of preparation, according to technical experts interviewed by Reuters. It is the timing of the highly complex maneuver that is risky…

Things must be going exceptionally well if HHS intends to flip the server infrastructure from one host to another.

With the geniuses who’ve run the project thus far, I can’t see how anything could possibly go wrong.

As an aside, a CBS/NYT poll reports that only 15 percent of insured Americans believe that Obamacare will help them.

I can promise you that 15 percent of insured Americans are wrong.

Hat tips: BadBlue Money for the story and Sooper Mexican for the image.

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