Rise of the Control Grid

Infowars.com | Discussing the ever increasing encroachment of a tyrannical police state.

Lew Urges Debt-Limit Rise as U.S. Nears Borrowing Ceiling

Derek Wallbank and Kasia Klimasinska | Possible consideration this week of legislation related to the debt limit.

Larwyn’s Linx: The Rise of Al-Qaeda and Why the Administration Lied about Benghazi

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The Rise of Al-Qaeda and Why the Administration Lied about Benghazi: Simon
Obama Making his Own Laws – Again : Keith Koffler
‘First They Nudge . . . Then They Shove . . . Then They Shoot’: Outcast

Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett Nixed Benghazi Rescue: DaTechGuy
Can the Grassroots Defeat the GOP Establishment in 2014?: R.S. McCain
How Bloomberg and his anti-gun group deceived hundreds of mayors: PW

The Hillary Clinton conundrum: John Hayward
Would They Be Proud?: Walter Williams
GOP Lawmaker: Obama ‘Divides Us on Race’: Emma Dumain

Regime Has a Stranglehold on the Republic and it’s not Letting Go: Nice Deb
Rubio: If you’re willing to Fund Obamacare, you ain’t against it: Scoop
There Can Be Only One…Right?: Rick Wilson


A Perverse Notion of Fairness: David Limbaugh
The Welfare State — or Opportunity?: Elephant
California To Release 10,000 Violent Prisoners Onto Streets: John Hawkins

Part-time jobs account for 97% of 2013 job growth: Ed Morrissey
Ohio school board turns deficit into surplus, cuts taxes, gives raises: EAG
Aetna Drops Maryland: Anna Elliott, Liberty News

Scandal Central

An Open Letter to The Hidden Benghazi Survivors: Victory Girls
The Other Benghazi Scandal: Journalists Worry Covering The Attack Threatens W.H. Access: Noah Rothman
DNC Received $ 245,000 in Contributions From Dead People Since 2009: JWF

Utterly Corrupt Obama Rewriting ObamaCare Unilaterally (Again): Patterico
My Life as a Low Information Voter: Virtuous
A List of Obama’s Constitutional Violations: 90 Miles

Climate & Energy

Debunking the Great Carbon Tax hype: Peter C. Glover
Block EPA Move Against Farmers: Intelligencer
Sally Jewell Doesn’t Want Any Climate Deniers At Interior: Claire Thompson


Racism, Conversations, and the Sound of One Hand Clapping: Villainous
RNC tells NBC, CNN to drop Hillary documentaries or it will bar GOP from their debates : Scoop
Open Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Stop Lying: Wendy Davis, Abortion Warrior: Gosnell Who?: Ace

Press too fearful to ask Carney about CNN’s Benghazi bombshell: Hot Air
CNN Drops Its Own Scoop on Benghazi; Networks Fail to Even Pick It Up: Matt Hadro, MRC
NPR Posts House Chart Laying Out IRS Harassment of Tea Party: NB

If a “Shield Law” is Needed, We’re Already Hosed: Leather Penguin
Schadenfreudelicious! More OFA Va. fail: Massive crowds in the ones attend Obama parties: Twitchy
Politico Changes Headline About Poor Attendance at ObamaCare Event: Noel Sheppard


Explosives implanted inside bodies may be behind current terror alerts: William A. Jacobson
Obama Still Silent on Terrorist Threat: Keith Koffler
How Liberal Jewish Groups Harm America and Israel: Ronn Torossian


CNet: FBI demanding installation of real-time intercept software at Internet providers: Hot Air
Researchers say Tor-targeted malware phoned home to NSA: Ars Technica
An End to Politically Motivated #TwitterGulag?: Mandy Nagy


Blind Couple To Marry After Their Dogs Fall In Love: iOTW
What’s so hard to understand?: Shayneblog
Report: Russian GRU Asserts Obama Fired Military Officers Because He ‘Fears a Coup’: Reaganite

Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: Overpasses for Impeachment

QOTD: “Everything Hillary Clinton has actually run turned into a compost heap of failure, scandal, and cover-up – not to mention a few dead bodies – but that won’t matter, because all the right people say she’s fabulous. What makes them fabulous? Don’t ask. There are a lot of questions you won’t be allowed to ask during the Clinton 2016 campaign. God help the Republicans if they think they can play the same game, even if they run with a historic female candidate of their own.” —John Hayward

Doug Ross @ Journal