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Larwyn’s Linx: Emails: Lois Lerner Fed Tax Information to Democrat Elijah Cummings

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Image: Keep Calm and Set Them Afire
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QOTD: “One of the disturbing lessons to be taken from the Obama years is that almost all limits on executive power are now enforced solely by the media. The legal restrictions have been revealed as elaborate bluffs, which can be knocked down by an Administration determined to call them. The Constitutional separation of powers has atrophied into a gentleman’s agreement, which Obama freely disregards, while hurling an endless stream of vile slander at the astonished Republican caucus in Congress. He dares them to do something about it, and since the only thing they can really do is impeach him, he wins. The only balancing force left in the rotted husk of what was once a great Constitutional republic are those media referees, and they seem pretty cool with this President abusing executive power to rewrite laws on the fly, refusing to perform his lawful duties, and concealing reams of damaging documentation. They even keep stone faces when he boasts about how “transparent” his Administration is.

Pulitzer Prizes will be left lying on the table, because no one in the mainstream press wants to write the story that brings this corrupt government down, or at least turns a critical mass of Americans decisively against our intrusive, abusive tax system. Just about everyone from the IRS who has talked to Congress made it clear that conservative groups were indeed targeted for partisan political reasons, but the goalposts for coverage were slowly moved to “Lois Lerner or bust,” and it looks like bust. The press yawns, checks its calendar, and thinks about maybe dashing off a quick epitaph for page A23 on the next anniversary of the scandal. It takes very little imagination to suppose this would all have gone differently if the IRS had harassed civil-rights groups and pro-choice organizations during President John McCain’s 2012 re-election bid. There would have been outrage boiling through city streets. There would have been no other media story until heads rolled. And a panicked Republican administration would probably have started working the guillotines immediately, producing a stream of angry scapegoats who promptly received front-page press treatment as heroic whistleblowers.” —John Hayward

Doug Ross @ Journal

Combating the Left’s Information Warfare Campaign

Guest post by Abernathy Crum

This article describes an Information Warfare Operation being orchestrated by the Left.  It is characterized by well-designed themes and memes, effective delivery, and advanced with MSM propagation. 

Not too confrontational, it uses fundamental American emotional buttons: family, kindness, and compassionate justice. It worms its way into the national psyche, one snippet at a time. The operation is funded, organized, and supported by the usual suspects; it’s coordinated with press organizations to carry the themes forward and propagate the message for as long as possible.

It starts with a question like this: “What are you going to do to stop the separation of families, for those of us that live in fear everyday due to unjust deportations?”

It’s a well-crafted question – a clever riposte for which we have not an effective parry. 

We are at war. Our efforts just do not match the opposition. We should have had a response packet put together before the meetings took place. To know what the Left is going to do, just visit their sites and blogs. They tell us their plans, and we’re still unprepared.  We need to plan for their campaigns, collect intelligence, and anticipate the obvious.   

Planning would enable this sort of exchange:

Valeria Ruiz, 17, of Racine, Wisconsin, prodded her congressman on deportations that divide families. According to the Facebook page of Voces de la Frontera, a Wisconsin anti-deportation group, she asked Paul Ryan, “What are you going to do to stop the separation of families for those of us that live in fear everyday due to unjust deportations.”

Ryan responded: “Welcome Valeria, I was looking forward to you coming this evening.  Did Voces de la Fontera or La Raza drive you? I hope your folks are well. I have one question for you.  Your parents are citizens. Your father Miguel was naturalized in 2004 and you mom has always been a citizen.  Who are you specifically referring to?  Can you define what an ‘unjust deportation’ is?”

The rank-and-file Left does not understand Operational Security.  Their leaders do, but their leaks and chest thumping on Facebook and blogs give us enormous insight. There we can learn what they plan to do before they do it.  That is called Predictive Battle-Space Awareness.  We should have been using it for a long time.

If the socialists win the next presidential election, this will no longer be a war of words.  It will be a war of survival, a war in all its manifestations. Why do you think they are building a domestic army? In a few years it will be formidable.

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Sooner or later in life, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences.” The debacle of the city of Detroit is the glaring reality of Leftist polices and the emerging consequences are writ large for the nation.
We fight or we perish, becoming a Detroit nation; lawless, corrupt and hopeless. We become helpless before tyrants who once were smiling politicians full of good will and earnest concern.  We are already a good distance down the troubled road to that outcome.  

Within the Leftists’ ridicule and posturing, and behind their histrionic stage dramas and concocted causes, can be heard the rattle of chains.

Abernathy Crum is, by decades of training, experience and teaching, an expert in the strategy and tactics of information warfare deployed by tyrannical regimes throughout history.   Special thanks to Lee.

Doug Ross @ Journal