THE TEA PARTY’S DEAD? 10-to-1 Spending Advantage Plus Obama-Funded Faux Libertarian Eke Out

Congratulations, Virginia!

You just voted for Obamacare, gun control, illegal immigration, forced unionization, and massive tax hikes. Well done!

With all that said, Ken Cuccinelli just proved that the Tea Party, Constitutional Conservative, and Reagan Coalition is still alive and well. Consider what Cuccinelli very nearly accomplished:

He appears to be trailing Terry “Sign Here, Old Man” McAuliffe by less than one stinking percentage point despite:

• Being outspent by a 10-to-1 margin

• A fake “Libertarian” candidate funded by Obama donors

• Being blitzed with outrageous, lying robocalls

• And an RNC that spent next-to-nothing to help

The fake Libertarian drew nearly 7 percent of the vote. Had the story regarding this SOB’s true backers broken a week ago (brilliant research job, media drones!), Cuccinelli would’ve won in a landslide despite the spending disadvantage and a RINO establishment that undermined his efforts from the get-go.

I’m greatly encouraged by these results.

RCP and all of the so-called experts predicted a 7-point margin for Terry “Fund My Green Energy Company” McAuliffe.

Despite all of the sleaze and criminality, Cuccinelli very nearly pulled off an immense upset.

The Tea Party ain’t dead, but the RINO establishment may be.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal