STRAIGHT OUT OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO: The Obama Tax Code, Destroying Jobs and Opportunity

If I’m late with my taxes, will a claim of being an illegal alien undocumented Democrat get me off the hook? Just wondering.

As Americans navigated the labyrinthine tax code ahead of tax day, many felt the sting of the President’s myriad tax increases.

Despite calls for more taxes on the rich, the Heritage chart shown above reveals that the recent tax increases disproportionately affect the working wealthy. The top 10 percent of all income earners paid 71 percent of federal income taxes in 2010, yet they earned 45 percent of all federal income. Compare that to the bottom 50 percent of earners, who earn 12 percent of income yet pay only 2 percent of federal income taxes.

So when Obama and advocates of higher federal taxes opine that the rich do not pay their “fair share,” they are correct—affluent income-earners pay a whole lot more than they would pay if we had a proportional tax code instead of the highly progressive one we have today.

While taxes have increased for most taxpayers, the wealthy are—relative to the rest of the population—increasingly shouldering the federal tax burden. The Wall Street Journal’s John McKinnon notes that this burden has shifted largely as a result of the tax changes passed at the start of 2013 during the fiscal cliff debates. These changes include a “bump in the top ordinary income rate to 39.6% from 35%, a limit on itemized deductions and an increase in the top rate on investment income.”

But the tax misery is not limited only to the well-to-do. All taxpayers faced an average tax increase of 1.8 percent in 2013. Indeed, Heritage tax expert Curtis Dubay uncovered no less than 13 tax increases that kicked in at the beginning of the year, six of which came on the coattails of Obamacare. Taxpayers also face state and local tax burdens that remain high in much of the country, as well as the prospect of rising payroll taxes in the future.

In addition to stifling economic growth, many of these new taxes—especially those on income—penalize success and discourage work. As Dubay has written, it is imperative to reform the tax code because families would be able to earn more, “but would not pay higher marginal tax rates on their higher earnings. The tax code would not punish families as it does today for being more successful and for earning higher compensation because they are more productive.”

Most Americans are not aware that the “progressive” tax code was lifted right out of the Communist Manifesto by the Democrat Party.

It is meant to punish success, dampen investment, destroy jobs and opportunity, and — in general — make people more dependent upon the government.

And with this administration, those results are precisely what we’re getting.

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Doug Ross @ Journal

BUT THEY’RE LOOKING OUT FOR WOMEN, DONTCHA KNOW: Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Women with Jobs

Any honest accounting of the employment situation in America wouldn’t focus on “equal pay”.

Instead, it would deal with twin scourges of the Obamaconomy: unemployment and welfare.

People participating in the food stamp program outnumbered the women who worked full-time, year-round in the United States in 2012, according to data from the Department of Agriculture and the Census Bureau.

In the average month of 2012, according to the Department of Agriculture, there were 46,609,000 people participating in the food stamp program (formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). That contrasts with the 44,059,000 women who worked full-time, year-round in 2012, according to the Census Bureau’s report on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States.

Since 1969, there have been three years when the number of Americans taking food stamps outnumbered the women who worked full time, year-round. In 1976, there were 18,549,000 food stamps participants, and only 18,372,000 women working full-time. Then, in 2011, there were 44,709,000 food stamp participants and 43,702,000 women who worked full-time. (The Census Bureau has not published data for the number of women who worked full-time, year-round in 1974.)

In other words this phenomenon hasn’t occurred since 1976 and yet it has occurred twice in a row with Barack Obama as president. And he’s going for the trifecta.

As Mark Levin is fond of saying, the welfare state is both expanding and collapsing at the same time.

The chart above illustrates the conundrum we face unless Democrats are forcibly booted from office in November.

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Doug Ross @ Journal

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QOTD: “Amnesty is a cheap date for Democrats and Republicans. For Democrats, it puts a lot of cheap votes on the table. The Democrats have been using immigrants as cheap votes before the invention of the telephone. And the Republicans justify their betrayal by convincing themselves that they can begin scoring 39 percent of the Hispanic vote in all their elections again without considering what 11 percent of 11 million will do to their margins in even the reddest red states.

Paul Ryan, who can do the math for everything else, loses his calculator when it comes to counting the impact of a population that is already a disproportionate drain on social services and enthusiastically supports big government spending…

…After a decade, illegal alien amnesty that leads to citizenship and family reunification will kill the ability of the Republican Party to win national elections. But it will also kill the ability of black men under thirty to find a job. Black unemployment is already staggeringly high and throwing in millions of new low-skilled workers will make urban centers more blighted and dangerous than they are now.” —Daniel Greenfield

Doug Ross @ Journal

DOING THE JOBS AMERICANS WON’T DO: Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping 67 year old

Guest post by The Machiavellian

Lopez-Bautista, at his trial, called this a land of opportunity. Why, yes it is, for enterprising criminals from Mexico.

BALLSTON SPA — Antonio Lopez-Bautista, an immigrant who entered the country illegally and attacked and sexually assaulted a 67-year-old woman on the city’s west side last May, was sentenced Monday to spend a determinate sentence of 11 years in jail.

After he serves the sentence, he will be deported to his native Mexico.

Lopez-Bautista, a 19-year-old resident of South Federal Street in Saratoga Springs, was convicted of attempted kidnapping, sexual abuse, two counts of assault and criminal obstructions of breathing. He was acquitted of another assault charge, first- and second-degree robbery and attempted rape.

The violent attack was captured on surveillance video and showed Lopez-Bautista sneaking up to the victim’s car and opening the door, pulling her out, dragging her down the street and ripping off her clothes. The victim was waiting for her husband to leave work at about 4 a.m.

…Before he was sentenced, an interpreter read two letters on behalf of Lopez-Bautista, one written to the victim and the other to the judge. In the letters, Lopez-Bautista apologizes many times and asks for mercy from the judge. He also says his inebriated state, from an abundance of alcohol and cough syrup, is to blame for mistaking his victim for a political oppressor in Mexico.

…On Monday, new information regarding Lopez-Bautista’s illegal entrance to the United States came to light. He first came into the country illegally via the Arizona border in April 2009. He was deported that time, but successfully crossed into the country again one month later. He has illegally remained in the country since.

“I will never return to this country again, although it was filled with opportunity,” Lopez-Bautista wrote.

Just read all of the stories and here that I have gathered over the years. These aren’t isolated events, but rather a wave of criminals hiding among a wave of illegal immigrants.

Stop the latter and you end the first.


Doug Ross @ Journal