AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

Reuters | Hundreds with HIV/AIDS in Louisiana trying to obtain coverage under Obamacare are in danger of being thrown out of the insurance plan they selected.

Larwyn’s Linx: Obamacare: Frustrated Patients Walk Out of Hospitals Without Treatment

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QOTD: “First, it postponed the employer mandate. Then it exempted from the individual mandate people whose policies were canceled (by Obamacare). And for those who did join the exchanges, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is “strongly encouraging” insurers — during the “transition” — to cover doctors and drugs not included in their clients’ plans.

The insurers were stunned. Told to give free coverage. Deprived of their best customers. Forced to offer stripped-down “catastrophic” plans to people age 30 and over (contrary to the law). These dictates, complained an insurance industry spokesman, could “destabilize” the insurance market.

Translation: How are we going to survive this? Shrinking revenues and rising costs could bring on the “death spiral” — an unbalanced patient pool forcing huge premium increases (to restore revenue) that would further unbalance the patient pool as the young and healthy drop out.

End result? Insolvency — before which the insurance companies will pull out of Obamacare.

Solution? A huge government bailout. It’s Obamacare’s escape hatch. And — surprise, surprise — it’s already baked into the law.

Which is why the GOP needs to act [to ban any bailout of insurers]… Such a bill would be overwhelmingly popular because Americans hate fat-cat bailouts of any kind. Why should their tax dollars be spent not only saving giant insurers but also rescuing this unworkable, unbalanced, unstable, unpopular money-pit of a health-care scheme?” —Charles Krauthammer

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Larwyn’s Linx: Medicare Advantage patients look on helplessly as they lose their doctors

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QOTD: “Leon Trotsky allegedly said, “You may not believe in war, but war believes in you.” Though likely a mistranslation, the sentiment is still valuable. War and its horrors will always be with us, along with its unavoidable suffering and cruelty, “such as have occurred and always will occur as long as the nature of mankind remains the same,” as Thucydides writes. And as long as we cherish our way of life, with its freedom and human rights, its prosperity and its opportunity, we will at times have to make the awful decision to send our citizens to fight, kill, and die to defend those goods from those who want to destroy them. The more we know about war, the better equipped we will be to make that choice and see our efforts succeed.” —Bruce Thornton

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100 MILLION “ANECDOTES”: Cancer-Stricken Patients Lose Their Insurance Plans and Doctors Thanks to Obamacare

Guest post by Investor’s Business Daily

CancelCare: Dismissed as anecdotal exceptions, as many as 80 million people with employer health plans, like a Virginia cancer patient, now find their coverage being canceled because it doesn’t comply with ObamaCare.

Debra Fishericks, who has been working for the past 10 years at Atkinson Realty in Virginia Beach, has been frantically scouring for a plan that fits her.

But she’s finding, like so many others, that premiums and plans like the one she had are out of her price range.

Fishericks is battling kidney cancer, and while one of the benefits of ObamaCare was supposed to be that people with pre-existing conditions could not be denied insurance, those who already had it are losing it.

As with Fishericks, the policies they liked and helped to keep them alive have been decreed “substandard” and must be replaced with compliant and more expensive policies the Obama administration considers “better.”

“On June 30, 2014, I will probably not be offering company insurance for my employees. I just can’t afford it,” Fishericks’ boss, company owner Betsy Atkinson, told CBS News, meaning Fishericks and many others like her must now fend for themselves.

“We were happy, we had great insurance. We had continuing care for our employees,” Atkinson, owner of a realty company, told affiliate WDBJ.

Fishericks has looked on the ObamaCare website for a new policy, but to her dismay the plans on the site come with premiums that she cannot afford.

“They just go up higher and higher when there is a pre-existing (condition),” Fishericks says.

To the Obama administration, Fishericks’ story is another “anecdote,” part of the 5% minority President Obama and his cronies claim are unfortunate exceptions to the rule.

They are like Edie Sundby, a stage four cancer patient about to lose the “substandard” health plan that helped her survive all these years with her insurance paying out $ 1.2 million, and whose op-ed in the Wall Street Journal earned her a direct rebuke from the White House.

Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute said that in addition to the individual cancellations, “at least half the people on employer plans would by 2014 start losing plans as well.”

There are approximately 157 million employer health care policy holders. So that’s almost 80 million about to lose their coverage. Eighty million.

Projections the administration itself issued back in July 2010 made it clear officials knew the impact of ObamaCare three years ago.

Powerline’s John Hinderaker cites the Federal Register of June 17, 2010, beginning at page 34,552 (Vol. 75, No. 116), which includes a chart that indicates that the Obama administration expected that somewhere between 39% and 69% of employer plans would lose their “grandfather” protection by 2013.

For small-business employers, the estimate was that between 49% and 80% would lose their plans.

The destruction of the private health insurance market is no accident. The architects of ObamaCare see it as a necessary precursor to a single-payer system something like Britain’s National Health Service, where the mortality rates for cancer are abysmal.

According to an article in Britain’s Lancet Oncology, U.S. men and women, even with their “substandard” insurance, have much higher cancer survival rates than their English counterparts.

For example, the breast cancer mortality rate is 88% higher in the United Kingdom than in the U.S., and the mortality rate for colorectal cancer among British men and women is about 40% higher than in the U.S.

In the administration’s view, apparently that and the loss of Debra Fishericks’ cancer coverage for her kidneys is a small price to pay so Georgetown law students like Sandra Fluke can get free contraceptives.

Read more at Investor’s Business Daily

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Naturally: Virginia Democrat Wants to Force Doctors to Accept Medicare and Medicaid Patients

After, all health care is a “right”, don’t ya know?

Of course, when the government grants “rights”, it must steal the labor of one individual to give to another. And, to do so, it must use compulsion and force.

In Virginia, the Democrat Party has moved from plain old socialized medicine to the next step on the path to tyranny: forcing doctors to see patients.

FYI last night at the Great Falls Grange debate, Democrat delegate candidate Kathleen Murphy said that since many doctors are not accepting medicaid and medicare patients, she advocates making it a legal requirement for those people to be accepted.

She did not recognize that the payments are inadequate to cover the doctors’ costs. She also did not recognize there is a shortage of over 45,000 physicians now and that it is forecast to be 90,000 in a few years.

Democrats appear to want to make physicians slaves of the state, but Democrats don’t admit they would just drive more doctors out of practice into retirement and other occupations. The Obamacare law and regulations are causing millions of people to lose their health insurance, drop many doctors and hospitals. The HHS internal forecast is 93 million Americans would lose their health insurance due to the Obamacare law and rules about adequacy of insurance.

…I hope physicians rise up and speak out for common sense, protecting quality medical care in the US and giving patients freedom to choose…

Next on the agenda: government will tell doctors where they can live and practice.


If you live in Virginia or know folks who do, make sure to support Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

That is, if you believe in liberty.

Hat tip: Drudge Report.

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