AND THEN THERE WERE THREE: Meet John Boehner’s Challengers in the OH-8 Republican Primary

I’m going to perform some due diligence on the trio opposing John Boehner and then try to rally your support for the heir apparent:

The Speaker of the House, Rep. John Boehner has drawn three GOP primary challengers – Matthew Ashworth of Hamilton, Eric Gurr of Middletown, and J.D. Winteregg of Troy. On the Democratic side, four candidates filed: Matthew Guyette of Greenville, Tom Poetter of Oxford, Morton Meier of Hamilton, and Robert Edward Crow of Youngstown (congressional candidates are not required to live in the districts where they run.)

The way Al Jazeera puts it (no link, for obvious reasons):

…a man by the name of J.D. Winteregg announced he would challenge Boehner on May 6 to represent Ohio’s Eighth Congressional District. He joined two others: Eric Gurr, a businessman, and Matthew Ashworth, founder of the United Tea Party Alliance, a group affiliated with FreedomWorks, a conservative nonprofit organization with millions at its disposal to target Republicans who are perceived as insufficiently doctrinaire [sic].

Of the three declared opponents, Winteregg appears to be the most serious threat. He avoids the inflammatory statements of some of his tea party [sic] associates, and he has impeccable conservative credentials. He cut his teeth working for the Senate Conservatives Fund, a PAC founded by former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, who is now the head of the Heritage Foundation, a leading conservative think tank. The Senate Conservatives Fund was founded expressly to purge the GOP of perceived apostasy [sic]. October’s government shutdown was the purest expression of its politics [sic].

Visit J.D. Winteregg’s website for starters and read his 2013 interview with the Examiner.

Doug Ross @ Journal

Larwyn’s Linx: GOPsmacked! What are Republican Leaders Doing?

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Image: Gabby Douglas’ Biopic
Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: Fire Mitch McConnell: support Matt Bevin for Senate

QOTD: “I noticed a few days ago, you had a guest post that mentioned ICE’s FY 2013 report on illegal immigration.

If you look closely at it, there are some frightening numbers to be found.

Of the illegal aliens (133,000) caught inside the U.S., 82% had been previously convicted of a crime. 52,000 of this group had convictions for violent felonies!

At the border, of the 235,000 caught, 45% had criminal records. 21,000 were violent felons.

These numbers, especially the “caught at the border figures”, put to rest any claim that these are just hard working people looking for jobs.

Instead, we are importing the worst of Mexico and Latin America.” –The Machiavellian

Doug Ross @ Journal

DEAR ABBY: I’m in an Abusive Relationship with the Republican Party

Guest post by Christine X.

Dear Republican Establishment:

So, what do you need to do to get us to stick with you and get us back into your good graces?
Good question [{I’m glad I asked it}]

[Can I be any more emphatic on that point?]
Mark my words, you can either drop the insane idea of amnesty for the illegal invaders or you can destroy the party – It’s your choice.

Pushing amnesty will either create 30 Million new voters for Democratic largess or it will fractionalize the party so badly that it will no longer be the ‘Loyal opposition’ to the Socialist National left.
The GOP will be deader than a Bull Moose as a result – does that sound like a winning strategy?

Either way will mean one party Socialist Democratic national party rule for now until Armageddon.

2). Stop insanely nominating Rinocrats in the futile hope that the media will be ‘nice’ to you and not put the full weight of their propaganda machine to work shredding said candidate.

How many times do you need to repeat that insanity before you learn the lesson?

3). Stop trying to outbid the socialists with government largess – you cannot win the game, because they don’t care if they bankrupt the country in 5 years instead of 20.

You can’t outbid people willing to destroy the nation just attain some temporary power.

It should be plain that you need to stand up for Conservative values – that is the only thing that will save the country from it’s inevitable demise at the hands of the socialists.

IF you do not do those simple things to save the party and save the nation, I will bid you a quick goodbye and be on my way – along with millions of others.

You can stuff your endless appeals for my donations, and your admonitions to volunteer will fall on deaf ears.

We may be on our way to defeat with a third party – but we will do it with our head held high and our Conservative principles intact.

There is no earthly reason to stay with a sinking ship – and you people are heading straight on for an iceberg – and sadly, you don’t seem to know it.

We can and we will leave – many already have and the exits are getting pretty jammed up.

I can envision many of my Conservative colleagues yelling back at the paper – Hey, where have you been, sister? We abandoned the stupid party years ago – well, let me just say in my defense that in most abusive relationships, each has their personal breaking point – many have already reached and are beyond that point. I dare say that if the current events hold to the trends as they are now, many more will join them – as will I.

I encourage you to email this article to every Republican official you know. Time grows short to save the party — and the country.

Doug Ross @ Journal

Larwyn’s Linx: The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do to Clean Up the Republican Party

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Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: Shake up the GOP: Fire Mitch McConnell!


“The Chamber of Commerce, the Main Street Partnership, the NRSC, and lobbyists galore in Washington are coordinating attacks on conservative groups and conservative candidates for daring to champion limited government and hold the GOP accountable for breaking promises. These groups have no interest in supporting limited government and free markets. They support their government and their markets with your tax dollars.

The GOP in Washington has decided that the problem is not government, but Democrats in charge of government. And they’ve decided to punish any conservative who points out government itself is the problem. Conservative groups are attacked by Republican leaders. Conservative candidates are attacked by Republican leaders. Conservative talk radio hosts are attacked by Republican leaders.

The single biggest thing you can do to clean up the GOP is to defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky by supporting Matt Bevin. The NRSC attacks all came after the Senate Conservatives Fund decided to support Bevin. The attacks on Mark Levin came after he spoke kindly of Matt Bevin. The attacks on conservative candidates came after Matt Bevin became a credible candidate.

All these attacks came because Mitch McConnell would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. He would rather a Senate GOP minority with himself in charge than a Senate GOP majority with himself retired.

You beat Mitch McConnell, you will find many Republican squishes with squishy soiled underwear. Until you beat Mitch McConnell, these guys in Washington will neither respect you nor fear you.” –Erick Erickson

Doug Ross @ Journal