Google Patent Seeks to Transmit Your Cellphone Videos to Law Enforcement

Paul Joseph Watson | System could have nightmare implications for privacy, freedom of assembly.

HECKUVA JOB, BARRY: Saudi Arabia Seeks Russian Help As Mideast Nuclear Arms Race Heats Up

There are credible theories that President Barack Obama actively conspired with Iran to allow that country to build nuclear arms.

As Caroline Glick put it, Obama “never explained how allowing Iran to continue to enrich uranium decreases the likelihood of war”:

The negotiations with the Iranians that culminated in [the] agreement went on for a year.

And yet, the final deal reflects Iran’s opening positions.

That is, over the course of the entire year, American and European negotiators were not able to move Iran’s positions one iota.

So what has the Obama administration been doing for the past year? Since Iran’s positions were the same all along, why didn’t they sign this deal a year ago? The US’s strength relative to Iran did not diminish significantly since a year ago. So the US didn’t need this agreement more now than it did a year ago.

Clearly, Obama did not spend the last year trying to build domestic American support for a deal that enables the regime that calls daily for the annihilation of America to become a nuclear power. With Iran building military bases all over Central and South America, Obama never bothered trying to make the case to the American people that they would be more secure with this regime in possession of the capacity to kill millions of Americans with one bomb.

Obama never stood before the Congress to explain how a deal that gives America’s Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program advances US national security. He never explained how allowing Iran to continue to enrich uranium decreases the likelihood of war.

As anyone could have predicted, the other shoe has dropped. Fars News reports that Riyadh has gone to Russia to seek its assistance in building nukes.

Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan in a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked him to help Riyadh construct a nuclear power plant, the Arab-language al-Qods al-Arabi newspaper quoted informed diplomatic sources in the Persian Gulf Arab littoral states as saying.

According to the report, Prince Bandar has told Putin that if Russia declares readiness in this regard, Saudi Arabia can provide Moscow with preliminary studies that it has conducted since six years ago.

Saudi Arabia and other members of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) have been conducting nuclear studies and the PGCC secretariat has been in charge of these studies.

Last month, a report said that Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will.

In 2009, Obama famously said, “As the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the United States has a moral responsibility to act” to reduce their proliferation.

That statement had about as much veracity as his infamous “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan” trope.

Although I feel certain that, at least when it comes to disarming America, Obama means business. He intends to strip away America’s nuclear deterrent force by 80 percent or more while China, Russia and Iran are ramping up their militaries to unprecedented heights.

This president is, without question, making the world a far more dangerous place and is actively undermining America’s national security interests.

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Doug Ross @ Journal

SHOCKA: EPA Flaunts Rules, Seeks Feedback On Its Radical Policies Exclusively in Left-Leaning Areas

Guest post by Sean Hackbarth

In a letter to the EPA, the Institute for 21st Century Energy and 13 state and local business organizations call out the agency for not living up to its own policies on the location of listening sessions on greenhouse gas emissions rules for existing power plants:

EPA has chosen to locate most of these hearings in states and regions that use very little coal, while neglecting states most dependent on coal for affordable and reliable electricity generation. For example, EPA is not planning listening sessions in any of the 10 states most reliant on coal for electricity generation, instead choosing states such as California (1% of electricity from coal), New York (4%), and Washington (4%).

There are no scheduled hearings in any of the ten states that generate the highest percentage of electricity from coal—states such as West Virginia (95% of electricity from coal), for Indiana (84%), North Dakota (78%), or Ohio (71%).

This ignores EPA’s policy on public hearings:

When the subject of a public hearing, meeting or other information exchange process relates to conditions or facilities in a specific geographic area, EPA should hold the public hearing or meeting in that general geographic area.

So far, EPA isn’t living up to this standard.

The business organizations ask EPA to reach out to–not ignore–states that are most dependent on coal.

Greenhouse gas emission rules, expected to be released by EPA next year, will greatly affect coal producers and electricity users. It’s critical that all affected parties be able to give their input to the agency.


Doug Ross @ Journal

JUST PERFECT: ATF seeks ‘massive’ database to track U.S. citizens, but not the weapons it sent to Mexico’s drug cartels

I swear on Michael Moore’s life: if this administration wasn’t in power, its high-jinx would be suitable only as fodder for a TV sit-com.

A recent notice from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms reveals that the agency intends to acquire an online database capable of bringing up many of an individual’s personal characteristics and connections with just a few keystrokes.

On March 28[, it] filed a solicitation notice for a “massive online data repository system” for its Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information.

…What a contractor would be tasked with, according to the ATF’s list of intentions, is facilitating an automated system that allows agents to “find connection points between two or more individuals” by linking “structured and unstructured data” about American citizens.

…If they get their way, ATF computer analysts will be able to “obtain exact matches from partial source data searches” using an individual’s age range, address, vehicle serial number, or even a fragment of one’s Social Security number. Once that information is deposited, the database would return with the desired search result and that person’s known connections.

Despite the current political climate and the amount of personal information sought for review, there’s no indication that the ATF would use the database to follow gun sales, as current gun laws prevent a central federal registry logging firearm ownership.

Coincidentally, this news comes just days after the revelation that the Department of Homeland Security could have stopped the ill-fated “Operation Fast and Furious” in its tracks.

That ATF operation, of course, secretly sent thousands of military-style assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels in a murderous effort to reinforce the administration’s gun control claims. 300 Mexican nationals and at least two U.S. law enforcement officials paid the ultimate price for this Leftist barbarism.

I would submit to you that anything this administration does is intended to crush our liberties — and this particular lunacy is no exception.

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