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Image: A Message From Your Wannabe Rulers
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QOTD: “Fitting as it was to find Eric Holder speaking in front of a “No Justice” sign, his whining about how poorly he’s been treated compared to other attorneys general, and therefore that there must be some racism involved, is pathetic, even by his lowly standards. (Imagine complaining about “divisive” tactics while sitting next to Al Sharpton!)

…back in January 2009, when I was trying to convince people that Holder should not be confirmed because he was unfit to be attorney general and would prove to be a disaster, I asked how he would have fared under the Democrats’ Gonzales standard — the “if he’s not dishonest, he’s incompetent” test — on the basis of which they ran Alberto Gonzales out of town. It’s still a question worth asking. If the Gonzales standard had been applied to Holder, he would not have gotten the job, much less kept it as long as he has.” –Andrew C. McCarthy

Doug Ross @ Journal

NOTHING TO CUT: Meet the Multi-Millionaire Who Collected His Dead Mom’s Social Security Checks for 23 Years

Guest post by Laura Trueman

The 2014 omnibus bill contains an increase in funding for running the Social Security Administration (SSA). Maybe now they can stop paying Social Security benefits to dead people.

According to a December Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, SSA systems do not accurately note and confirm the deaths of beneficiaries, resulting in payments being made to dead people—sometimes for decades. The flawed system doesn’t just impact Social Security payments, either. Multiple other federal agencies that pay benefits—from federal pensions to payments to farmers and the disabled—rely on SSA’s flawed death data.

Collecting Dead Mother’s Social Security for 23 Years. Raymond O’Dell made news this week when he was sentenced for collecting his dead mother’s Social Security benefits for 23 years. O’Dell collected $ 188,000 in benefits, while building a successful Taco Bell franchise. His accountant put his net worth at $ 4 million (including $ 431,000 in cash). This week, he was sentenced to pay back the benefits, along with a $ 20,000 fine, and will serve six months in prison.

O’Dell is not unique. In Washington state, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan convicted five people for collecting a dead parent’s Social Security benefits. One man personally disposed of his mother’s body in a rural area and never reported her death; he collected her benefits for 9 years. More examples are cited in the SSA’s “Deceased Payee Fraud; Strange But True,” released this month.

As Durkan noted, “Cheaters shred the safety net for those that really need it…and need to know prison and hefty fines wait at the end of the scheme.” The SSA has the Office of Inspector General Fraud Hotline for reporting suspected fraud. That’s good, but it isn’t enough.

Getting a Handle on the Problem. The SSA receives and processes death reports from a variety of sources, including states, family members, funeral directors, post offices, financial institutions, and other federal agencies. It’s a big job: In 2012, seven million deaths were reported to the SSA; overall, they manage the death records for some 98 million people.

The GAO reports that the agency does not verify the death reports from all of its sources. The SSA has no clue how accurate the unverified reports are because, according to the GAO, the agency has “never performed an analysis validating the accuracy of the various sources of death reports.”

The GAO checked on a random sample of the SSA’s death reports and found problems:

  • Notice of about 500 deaths came to the SSA long after the person’s death; in fact 200 were 10 or more years after the fact, meaning that all kinds of benefits could have been flowing unchecked for years.
  • Another 150 people were apparently engaged in “back to the future” time travel—their date of death was BEFORE their date of birth.
  • Almost 2000 broke or nearly broke Guinness records—living between 115 and 195 years.

The GAO made some recommendations on how to improve the SSA systems, and maybe things will improve. It should be noted that, while the GAO focused on the SSA’s struggles with the death reports it received, Raymond O’Dell and a slew of others kept their relative’s death from being reported.

In the omnibus appropriations Congress passed this week, they offered their usual solution—more money—increasing the agency’s budget by $ 651 million. Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn (R) and a few others are pushing the SSA to fix this and other fraud in benefit programs. As The Wall Street Journal notes, these members “are voices crying in the wilderness” as Congress focuses on spending more money, not making existing agencies and programs work better.

Read more at The Foundry.

Doug Ross @ Journal

McGrath: “We Live in a Time in the United States Where Nothing Is What It Seems”


Every message we get from the mainstream media, or a White House press conference, or even from those we may talk to on a daily basis has been specifically designed to manipulate our sentiment and outlook. Most of the time, your friends and coworkers don’t even realize they’ve become a propaganda mouthpiece for an agenda set forth by government or business interests.

Even a precursory examination of what political leaders, economists, and the mainstream media have been telling us should make it clear that we are in the midst of one of the greatest mass deceptions of a country’s populace in the history of the world.

The lies and half truths now pervade every aspect of our lives.

As Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News notes, the consequence is a population that has been left helpless and under the direct control of their masters.

We certainly live in a time here in the United States where nothing is what it seems… where the truth is taken and massaged and manipulated, spun up, and handed to the people… and it doesn’t bear any resemblance of truth by the time we evaluate and look into the details of whatever was being sold in the first place.

We live in a time of bait and switch, smoke and mirrors deception.

We’d be far better off now to go through a collapse then we will be five years down the road… because every single day that passes in this country the lies continue to mount up, but so does the debt, and so does the misery.

The mainstream establishment media wants you to believe we are on the cusp of a sustainable recovery, or in fact we are in one…

But you can’t hide the numbers…

The truth is we are not on the road to recovery. We are making a bunch of zombies out of the people of this nation and it’s becoming far, far worse.

Consider this… We have more people on the welfare rolls right now in the United States than we have full time workers… 49.2% of all Americans receive a check from the government… we have 1.2 million students who are homeless in this country, allegedly the richest country on earth… over half the students in this country are considered to be living in low income homes… the gap between the rich and the poor has never been as high as it is right now.

37% of the households are in poverty if you’re thirty years old or less… one out of every five households is on food stamps…

In the last 5 years of recovery… we have spent $ 3.7 Trillion in welfare programs… it’s $ 3.7 trillion of tokens… it’s $ 3.7 trillion of pacifiers… $ 3.7 trillion of control…

So, collapse now… absolutely it would be a bad thing. But if we wait into the future it’s going to be far, far worse.

In a truly free market our financial, economic and monetary systems would have already collapsed. The bad debt would have been wiped out of the system and nature would have re-balanced the equation.

Our political and economic leaders chose, instead, to manipulate everything from monetary policy to perception in an effort to make us believe the system has been stabilized.

It’s been smoke and mirrors from day one, and now millions more have been impoverished and put squarely under the thumb of government dependence.

In the year 2000, when the tech bubble stock market crash began, there were about 17 million Americans depending on government food stamp assistance. Today that number has nearly tripled, to 48 million people.

Similar trends exist with respect to unemployment, wage reductions, welfare, disability, health care assistance and government debt.

We now have more people than ever before helplessly dependent on the State.

What happens when America  finally runs out of money and our creditors refuse to lend us more?

A decade ago the fall-out may have been manageable.

If it happened today, as noted by the US Secretary of the Treasury,  it’d be a catastrophic collapse – the kind that leads to generations of despair, destitution, violence and a complete realignment of our political system.

This is what we face going forward.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You