Gay Mafia Attacks Free Speech, Takes Out Mozilla CEO | Liberal authoritarianism in action.

Authoritarians Move to Ban Free Speech Ahead of Crackdown | Alex dissects the greatest hoax of the century, “Man Made Global Warming” in this exclusive special report.

Larwyn’s Linx: Trey Gowdy’s Epic Speech May Be a Defining Moment

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Image: Trey Gowdy’s Epic Speech May Be a Defining Moment for America
Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: Sick of Mitch McConnell’s Insults? Here’s How to Fire Him!

QOTD: “While Democrat Alex Sink candidly ran on the open borders agenda by disclosing that the motivation behind amnesty is so that we can all keep our housekeepers, Jolly categorically rejected amnesty. He ran an ad proclaiming that he is “in favor stronger borders. Not amnesty.” In a tight race, you don’t waste time or money on ads that don’t have a central issue at stake… [T]he notion that we must support amnesty to remain viable is clearly laid to waste by this victory in a Florida swing district

…Consider this: if running as a conservative on the issues, including the issue of immigration, is a pathway to victory in an Obama +4 district, imagine the results in a district Romney carried by 10, 20, or 30 points.

But don’t expect the wizards of smart within the Republican Party establishment to ever consider that the reality of the immigration issue might be in conflict with their conventional wisdom. There is too much money invested in that fallacious premise.” —Daniel Horowtiz

Doug Ross @ Journal

Netanyahu likens Iran to Nazi Germany in Los Angeles speech.

(netanyahu-UN2013-2Washington, D.C.) — “In a speech to Jewish leaders in Los Angeles on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew parallels between Nazi Germany and Iran, warning of dire consequences if anti-Jewish rhetoric is allowed to go unchecked,” reported the Los Angeles Times.

“There is a regime today that calls daily for our annihilation, openly and unabashedly,” Netanyahu told a crowd of several hundred people gathered at the Museum of Tolerance, which houses Holocaust-related materials. “Our principal lesson in history is that when someone says they’re going to annihilate you, take them seriously.”

Israel sentiment in Iran,” the Times noted. “Like Hitler, whose Nazi regime killed approximately 6 million Jews during World War II, ‘these people are out to destroy a section of humanity called the Jewish people,’ Netanyahu said. ‘We cannot be tolerant to the intolerant. We cannot be tolerant to the fanatics.’”

“For months Netanyahu has been pressing the international community to take a harsher stance on Iran, and particularly its nuclear program,” reported the Times. “In a meeting at the White House with President Obama on Monday, Netanyahu reiterated his concerns about an interim deal designed to limit Iran’s enrichment of uranium. Netanyahu says a final deal, which is being brokered by several world powers, including the United States, must include harsher restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities. Iran has always maintained that its program is strictly for peaceful purposes. Netanyahu’s warnings come days after Israeli military officials announced they had intercepted an Iranian ship that they said was transferring long-range missiles to the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Iran has denied the claim. Speaking to the L.A. audience, Netanyahu pledged to ‘expose what Iran is really doing– building weapons of mass death and dispatching weapons of immediate death right now to the worst terrorist groups in the world.’”


Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

25 Things President Obama is Guaranteed NOT to Mention During his State of the Union Speech


I bet he won’t mention any of these:

• Fast and Furious – gun-running to Mexican drug lords; investigation shut down by executive privilege.

• Benghazi – we don’t know: why the ambassador was there, who ordered military to stand down, what Obama did for 8 hours, who gave Susan Rice the video talking points, or why Hillary Clinton and Obama tried to perpetuate the lies

• IRS – used to target perceived enemies of the Obama agenda

• AP – no one held accountable for spying on the media

• James Rosen and his parents- Holder not held accountable for lying to Congress about his role in spying on a journalist and lying to a federal judge to obtain the secret warrant

• NSA data collection – massive, warrantless data collection… just in case they need it

• Clinton State Department shuts down investigation of criminal activity by employees

• James Clapper lies to congress about collecting data on American citizens

• EPA releases personal information on 80,000 farmers to environmental groups

• HHS Secretary Sebelius shakes down companies to help fund the failing ObamaCare, violating the Hatch Act

• Military members told what book they can’t read, chaplains can’t talk about God

• Lavish IRS parties at taxpayer expense

• Lavish GAO parties at taxpayer expense

• Lavish Veterans Administration parties at taxpayer expense

• Fort Hood called “workplace violence”, shooter still collecting paychecks

• Pigford – redistributing taxpayer money to minorities

• Solyndra – money pays back Obama bundlers, bankruptcy held until after the 2010 election

• Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson uses fake email account for government business, other suspected

• New Black Panthers not prosecuted by Holder

• Obama doesn’t get Congressional approval before attacking Libya

• Executive order by Obama to legalize “Dreamers”

• Obama decides what laws will be enforced – Defense of Marriage Act, legalizing illegals

• NLRB board appointment ruled unconstitutional but they are still working

• Gibson Guitars – illegal seizure of the company’s private property

• EPA using drones to spy on farmers

• John Corzine – MF Global not prosecuted for mismanagement of investor funds and large losses

For that matter – where are the prosecutions for Bill Clinton’s Mortgage Meltdown?

Doug Ross @ Journal