National Journal: Is Vladimir Putin Coming for the North Pole Next?

Marina Koren | Crimea wasn’t the only territory Russia claimed as its own this month.

SAD DAY FOR KENTUCKY WILDCAT FANS: Mitch McConnell Celebrates Duke National Championship

Yes, the Beltway Elite really are this out of touch:

In related news, Christian Laettner just endorsed Mitch McConnell.

I, on the other hand, support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate.

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National Weather Service: High Accumulations of Global Warming in Southeast to “Make Travel Impossible”

Did Al Gore move to Atlanta recently?

National Weather Service meteorologist Michael Musher said ice accumulation forecasts “remain mind-boggling if not historical” in cities such as Atlanta, Athens and Augusta in Georgia, Columbia, S.C., and Raleigh, N.C.

High ice accumulations will make travel impossible,” the National Weather Service reported in an advisory Tuesday. “This has the potential to be a catastrophic event. Widespread power outages are possible as ice accumulates on trees and power lines and brings them down.”

…The storm is forecast to move up the East Coast later Wednesday and into Thursday, potentially dropping as much as a foot of snow all the way from Virginia to New England, meteorologist Musher said.

More than 1,150 flights had been canceled nationwide Tuesday as of 12:05 p.m. ET, according to flight-tracking service Almost 1,000 more had already been canceled for Wednesday.

As Climatologist and former NASA scientist Roy W. Spencer observes, “the climate models that governments base policy decisions on have failed miserably.”

In other words, those global warming fables you read and see in legacy media are bunk, plain and simple.

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Introducing the New People’s National Democrat Party™

Guest post by Stephen Miller

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inauguration last week was more than one man swearing an oath of office. It was the official declaration of a new Democrat Party. We have been told repeatedly that the Republicans are undergoing a massive re-branding effort but it’s been by no means as dramatic as the emergency re-branding efforts going on under the Democrat tent. De Blasio has effectively become the leader and national voice of the new direction of a party who has been flirting with this ideology for years now. They no longer fear the societal and American stigmatisim associated with socialist agendas. Because of one mayor’s election they now feel emboldened to inflict and unleash it.

Barack Obama and the DNC, with the help of their usual cohorts in the media are in the midst of attempting a magic trick. They are going to attempt to convince people that because of this President’s pro growth policies, the economy is finally stabilized enough to the point of increasing the federal minimum wage, while simultaneously making the argument that we need to extend government entitlements (Unemployment Insurance) for those unable to find a job. Breaking from usual tactics, they also aren’t being shy about this new strategy and their admitted stated goal is to paint the GOP as the party of inequality, economic disparity and the wealthy.

There is inequality. There is disparity.

No one is disputing this.

The only problem for the New People’s National Democrat Party™ is they have been the ones in charge of this inequality and disparity for going on 7 years now.

The burning questions for this President, who just two weeks ago touted the economic success of his policies is this; If the economy is growing as it should be and the corner has been turned on the 5.4% unemployment rate hell of the George W. Bush years, why can’t anyone find a job? Why is income inequality growing? Why are the rich getting richer?

Why do we as a country need to perpetually renew unemployment insurance benefits beyond the rate of 99 weeks for families struggling if there are jobs readily available as his administration is claiming?

Obama two weeks ago said the American economy is poised to break through, just as it has been for the past 5 years. We are inundated with graph after graph showing the massive turn around from the brink of economic destruction Obama brought us all back from. On Jake Tapper’s The Lead , just yesterday, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said ”People are suffering because I have met them. They have gone to emergency situations”. This administration is readily admitting that we are in the depths of emergency unemployment situations. Direct quote.

The natural response from anyone being told to “Get a job” is “I’ve been trying” or “There are no jobs” .. Either our economy is growing or it isn’t..

Which is it?

The country cannot be both in such an amazing recovery that raising the minimum wage to $ 10.00 becomes completely logical while at the same time in such despair that unemployment benefits need to be made all but permanent to offset growing income inequality.

If the Democrat party has decided to go full Warren & head over heals for de Blasio, it is only because it’s an admission that Barack Obama’s economic policies have failed and that it’s nothing more than a distraction from the fact that Barack Obama’s healthcare law has failed. This is the Democrat Party’s corporatization of Occupy Wall St.’s message with a media trying desperately to wring every last drop out of it. They have given up trying to promote liberty and prosperity and are settling into exploiting fear and entitlement. It’s a dangerous strategy right out of a comic book super villain’s handbook and one that must be understood and exposed. Their goal is no longer to lift people out of poverty but to willfully keep them dependent and therefore voting for them, all the way through the 2014 midterms. In three months when this new expansion fails, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton will all argue for another 3 month expansion. Then another, and another.

The question for the GOP is are they going to put an end to this?

If the Democrat’s entire message becomes inequality, then inequality is needed for it to become successful. Financial and economic stability through gainful employment is no longer the goal. This is precisely the reason for Democrats pushing a minimum wage hike while simultaneously pushing more benefits of people not even in the workforce.Make it harder for private employers to hire people who already have a steady stream of income thanks to unemployment. Expert Presidential Debate Moderator Candy Crowley tried this exact strategy with Governor Scott Walker just last week and in doing so gave the entire game up for the progressive Democrat’s new talking point. Government dependency as a lifestyle and not as a stop gap.

This is a dangerous trap being sprung on the GOP (and the country) but one that is easily avoidable if they would only push back against it. The messaging cannot and should not be about cutting unemployment benefits. The messaging should be why Democrats are pushing permanent unemployment to begin with. They are literally trying to tell the country that an economy based on individual employment can function and thrive on people being unemployed.

There isn’t one person alive who can say unemployment benefits lifted them out of poverty and into a different economic class. Not one.

GOP should be lining people up daily in front of microphones & in viral videos on YouTube who say they have needed unemployment for the past two years because there are no jobs.

There are no jobs. There is no growth. Five years Mr. President.

Five years.

This President is arguing that his policies have fixed the economy that still needs to treat people who have been chronically unemployed for over 2 years.

It would be mind bending if not so obvious as to why they are doing it.

Three months after the implementation of their landmark legislation and Barack Obama’s defining law, Obamacare, the Democrat party has all but abandoned it. Their goal is avoid Obamacare at any and all costs, even if it leads to ideological class warfare and Americans cannibalizing their neighbors.

Progressive fanatics on the left have given up on it as well, with Michael Moore suggesting to just go full single payer now and use that argument along with income equality as well.

The only problem is it’s not going to work. They are stuck with Obamacare’s failures until the law is repealed.

Obamacare affects people no matter what their political ideology is.

People don’t care what the wage complaints of people in the fast food industry are when their own family is losing the healthcare their President told them they could keep and their new premium has doubled their personal cost.

Democrats running on income inequality is going to be like someone running against their own shadow. Inequality has grown as Obama’s policies have grown. There is inequality but giving more power to those who depend on inequality to win elections isn’t going to make anyone equal.

The only time we will ever be equal as human beings is when we’re dead.

Then we all become Democrats.

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