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Was the Holocaust a myth? Iranian President Rouhani refuses to answer the question. Telling.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani being interviewed by Ann Curry of NBC News.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani being interviewed by Ann Curry of NBC News.

(Washington, D.C.) — Brace yourself. The Iranian “charm offensive” is about to go into overdrive.

Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, has arrived in New York City for meetings at the United Nations, and he is doing everything he can to convince U.S. and Western leaders that he comes in the name of peace, even as the centrifuges keep spinning, Tehran keeps enriching uranium, and the mullahs keep moving closer to an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Yet in recent days, Rouhani has made an important mistake. He was interviewed by NBC News and asked if he agrees with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the Holocaust is a “myth.” Yet Rouhani dodged the answer. He couldn’t say no. He couldn’t part company with his Radical predecessor. He couldn’t admit what all the world knows, that the Nazi regime in German in the 1940s systematically murdered six million Jews, including 1.5 million Jewish children.

Well, Rouhani could have, but he didn’t. Rather, he dodged the question like the wolf in sheep’s clothing that he really is.

“I’m not a historian,” Rouhani replied. “I’m a politician.”

“If you watched the portion of Ann Curry’s interview with new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that aired last night during NBC Nightly News, you may have come away with the image of a reformer who wants to work with President Obama and vows never to build nuclear weapons,” reports the website, Mediaite. ”But a slightly different picture emerged in remarks shown this morning on the Today Show. Curry asked Rouhani point blank about comments his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, made in the past about the Holocaust being a ‘myth.’ She asked Rouhani, ‘Do you agree?’ The answer he gave may not exactly be comforting to Jewish people in America, Israel or anywhere else in the world. ‘I’m not a historian,’ Rouhani began. ‘I’m a politician. What is important for us is that the countries of the region, and the people, grow closer to each other and that they are able to prevent aggression and injustice.’”

“Curry did not press Rouhani for a firmer answer on that question, but rather went on to ask if he, like Ahmadinejad, wants to ‘wipe Israel off the map,’” Mediaite noted. “Again his answer avoided specifics in favor of generalities. ‘We do not seek war with any country,’ Rouhani responded. ‘We seek seek peace and friendship among the nations of the region.’ He took a similar tack when Curry asked about Iranian access to websites like Twitter and Facebook. Rouhani did not say specifically whether his government would remove its censorship, but rather that ‘people must have full access to all information world wide.’ Before signing off, Curry told Today’s Savannah Guthrie that Rouhani’s ‘non-answer’ about the Holocaust ‘will likely raise a lot of eyebrows.’”

As I’ve reported before (see here, here, and here), Rouhani is no moderate. He is a dangerous man trying to buy time for Iran to build not just one nuclear warhead, but an entire arsenal. He and his regime must be stopped before it is too late.

Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

JUSTICE FOR CHRISTOPHER: 75% of House Republicans Want Select Committee on Benghazi, Boehner Refuses

Is there a more pathetic, ludicrous, cowardly and failed Speaker of the House in modern American history than John Boehner? That’s a rhetorical question, as evidenced by Rep. Frank Wolf’s yeoman’s work in trying to get the GOP leadership to name a Select Investigative Committee on Benghazi.

Wolf himself explained the other day on the House floor.

I ask my colleagues if the Congress can answer these questions and, if not, why?

· Was there an intelligence failure in vetting the true loyalty of the Libyan security guards for the U.S. consulate? Which agency was responsible for vetting the militias?

· Who provided the terrorists with details of the consulate property? Was it the security guards or someone in the Libyan government who was notified about the ambassador’s visit?

· Why did the guards in the car outside the consulate not warn the U.S. staff of the gathering terrorists as they drove away a minute before the assault began? Were they complicit in the plot?

When the Congress departs for the August recess in two and a half weeks, will the American people know why, after a year of investigations, who provided the terrorists with insider information about the consulate property and the ambassador’s location?

Again, this is why I believe a House Select Committee is the best way forward to ensure that these and other unanswered questions are resolved. To date, 160 House Republicans – nearly three quarters of the entire Republican Conference – have cosponsored H. Res. 36 to create a Select Committee on Benghazi to ensure the American people learn the truth.

And this Boehner refuses to do.

Please read: The Complete Benghazi Timeline in Spreadsheet Format and then call John Boehner at (202) 224-3121 and demand a Select Committe on Benghazi.

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AWESOME: Eric Holder Refuses to Say Whether the White House is Spying on Congress

Separation of powers? What separation of powers?

Kirk: “Mr. Attorney General, I want to take you to the Verizon scandal and — which I understand takes us to possibly monitoring up to 120 million calls. You know, when government bureaucrats are sloppy, they’re usually really sloppy. Want to just ask, could you assure to us that no phone inside the Capitol were monitored of members of Congress that would give a future executive branch, if they started pulling this kind of thing off, would give them unique leverage over the legislature?”

Holder: “With all due respect, Senator, I don’t think this is an appropriate setting for me to discuss that issue. I’d be more than glad to come back in a — in an appropriate setting to discuss the issues that you have raised. But in this open forum I don’t . . .”

Kirk: “I would interrupt you and say the correct answer would be say no, we stayed within our lane, and I’m assuring you we did not spy on members of Congress.”. . .

Mikulski: “We are going to stop here because this fully briefed is something that drives us up the wall.”

Yesterday, Mark Levin stated that Holder was either unaware of the Executive Branch spying on Congress or he is aware of the program and knows it targeted Congress.

I’ll go a step further: I suspect that Eric Holder is knowledgeable and complicit in an effort to monitor the activities of Congress under the aegis of national security.

On the one hand, I’m terrified to watch this country descend into tyranny more rapidly than I could have ever imagined. On the other hand, we are witnessing history. We have a unique ability to make a difference. As such, we cannot stand silent or quiver in fear in the face of a lawless administration that is actively attempting to extinguish our Constitution and this Republic.

Contact your member of Congress now. Now. And tell them in no uncertain terms to name a special prosecutor immediately so we can begin to unravel these scandals, step by step and piece by piece.

Hat tip: BadBlue Gun News.

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