RUSH GOES BALLISTIC: Attacks on Cruz, North, West and Palin are Attacks on Me      

Rush has officially drawn a line in the sand and we Constitutional conservatives, Tea Party activists, and Reagan Democrats all need to join up to support him.

…over [my] 25 years, when anybody, any conservative, Ollie North, I don’t care who it is, when they’ve come under assault, Clarence Thomas, I don’t care, whether I knew ’em or not, I ran in there and I defended ’em to the hilt because of the cause, because I knew exactly why they were being targeted. Sarah Palin. I went in there and defended these people because I know that it’s an effort to undermine everything I believe. They attacked Palin, they attacked Ollie, they attacked Clarence Thomas, they’re attacking us, me.

Well, it’s not enough just to come here and tell you, “Oh, look what they’re saying about Palin. See ya, folks, have a great day.” Then tomorrow, “Oh, look what they said about Newt. See ya, folks, have a great day.” Why am I doing this? And the reason I wrote this [children’s] book is to try to counter what’s going on. Why would you write a book on how the left has corrupted education if you didn’t have some desire to fight it? And this is what has frankly stunned me ever since Barack Obama’s election. I understand there’s a fear of the media, and I understand there’s a fear of Obama’s race, but it’s time to get past that. The guy’s president. He’s destroying the foundations of this country, as founded. He’s literally setting his sights on transforming this country into something it was never founded to be.

I don’t think that should happen, and I’ve been under the impression that everybody else that’s not part of the Democrat Party has been of the same mind-set, and that’s where I’ve been wrong. So those of us who fight back upset the applecart, are those who just want to sit there and accept it and try to manage their lives and careers in the midst of this mess because we’re upsetting the applecart. So we have to then be attacked as whatever.

That’s why they’re going after Cruz. What are they going after Ted Cruz for? What’s he done to anybody? It’s Obama they ought to be going after! Why are they going after Mike Lee? That’s why we defend these guys. They’re out there actually trying to beat this stuff back, and they’re doing it because they love the country. They’re doing it because they’re shocked and saddened by what they’re seeing happening here, and they don’t think it’s time to give up.

Look how rare that is! Sarah Palin, the same thing. Look at what happens to people that do that. I mean, even Republicans go after ’em. They went after Reagan, too. It’s the same thing, but Reagan was able to overcome it. It’s a sad thing that there’s only been one of him, but that’s because they’ve done everything they can to revise history from that era and make people think it was the exact opposite of what it was. But, folks, the whole point of this latest book has been to join people, ’cause I know there are a lot of you.

This is the thing I know. A lot of you are fighting back, the Tea Party is. A lot of you do want to arrest this stuff and stop it and reverse it. A lot of you do want get rid of the current liberal power structure that’s destroying the fabric of the country, cultural, politically, societally, economically, you name it. It’s a wrecking ball that’s been unleashed each and every day, and I know all of you in the Tea Party and most of you in this audience are trying to stop it.

Rush has written a children’s book — “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans” — that makes a great gift for the holidays. It can be used to start fighting the insane collectivist rhetoric of the Far Left Democrat Party at a very young age.

Which, all things considered, could be one of the most important things we can do.

Doug Ross @ Journal

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QOTD: “Concealed within President Obama’s carping about Rush Limbaugh is a distaste for democracy. Obama is not the first aspiring tyrant to complain that the pen is mightier than the sword, or in this case, that the pundit is mightier than the president…

…He represents a familiar figure in history: the left-wing revolutionary who rises to power by praising dissent, then stays in power by trying to suppress it. This suppression is usually cast in terms of “civility,” respect for government, or whatever other cant works at the moment…

…Somehow Obama’s concerns about civility didn’t stop him from writing a glowing blurb for domestic terrorist Bill Ayers or dissuade him from attending the “God damn America” sermons of Jeremiah Wright. Out of power, Obama defined dissent as patriotism. In power, he treats it as near-treason…” —George Neumayr

Doug Ross @ Journal

RUSH: Benghazi Just Blew Up in Bob Schieffer’s Face

Not that you’ve ever watched the show, but an octogenarian named Bob Schieffer reportedly hosts CBS News’ Deface the Nation. It was on that show, and several others, that Obama apparatchik Susan Rice was trotted out to market absolute falsehoods in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attack.

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh used everything but brass knuckles and two-by-fours on Schieffer and the fascist media that used Benghazi as a platform to attack Mitt Romney and protect Barack Obama.

…[An important aspect of this] particular story … is that Greg Hicks says that he knew Susan Rice was lying when she appeared on those five talk shows, and he was not happy about it.

He knew she was lying when she said that all this happened because of this video. And the fourth point that’s made, according to Greg Hicks, is that Susan Rice directly contradicted the president of the Libya who said Benghazi was a terrorist attack right before she came on, and this led Libya to delay the FBI’s access to Benghazi. Do you remember we were all wondering, “Where’s the FBI? Why aren’t they there?” Well, the reason is the president of Libya had been embarrassed on TV. He was on CBS and he said it was a terrorist attack…

…He finishes, and Susan Rice comes out and says, “No, no, no, it wasn’t a terrorist attack. It was this video guy!” The president of Libya said, “You’re gonna call me out like that?” So he kept the FBI at bay and delayed their access to Benghazi, which hurt their investigation tremendously…

…For weeks after the administration continued to try to blame the video, some video that nobody had seen. The filmmaker, by the way, of that video is still in jail somewhere in California. Hillary and Obama cut public service announcement type commercials that ran on Pakistan TV, apologizing for the United States and that video, claiming that all of this protest activity had nothing to do with anything other than that video.

None of that was true. Bob Schieffer, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, you name it, all ran with the video story for weeks. And now the number two man is coming forth and saying none of that is true. That’s what this is all about. Bob Schieffer’s got an exclusive here ’cause Hicks’ testimony was leaked to them first, his upcoming testimony. So all of this that is being reported yesterday and today in the Drive-By Media was known before the election, folks, all of it was. So Obama gets reelected under false pretenses under a timeline story that’s made up.

…Who was the person most attacked in the days after the Benghazi attack? Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was the person most attacked in the media after Benghazi because he dared issue a statement after the protests in Cairo. He dared act presidential during the campaign, and the media launched into him as creating problems for America. It’s not his role to speak out. It’s not his responsibility. He shouldn’t be doing it. He should shut up. Mitt Romney was portrayed as an absolute irresponsible idiot for jumping to conclusions…

[The key question is:] “How can we trust them to deal with anything?” This is my point. I practically beg people to understand: When looking at what the Democrat Party does, and everything they control — the State Department this case — everything is political. Everything is tied to an agenda. It’s their agenda and their party first, and you have to look at them that way. It’s not a question of trusting the State Department. How do you trust them to deal with anything? You have to learn to interpret the Democrat Party as moving their political agenda forward with every instance that happens in life.

That’s a great point. If given the choice between doing what’s best for the American people and advancing the progressive agenda, the typical Democrat will pretend the first option doesn’t even exist.

Doug Ross @ Journal

Will Rush Limbaugh Be Sent to a Mental Hospital?

Thomas DiLorenzo May 2, 2013 As I previously blogged, the sheriff of Palm Beach County, Florida, one Rick Bradshaw, recently got a million-dollar grant from the state legislature to use to spy on citizens and recruit people to spy on and “report” their neighbors if they think they are too critical of government.  He wants people […]