Larwyn’s Linx: Why We Oppose the Ryan-Murray Budget Deal

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Image: Obama Wins Another Award! “Worst Year in Washington”, via Tammy Bruce
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QOTD: “We may be witnessing the sun’s last dying gasps before entering into a long slumber

Sunspots may not disappear completely, but they will be so weak that a long term decrease in solar wind and a slight but prolonged decrease in the sun’s temperature will result.

The latest solar data from this month reinforces the belief that our sun is headed into a long-term period of low solar activity.

As time goes on a link between decreasing solar activity and the halt in global warming 17 years ago becomes harder and harder to deny.” –Inform the Pundits

Doug Ross @ Journal

THE DUPLICITOUS CHRIS CHRISTIE: Man Who Refused to Oppose Obamacare Now Says It Was ‘A Train Wreck Anybody Could’ve Seen Coming’

Anybody could have seen it was a train wreck except him, apparently.

New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie slammed Obamacare as a “train wreck” in comments made at a Jersey radio station on November 25.

…Christie was asked why he didn’t join in on the state side and create a state exchange for Obamacare in New Jersey.
“This is just an awful law that made no sense and that’s why I didn’t get into a state exchange. And no, I have absolutely no regrets. In fact, I’m really glad that the train wreck’s not mine, it’s his,” the Governor said of Obama’s signature healthcare law.

Christie went on to slam the President as an example of someone who has never run anything in his life.
“This is a disaster. And it’s a train wreck that anybody who’s managed anything, ever in their lives could have seen coming.”
Governor Christie also said that the whole Obamacare program is a “failure.”

Christie’s comments are, at best, disingenuous.

This is a man who wouldn’t lift a finger to fight Obamacare, as Mark Levin observed at the time.

It costs nothing for the taxpayers of NJ to join the other states challenging Obamacare. All he needs to do is add his name on behalf of NJ to the other states. He didn’t take the lead and now he won’t bring up the rear. And just because Corzine ducked doesn’t mean he has to. For all the loud bravado, on this hugely important issue he’s a wimp. While others are doing all they can to kill Obamacare, spending the time and effort in federal court trying to protect the citizens of their states, Christie does nothing…

…Keep in mind that Obamacare creates massive new expenses for states via Medicaid. It’s fiscally irresponsible for Christie to sit on his butt and do nothin. Is this what they mean by frank talk? Maybe his supporters inside the beltway can help us better understand while they’re touting him for president.

I can’t wait for the 2016 election season to heat up.

Then we can hear the nation’s biggest electoral loser of 2012 — Karl “2% Victory Rate” Rove — whine that Christie is “the only one who can win”.

Which will be as accurate as his predictions about Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal

LEVIN: If you oppose Voter ID then you oppose fair elections

I happened to be “debating” a liberal at the gym the other day and the topic of voter ID came up. This crackpot believes that requiring voter ID is somehow “suppressing the vote” (his words).

When I asked whether the TSA is suppressing airline passengers, or the liquor stores are suppressing whiskey sales, or states are suppressing driving, his response was the typical Leftist gibberish.

He brought his heels together, did a mock Seig Heil, and affected: “Let me zee yore paperz” — with the obligatory Hitler accent.

Do they grow these coconuts at some kind of Alinsky farm?

Last night, Mark Levin addressed the issue of voter ID in his usual succinct and effective manner.

Why does the government issue photo IDs? It’s not the private sector issuing them, it’s not the [Ku Klux] Klan issuing them. The government is issuing voter ID so the government can know who you are. Now why does the government want to know who you are? Because they want to know who they are giving driver’s licenses to; if a police officer stops you they want to know who you are. They want to know if you have insurance. They want to know your age if you want to buy booze. And I can go on and on. There wouldn’t be government-issued photos IDs but for the government.

So my question is [this]: Is the government – are all state governments racist because they are requiring you to have a photo ID, that is a photo with your pigmentation on it? I mean, this is so asinine what the Left is up to in this administration.

You know what it is? Let’s just be honest, they want to defend fraud. They want to defend fraud. You can’t get on an airplane without a government issued ID. You can’t buy booze without a government issued ID. You can’t lease an apartment without a government issued ID. You can’t do damn near anything without a government issued ID.

Except vote! Anyone can vote without a photo ID at the polls!

Have you ever tried to check into a hotel without a government ID? Have you ever tried to rent a car without a government ID? Don’t we hold voting, like, at the top? Haven’t we fought the civil rights movement for people to have the right to vote? Why is it ipso facto discriminatory against minorities for people to show an ID? If you have a specific case in which a state, a town, a county or somebody has discriminated against you because of your race, you can bring a federal lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act, still today and a state lawsuit under state voting rights acts, still today!

But voter integrity is something the Democrat party rejects. Because they want multiple voting. Because they want dead people voting.

Who uses it? The big cities use it, among others. When LBJ was running for president or first, for the Senate, it was rural areas that were using it.

So this isn’t some civil rights issue. This is to promote fraud.

It’s just that simple: Why do governments issue IDs? Because they’re racist?

Of course not.

Those who object to IDs for voting, as opposed to everything else that requires an ID, are aiding and abetting criminals. They are trying to destroy the integrity of the ballot box in America.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal