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Don’t Miss This Interview: “I Don’t Like Repeat Offenders… I Like Dead Offenders”

Editor’s Note: The following interview with Ted Nugent is a must-watch and one you’ll want to share with family and friends, especially those who don’t agree with our natural right to preserve and defend our lives. We challenge any advocate of restrictive gun legislation to put forth a logical argument to counter the natural laws highlighted by Nugent. We’re fairly certain no such argument could be made on the merits, despite the fact that the Huffington Post once referred to him and his ideas as “toxic” to the Republican Party and “like a machine gun that riddles his own troops with friendly fire” in an effort to suggest Nugent is a madman whose ideas are supported only by a minority of radical, bible toting, gun carrying fringe lunatics on the extreme right of the modern day political spectrum. 


Via The Daily Sheeple:

There are so many quotable gems in this video of the incomparable Ted Nugent that we don’t even know where to begin. Here are a few favorites:

“I don’t need a document, and I don’t need another man to explain to me, that I have a right to defend my gift of life.”

“There is an argument in America … from a whole gaggle of numbnuts who would try to tell me that they will dictate where, how, and if I can defend myself. I find that preposterous. I find it unacceptable and I will not accept it.”

“The Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights is my concealed weapons permit, period.”

“I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders.”

Somehow, these statements are seen by many as outrageous.  The gun control advocates really aren’t fans of intelligence and common sense. (Remember this hysterically funny video of Cali Senator Kevin de Leon attempting dramatic effect with no facts whatsoever?) If Mr. Nugent was the one making the laws, we’re quite sure that violent crime rates in America would plummet.

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SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Shock Interview: Welfare Recipient: “I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid”


While millions of Americans spend half their lives or more toiling for a paycheck, millions more are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the government to issue them their next monthly distribution.

You’d think that emergency funds or government subsidization through programs like welfare would be used to help recipients purchase the things that they need to get by and help them get back on their feet so that they can find meaningful labor and contribute to society, but in a system without cross-checks and billions being dished out year-after-year, many have learned that they don’t need to work.

And why should they? You’re doing the work for them in the form of taxpayer subsidies that are deducted from your earnings on a weekly basis.

In America, those who work get punished. Those who don’t, get a free ride, courtesy of a nationwide policy of spreading the wealth around through confiscation and redistribution.

Case in point: A welfare recipient in Austin recently contacted a morning radio show and explained that she gets a lot of money from the program. What she does with it may (or may not) surprise you.

Here’s how your hard earned money is being used to help the less fortunate:

While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?

I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…

Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

Ya’ll get the benefit of saying “oh, look at me, I’m a better person,” but when ya’ll sit at home behind ya’lls I’m a better person… we the ones gettin’ paid!

So can you really blame us?

Listen to the full interview with Austin’s Morning News:

This month the establishment media proposed that the solution to poverty in America, and one that would eliminate wasteful programs like welfare, is to give every American adult a basic monthly income.

That way, we can all just stay home, visit with our friends, contribute nothing to society and smoke a bunch of weed… just like this guy:

Obama Tokes the Ganja
(Pictured: A community organizing Barack Obama tokes some primo ganja)

When the government takes 20% out of your check for payroll taxes next week, and you spend three times as much next year on health insurance, just remember that the Lucy’s of the world are thankful for every red cent, and that she’s making good use of all your hard work and contributions.

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SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Netanyahu on Meet The Press warns White House not to ease up on sanctions. Video of interview.

netanyahu-MTPoct2013(Washington, D.C.) — “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday that the result of the current negotiations between Western nations and the Iranian regime must be nothing less than ‘the full dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear program,’” reports NBC News.

To watch the interview with the Israeli premier, please click here.

“Last week in Geneva, Western diplomats held two days of talks with Iran on the nuclear weapons question,” noted NBC. “They called the talks detailed and serious, although no agreement seems imminent. The next round of talks will take place on Nov. 7 and 8. Netanyahu responded to a report last week in the New York Times that the Obama administration is considering a proposal to ease economic sanctions on Tehran by giving it access to billions of dollars in frozen funds if the Iranians take steps to curb their nuclear weapons development program.”

“I think the pressure has to be maintained on Iran, even increased on Iran, until it actually stops the nuclear program, that is, dismantles it,” Netanyahu said.  He warned against “any partial deal could end up in dissolving the sanctions” since there are many countries around the world who are “just waiting for a signal to get rid of their sanctions regime” against Iran.

Excerpts from the story:

  • He made the analogy with Syria’s commitment to get rid of its arsenal of chemical weapons, which international weapons inspectors are now beginning to carry out.
  • “Suppose Syria said, ‘Well, you know, we’re going to dismantle 20 percent of it….’” and then expected other nations to ease sanctions because of that. “Nobody would buy that,” the Israeli prime minister said. “That’s exactly what Iran is trying to do.  They’re trying to give a partial deal that they know could end up dissolving the sanctions regime and would keep them with the nuclear weapons capabilities.”
  • As to Iranian assets held outside that country that are now frozen, Netanyahu said they were frozen for three reasons.  “One, Iran’s terrorist actions; two, its aggressive actions particularly in the (Persian) Gulf; and three, its continued refusal to stop the production of weapons of mass destruction. You know, if you get all three done and they stop doing it, well then, I suppose you could unfreeze them,” he told NBC’s David Gregory.
  • Also on Meet the Press, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said it was premature “to be talking about the easing” of sanctions against Iran. “I think the sanctions were working and that’s why the discussions (in Geneva) have started. But we need to see what they’re going to actually do. We need to see rolling back their nuclear program. And I can tell you that when the time comes, when those movements come, any changes will have to be proportionate.”
  • He added, “We need to see real, tangible evidence of it, and that we will not make moves in the sanctions until we see those kinds of moves.”


Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

An historic Christian awakening is under way in Iran. I discuss the inside story in this 20 minute interview with Dr. Hormoz Shariat.

On the set, recording a TV interview with Dr. Hormoz Shariat, "the Billy Graham of Iran."

On the set, recording a TV interview with Dr. Hormoz Shariat, “the Billy Graham of Iran.”

(Washington, D.C.) — An historic spiritual awakening is under way inside Iran.

More Iranians have renounced Islam and come to faith in Jesus Christ in the last three decades, than in the last 14 centuries combined. There is now an estimated one million followers of Christ inside Iran, and there continues to be a great hunger amongst Persian-speaking people to hear and understand God’s Word and the power of the Gospel message.

In recent days, a new TV interview has just been posted online. In the program, Dr. Hormoz Shariat, the foremost Iranian evangelist and Bible teacher in the world, and I discuss the revolutionary movement of the Gospel inside Iran and its implications for the Church.

In this 20 minute interview, we discuss:

  •  how satellite television is enabling Christians to beam the Gospel over the heads of the ayatollahs and mullahs and secret police to the homes of millions of Iranians
  • some of the prophecies concerning the future of Iran
  • why I describe Hormoz as “the Billy Graham of Iran”
  • how you and I and other Christians around the world can make an historic impact for the Gospel on the people of Iran

To watch the interview, please click here.

Also, here’s what Hormoz writes on his new blog  – – which I follow, and would encourage you to follow, as well:

  • I recently had the privilege of sitting down in our studio with my dear friend, Joel Rosenberg.  You may know Joel through his many NY Times bestselling books, his educational and charitable organization, The Joshua Fund, or his blog and Twitter account, both of which I follow and strongly recommend you do as well (  @joelcrosenberg).
  • I know Joel as passionate follower of Jesus Christ, whose heart for the Gospel to be proclaimed and embraced in the Middle East, even in Iran, is unmatched and genuine.
  • During his visit, Joel and I sat down and had a wonderful conversation about the Middle East and specifically his thoughts related to Iran in the Scriptures and the unique role the Lord has in store for this dangerous, beautiful and spiritually open country.

>> Recent blog: Dear President Rouhani, Jesus Christ loves you. But judgment is coming, the Bible warns in Jeremiah 49:34-39. Let me explain.

>> Another resource: What does Bible prophecy say about the future of Iran? Click here to listen to an address I recently delivered to the “Iran Alive Ministries” banquet. This message goes more in-depth in analyzing the prophecies found in Jeremiah 49:34-39.


>> Track the latest developments and analysis on Twitter — @JoelCRosenberg.

Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog