PERJURY: House Oversight Committee Says Lois Lerner Lied to Congress at least Four Times

It would appear that former IRS executive Lois Lerner could soon be held in contempt of Congress and — as an added bonus — charged with perjury.

[The House Oversight committee report] states that [former IRS overseer Lois] Lerner made false statements to committee staff on various occasions.

During a February 2012 briefing, Lerner told committee staff that the criteria for evaluating tax-exempt applications had not changed. According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), however, Lerner directed in June 2011 that the criteria used to identify applications be changed.

As Moe Lane observes, Lois Lerner now faces a very serious life-decision:

I don’t think that Darrell Issa is contemplating contempt charges. I think that he’s letting Ms. Lerner know that she has to decide soon whether it’s going to be her scalp that goes up on the lintel. House Oversight has no real reason not to put a former Director of IRS Exempt Organizations in jail for a few years, particularly if they can also convict a suitable number of subordinates: it would be nice to get the people in the Executive Branch who gave the orders, but putting the fear of God and Congress into those who got the orders will also pay dividends.

But, obviously if Lois Lerner is not the biggest fish in this investigation then Darrell Issa would like to get his hands on the one who is. That is Ms. Lerner’s only real bargaining card right now; I look forward to seeing her next play.

The House Oversight Committee summarized Lerner’s role as follows:

Through e-mails, documents, and the testimony of other IRS officials, the Committee has learned a great deal about Lois Lerner’s role in the IRS targeting scandal since the Committee first issued a subpoena for her testimony. She was keenly aware of acute political pressure to crack down on conservative-leaning organizations. Not only did she seek to convey her
agreement with this sentiment publicly, she went so far as to engage in a wholly inappropriate effort to circumvent federal prohibitions in order to publicize her efforts to crack down on a particular Tea Party applicant. She created unprecedented roadblocks for Tea Party organizations, worked surreptitiously to advance new Obama Administration regulations that curtail the activities of existing 501(c)(4) organizations – all the while attempting to maintain an appearance that her efforts did not appear, in her own words, “per se political.”

I don’t care whether the President is Republican or Democrat. The politicization of the IRS is inexcusable and should be grounds for impeachment.

Furthermore, an example should be made of Lois Lerner. A very painful example.

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Doug Ross @ Journal

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QOTD: “[President Obama’s] speech [at the National Defense University] was bizarre, to put it mildly. It was often incoherent, as when he gritted his teeth and actually admitted that there is an ideological conflict between us and the terrorists. “Most…of the terrorism we face,” he said, ”is fueled by a common ideology…that Islam is in conflict with the United States and the West.” Without taking a deep breath, he hastily added that the “common ideology” was “based on a lie.” Why? Because “the United States is not at war with Islam…”

It’s typical of the president’s world-view that he would assume any such war to be instigated by us, but in this case the jihadis have it right, and he’s got it backwards. There is indeed a war, it is theirs, the jihadis’ war, and they are waging it because they firmly believe they are commanded to do so by the Almighty. They aim to destroy or dominate Western infidels and apostates. Those commands are in the Koran, and are repeated by a great mass of imams, ayatollahs and mullahs. Those thousands of Iranians or Hezbollahis who chant “death to America” mean just that. It’s the reason for their jihad against us.” —Michael Ledeen

Doug Ross @ Journal

TREY GOWDY SPRINGS A TRAP: Did former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman commit perjury today?

During his contentious testimony before the House Oversight Committee, former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman hemmed and hawed repeatedly when posed with the question: did the IRS itself investigate allegations of harassment and targeting of conservatives?

After nearly seven minutes, an exasperated Gowdy finally got to the bottom of it with this exchange:

Gowdy: Did you lift a finger to investigate the facts?

Shulman: Uh, I felt quite comfortable the Inspector General would run down the facts and…

And once he had it it would be recorded out.

Gowdy: Let the record reflect that’s a ‘no’.

So the record shows that Shulman said “no”, he instigated no internal investigation of these criminal actions.

And I believe Trey Gowdy just trapped Mr. Shulman.

Because… it was revealed today that, indeed, the IRS did conduct an internal investigation and its results were withheld until after the election.

[More] evidence [has] emerge[d] that IRS’s own internal probe ended in May 2012, six months before election, but was hidden from legislators. This is turning into a purely political manipulation of government malfeasance, if not illegality and unconstitutionality. To date, flunkies have most gotten passes with early retirements. Wrong doers are rewarded that way to keep them from talking. This thing may just go on for a long, long time and get incredibly serious.

Don’t pay attention to the media claiming the Right will hurt itself by pursuing this. That’s just their usual nonsense. We need to pursue it until we find out the truth. That’s what the larger American public will want in the end, no matter what said truth is.

When the history books are written, Richard Nixon will look like a guy who stole a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies compared to Barack Obama.

Doug Ross @ Journal