Larwyn’s Linx: DC Circuit to Decide Whether Obama Administration Can Rewrite Laws

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QOTD: “Whatever the origins of the events in Ukraine, the United States is now engaged in a confrontation with Russia. The Russians believe that the United States was the prime mover behind regime change in Ukraine. At the very least, the Russians intend to reverse events in Ukraine. At most, the Russians have reached the conclusion that the United States intends to undermine Russia’s power. They will resist. The United States has the option of declining confrontation, engaging in meaningless sanctions against individuals and allowing events to take their course. Alternatively, the United States can choose to engage and confront the Russians.

A failure to engage at this point would cause countries around Russia’s periphery, from Estonia to Azerbaijan, to conclude that with the United States withdrawn and Europe fragmented, they must reach an accommodation with Russia. This will expand Russian power and open the door to Russian influence spreading on the European Peninsula itself. The United States has fought three wars (World War I, World War II and the Cold War) to prevent hegemonic domination of the region. Failure to engage would be a reversal of a century-old strategy.” –George Friedman

Doug Ross @ Journal

“We’re Going to Need to Go Outside of the Law… to Stop Obeying the Laws”

SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Forget left and right, republican and democrat. Some issues transcend political lines. This is one of them.

Via SGT Report and Daily Represent

Don’t let your preconceived notions get in the way of this one. Although Matt is reading from Howard Zinn’s 1970 speech ‘The Problem is Civil Obedience‘ and the words are not his own, Matt Damon is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars – and as such, he has a lot to lose. The praise-worthy fact is that he chose to utter these powerful ideas, publicly.

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – Eric Blair, aka George Orwell

When self made mulit-millionaire Matt Damon talks about a “reallocation of wealth” he’s talking about Wall Street, Bankster, military industrial complex multi-BILLIONAIRES. He’s talking about the Oligarchy. He talking about the UNTOUCHABLES. When Democrat Matt Damon refers to the Declaration of Independence in a public forum, we have approached the very edge of the tipping point.

Listen to this one.

“But to establish the principles of the Declaration of Independence, we’re going to need to go outside of the law. To STOP OBEYING THE LAWS that demand killing, or that allocate wealth the way it’s been done, or that put people in jail for petty technical offenses – and keep other people out of jail for ENORMOUS CRIMES.”

And Damon concludes with these words: “People in all countries need the spirit of DISOBEDIENCE TO THE STATE.

We say, Amen brother.

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