Rancher Cliven Bundy Speaks: “I Don’t Recognize Them Having Any Jurisdiction or Authority Over This Land” *Video*

Update: [16:00 PST] – This video interview follows reports that up to 5,000 militia members are on their way to Nevada to stand with the Bundy family against massive government overreach. Earlier today Bundy family members and friends broke through the Federal blockade to rescue cattle stuck behind enemy lines.


The man at the center of the dispute, rancher Cliven Bundy, joins Infowars‘ David Knight and Steve Quayle for an exclusive interview to discuss developments at Bunkerville, Nevada where there are now at least 300 Federal law enforcement agents surrounding the Bundy ranch.

According to Cliven Bundy, what’s at issue is that the US government has no right to call the shots over the land, as dictated by the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Mr. Bundy also notes that he and those arriving in the area are prepared to do whatever it takes to maintain their sovereignty.

The first thing we need to make clear is – who owns this land? That’s really not clear. We have a federal judge that says the United States owns this land. We have the United States Constitution that says Nevada owns this land.

So this is where I’m at… Let’s talk about my grazing fee… who am I supposed to pay my grazing fee to? Constitutional sovereignty of Nevada that owns this land?

No. The one I get the grazing fee bill from is the United States government.

I don’t recognize them having any jurisdiction or authority over this land. 

I do not have a contract with the United States government.

…I urge you, read the Constitution. Those founding fathers laid out how we’re supposed to act. They have all the answers already laid out for us. Why don’t we live that Constitution and be happy in America?

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to do whatever it takes. The public and the protesters here… I think are ready to do whatever it takes, too.

In other words, this thing’s not gonna’ get over tomorrow. We’re going to fight until we win this and get our public lands back.

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This is a developing situation. 

Stay tuned for more information as it becoms available via SHTFplan.com, The Daily Sheeple, Infowars, Steve Quayle, et. al.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Watch: Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I Loved About Teaching Is Extinct”

Parents aren’t the only ones fed up with the education system in America.

Teachers often get a bad rap for the failure of America’s education system and its inferiority to the pedagogic successes of countries like China. But like many Americans who are nothing more than slaves to the mandates of the state, there are tens of thousands of teachers out there who are frustrated with the restrictions being placed on them through regulations and asinine policies.

Ellie Rubenstein is one such teacher. She’s dedicated the last 15 years to teaching her students how to be lifelong learners with an ability to think for themselves. The problem, says Rubenstein, is that her district, state and federal education boards care only about developing robotic myrmidons who follow official state-sponsored doctrines.

After years of struggle, Rubenstein called it quits. She created the I Quit You Can Fire Me channel on Youtube and publicly posted her resignation for her school board and community.

It’s a resignation that every parent in America needs to see:

The emphasis in education has shifted from fostering academic and personal growth in both students and teachers, to demanding uniformity and conformity.

Raising students’ test scores on standardized tests is now the only goal, and in order to achieve it the creativity, the flexibility, and spontaneity that create authentic learning environments have been eliminated.

Everything I love about teaching is extinct. 

Curriculum is mandated. Minutes spent teaching subjects are audited. Schedules are dictated by administrators. The classroom teacher is no longer trusted or in control of what, when, or how she teaches.

Even everybody’s favorite – the chickens hatching in kindergarten – has been prohibited. Why? so that the district can spend that money instead on computerized testing programs and training teachers to raise those teachers’ test scores.

But I care more about the people my students become than about the scores on the tests they take.

I thought I’d be a teacher the rest of my life. But I no longer feel I’m doing anything meaningful.

I have to get out before my sense of self and self-worth is completely obliterated.

Unless you are a ‘yes’ man, you will soon find out your only choice is to become one or leave.

Indeed. And who can argue that this is the same choice many of us are faced with across whatever industry or career we choose as adults?

Watch Ellie Rubenstein expose the inner workings of America’s indoctrination centers (via The Daily Sheeple):

Kimberley Paxton of The Daily Sheeple writes:

Real teachers, the ones who care about their students, the ones who teach kids to think critically and not just recite things by rote, are being targeted. Why?

Because our public indoctrination centers, also known as schools, don’t want children to think.

