DoD Gave Order to “Destroy” Bin Laden Death Photos Hours After FOIA Request

Paul Joseph Watson | Cover-up: Pentagon desperate to keep images out of public domain.

15 Startling Photos: the Bloody, Anti-Russian Riots in the Ukraine

Two protesters died in Kiev today as anti-government protests intensified.

The crisis began in November when President Yanukovich decided to shun a trade pact with the European Union in favour of closer ties with Russia.

Events became more violent on Sunday after the opposition called for a mass rally to protest against new legislation coming into force on Wednesday which will ban anti-government protests.

Photos from the last several days:

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Doug Ross @ Journal

OH, MY: The Associated Press demands editors stop printing Obama’s staged “propaganda” photos

Anyone in the White House ever heard of Leni Riefenstahl?

I thought not.

The Associated Press continues to express its utter disgust with the Obama White House. Which happens to be the first administration in American history to run its own news operation. Because **** you.

Editors of The Associated Press condemned the White House’s refusal to give photojournalists real access to President Obama, who prefers to circulate press release-style pictures taken by his own paid photographers.

These official photographs are little more than propaganda, according to AP director of photography Santiago Lyon.

The AP has only been permitted to photograph the president alone in the Oval Office on two occasions–both in his first term–and has never been allowed to photograph the president with his staff in the office…

…Previous administrations were less strict about photos, undermining Obama’s frequent claim that he strives to run “the most transparent administration” in history.

Lyon made his remarks at the AP Media Editors national conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll echoed Lyon’s concerns.

…Carroll advised newspaper editors who were present to stop using the White House’s preferred photos in their own stories, according to Lail and other attendees.

I commend the AP, and CNN, and CBS News — to name but a few — that have finally decided to begin speaking truth to power.

Hat tips: Poor Richard and BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal