HANSON: Illegal immigration “the reason California is destroyed” and the “path to Armageddon” for the U.S.

Would you be surprised to find out that California is ranked 47th in 8th grade science scores?

Or that 40 percent of California’s children aren’t fluent in English?

Or that 44 percent of incoming freshmen into the California state university system need help with remedial English and math?

Furthermore, “it is forbidden to notice that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between illegal immigration and these woes.”

On January 30, 2014, historian Victor Davis Hanson visited the Mark Levin Show (click here to open a new tab and listen to the podcast) and offered the most succinct, powerful and ominous summary of illegal immigration that I’ve ever heard.

The American Thinker‘s John Bennett captured the salient points and they are shocking.

America could be on “a path to Armageddon,” given the blend of relativism, racial preferences, and nullified immigration laws…

Hanson pointed out that many of today’s immigrants are not repeating the pattern of the Italians or Greeks, as just two examples. While Latino studies programs can be found at almost all universities, one does not find such “studies” for Italians or Greeks. That is just one dramatic distinction between immigrants today and past immigrants.

…Instead of amnesty, the Republicans should be pushing for limits on immigration. Hanson suggests that we can take 100,000 legal immigrants per year, but we can’t take one million per year, especially when they lack high school diplomas or English proficiency.

…A Californian, Hanson has seen firsthand the fiscal, social, and educational problems stemming from illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is “the reason the state is destroyed,” Hanson bluntly stated…

California, as a state, serves as the shining example of what happens under lax enforcement of immigration laws. The state is going bankrupt. The Republican Party is going extinct. At their lowest level of registration since 1922, Republicans are 29% of registered voters in California, while Democrats are 44%. In the face of population changes of the type that have occurred, the Republicans can’t modify, they can’t adjust, they can only die out.

…conservative voters understand that “blanket amnesties” are “going to unravel the American experiment and its also going to empower the Democratic Party for 40 years.”

Besides, any Republican effort to pander can be easily outdone by the Democrats. “Trying to outrace and outclass and outgender the Democratic Party is a losing proposition.”

While they pander, the Republicans would be losing a core group of voters who do actually support them in large numbers. “Why is this leadership deliberately trying to estrange and alienate 70% of the people who will go out and vote?” Hanson asked.

…Hanson concluded by describing the “postmodern relativism” inherent in local efforts to nullify immigration law, efforts driven by racial pandering.

There are “sanctuary cities” that forbid local law enforcement from asking about immigration status or engaging with federal authorities. Hanson urged that Republicans should be seizing on this “nullification” of federal law, to illustrate the left’s hypocrisy and recklessness. Even convicted violent felons have been harbored by cities like San Francisco, where one violent felon who should have been deported went on to murder a father and two of his sons.

Illegal immigration not only promotes anarchy, it endorses Balkanization and conflict.

Legal immigration encourages assimilation, the advancement of the civil society, and a harmonious respect for the written law.

The Republicans who push amnesty are encouraging suicide of their party — and America as a Consitutional republic.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal

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QOTD: “U.S. border agent Brian Terry was shot on December 14th and died the following day, December 15th. That was the very day the Washington Post writers rolled out the administration propaganda that more regulation was needed to prevent drugs from crossing the border.

Drug cartels have aggressively turned to the United States because Mexico severely restricts gun ownership. Following gunrunning paths that have been in place for 50 years, firearms cross the border and end up in the hands of criminals as well as ordinary citizens seeking protection.

“This is not a new phenomenon,” Webb said.

What is different now, authorities say, is the number of high-powered rifles heading south — AR-15s, AK-47s, armor-piercing .50-caliber weapons — and the savagery of the violence.

Federal authorities say more than 60,000 U.S. guns of all types have been recovered in Mexico in the past four years, helping fuel the violence that has contributed to 30,000 deaths. Mexican President Felipe Calderon came to Washington in May and urged Congress and President Obama to stop the flow of guns south.

U.S. law enforcement has ramped up its focus on gun trafficking along the southwestern border. Arrests of individual gunrunners have surged. But investigators rarely bring regulatory actions or criminal cases against U.S. gun dealers, in part because of laws backed by the gun lobby that make it difficult to prove cases.

Who fed this poppycock to James Grimaldi and Sari Horowitz? Is the Washington Post the least bit concerned that it was used — and by whom? — to provide cover for this lunatic government operation and propagandize its gun grabbing ploy?” –Clarice Feldman

Doug Ross @ Journal

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