They want children to learn specified “facts” in order to pass standardized tests, thus creating perfect little worker bees. They want to produce adults who will not question authority or the status quo, but merely assimilate what they are told as truth, and act accordingly.

Because of this, the school system is losing those teachers who could make a real difference in the future of our country.

President Ronald Reagan once weighed in on this conversation and succinctly explained the risks to America’s future:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Every aspect of Americans’ self worth and fundamental belief systems are being targeted – from cradle to grave.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You


On the way to Blogcon, I struck up a conversation with a longtime Texas rancher who was headed home. We ended up talking about the real situation for ranchers. “Rancher X” owns a large ranch near MacAllen, Texas. The following is not word for word, but captured from my notes during a two hour discussion.

The entire border area is dominated by corruption. There are corrupt judges, corrupt ICE agents, corrupt sheriffs, and it’s not just me saying that: you can read about indictments and convictions every week. It seems like there’s a new federal indictment of a district judge, a border patrol agent, a local sheriff, etc. coming down that often.

We’re one of the poorest areas in the country, so lots of federal dollars are headed here. So it’s not fair to say that all of the corruption is just fueled by the drugs, humans and other stuff smuggled over the border. Also, I shouldn’t say “smuggled”, because it’s just flowing over the border. All of the money corrupts every layer of government. Remember that officials get elected with money, and they are put into office by money.

Mexico: a Preview of the Chaos to Come Here in the U.S.

Here’s something important to consider : As people lose confidence in law enforcement and judges, the civil society decays.

That’s what’s happened in Mexico. And we’re just a couple of decades behind them.

In Mexico, I think we’re seeing a preview of the United States in maybe 20 or 30 years.

Here’s another important concept: don’t spend more money on border security!

The money you spend on border security, getting more and more layers of law enforcement involved, is financing drug cartels. You know why? Because these layers of “human security” are corruptible by large amounts of money.

On a Physical Barrier or a Security Fence

A fence is a no-brainer. There are fences on the border in the cities. And they work. They’re not perfect, but they drive smuggling traffic into the unprotected rural areas.

Do you have a fence at home? Most people do. Since when is anyone against a fence?

Only on the Mexican border do people oppose a fence.

In fact, there was an 18-foot levy built near us a while back and even that, while not for security reasons, drove smuggling traffic away.

The Hidden Secret: Oil and the Cartels

So here’s the deal no one talks about with the border. The oil business and the cartels are intimately linked together. How “official” that linkage is up for debate. How high up the cartels and the oil companies are linked is up for debate.

So here’s the backdrop. The whole south Texas border area is an oil field. The oil companies dominate the state. The landowner, ranchers like us, are subservient to the oil companies.

There are all kinds of right-of-ways and roads and oil infrastructure on the ranches. Which means oil tankers, maintenance trucks, all kinds of vehicles are entering and leaving our ranch every day. We might have 300 or 400 trucks coming in and out of our ranch.

Here’s the deal with that: no one knows what those trucks are. Are they smuggling stuff? Or are they legitimate? No one knows, no one knows who is coming or going. Including the oil companies!

Why don’t the oil companies know who’s coming or going? Because they sub out the work. And the subs sub out the work. And on down the line. Who’s authorized to be using the oil companies’ infrastructure? No one knows who’s authorized.

A Dirty Little Secret: The Border Patrol and Oil Infrastructure

Here’s something crazy: the border patrol is not authorized to operate on oil company infrastructure, ostensibly for reasons of safety. So you’ve got heavy trucks, loaders, cranes moving heaven knows what.

A typical load might be 6,000 pounds of pot. This kind of volume demands 18-wheelers. And 18-wheelers demand oil field infrastructure.

And the oil companies do not involve themselves with the detail of these logistics. The details aren’t visible to the oil companies, intentionally or unintentionally.

It’s like a UPS driver on your street. How do you know whether that’s a real UPS driver? Unless you had some way of authenticating and verifying that driver, you don’t know if it’s a legitimate UPS truck.

The oil companies have lost control of the border area. Because of the subcontracting, the oil companies appear to have some level of “plausible deniability”. They can claim they don’t know or don’t have control of their infrastructure.

In the early 20th century, the oil companies locked up huge swaths of lands. And the infrastructure is extremely difficult to track ownership of. There are thousands of companies and joint ventures involved, and these J.V.s are “classified” as trade secrets, so you can’t find out who is really responsible for the roads or whatever. There is no way for the landowners or the federal government to control oil field traffic. Under Texas law, the mineral estate (the oil company) is the dominant estate. It is actually called “Dominant Estate Law”.

Why spending more on border security is nonsensical

Here’s how high volume human smuggling operates. Our ranch has miles of highway frontage. These huge criminal operations run massive, sophisticated convoy operations.

They’ll put a scout vehicle out on the highway to see if the border patrol is around. There are scouts and enforcers and what not. Sometimes these people are being held hostage or as sex slaves and are coming across the border against their will. The enforcers are there to prevent escapes.

But back to the scouts: if it’s all clear, some Suburbans will pull up. Each Suburban can hold 30 people, seriously. So once nightfall comes, the vehicles pop open and everyone starts moving.

And a single Border Patrol unit is trying to catch 100 people? Seriously? For those 100 folks, Border Patrol might catch 7, 40 might perish, and the rest make it to the U.S.

Most of the border area is sand. And the Border Patrol can’t do pursuits because the catalytic converters can cause huge brush-fires. And it’s not just sand, there are huge bee colonies. Aggressive bee colonies that are crazy dangerous.

And the Border Patrol isn’t like it’s incorruptible. There are corrupt BP folks.

The Private Prison Scam

We have major private prisons in our area. Here’s how the private prison scam works.

While Mexico has a “return treaty”, meaning if we catch a Mexican national, we can return them through official channels. But OTMs [Other Than Mexicans] often don’t have return treaties.

In our district, when you catch an OTM, there’s a hearing with mandatory detention. Mandatory detention, which ties right into private prisons and the money used to fund those detentions.

These folks can spend 17 years in prison. And you’re paying for it all.

A few years back, there were thousands of Eritreans captured trying to cross the border. I don’t even know what an Eritrean is. But if there’s no return treaty, they’re languishing in private prisons. And you’re paying for it.

Upset about illegal kids in schools?

That’s a spit in the bucket compared to the private prison business. The costs are unbelievable. And the medical care is probably far better than what these folks could get in their home countries.

The federal government pays for those private prisons with your tax dollars and I guarantee private prisons are expensive. They are publicly traded companies and their stock prices have generally skyrocketed thanks to all this “homeland security” hoopla.

More Security Spending Isn’t the Answer

The money you and your community sends to the border is incentivizing the wrong behavior.

All this money is being spent and it’s having the consequence of just robbing legitimate citizens of their freedoms — like no search and seizure. All of this homeland security stuff just means I am stripping down to get on an airplane – the immigrants and drug smugglers don’t go through the checkpoint – they just walk around it or drive around it because it’s an oilfield with roads.

More money spent down here has just made things worse. It adds more layers of government and more nooks and crannies that get corrupted. Things keep getting worse, and it’s government corruption behind much of it.

Example: a while back, a bunch of sheriffs got arrested. They were literally part of the cartels. They weren’t paid enough to take risks and they certainly don’t have the resources to pursue the smugglers.

So the money you send to the border isn’t really spent on security. How much do you hear about illegal immigration in Alabama. Well, I’ve got news for you: it’s happening. You think the cartels can’t buy some boats?

So think before you advocate for more “border security”. The border security bulls*** is counter-productive.

When you send more money, think about more border patrol agents sitting on the highway and the scouts avoiding them.

That money adds layers of government, susceptible to corruption, and it takes away money to police your community.

You want to secure the border – prosecute corrupt public officials. It’s much better use of our prison space.

I think the key points of the corruption issue and the actual inconvenience to law abiding citizens are the most logical and motivating things to consider. People are so quick to demand border security but they don’t make the connection that putting police on the border means taking that money out of the budget of the cities around the country for police on their city streets.

Plus, 99 percent of the drugs and immigrants are just passing through to get to the cities around the country where the pay is higher and there are huge markets for drugs. We are in sparsely populated rural areas. We aren’t smoking all those tons of weed–they are going to cities around the U.S.

And a border wall won’t work everywhere, but it’s one hell of a good start.

Doug Ross @ Journal