LEVIN: He wants to talk about inequality; we want to talk about liberty

Via Mark Levin

Let me be clear about this. Let me help some of these Republicans here and of course tomorrow’s hosts, they may want to cherry-pick some of this. This president has created more poverty, more economic inequality, more economic dislocation, more crushing debt than any president in modern American history including Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover.

This president has set back the economic progress of women more than any modern president. This president has set back the economic progress of minorities, including African-Americans, more than any modern president. This president has set back economic opportunity for our young people — our children and our grandchildren — more than any modern president because he has embraced the most ideological, the most radical form of economics. A system they cannot work; a system that will not work; a system that is impossible.

He’s spreading misery, he’s spreading destitution and he’s spreading poverty. This is not the America that the Framers established. This is not the America that we were born into, each and every one of us. And because he’s increasingly frustrated by his own incompetence and failure. What is he doing?

He’s dividing this nation, he’s Balkanizing this nation along every conceivable route that he can find — whether it’s religious, whether it’s economic, whether it’s race, whether it’s age, whether it’s income, whether it’s religion. And he’s seizing more and more power as he panics, as he becomes desperate, as imperial minds do. Yes, he’s an imperial president. And just as I said, this president has been conducting a certain, a sure gradual coup which is now being picked up.

He’s also an imperial president, which is also now being understood. He’s changing our system of government; he’s destroying our economic system. He’s nationalizing businesses and industries through the front door and through the back door. Did you know they have over 6,000 regulations and rules that they’re preparing to unleash on us?

Do you know that he’s put out the word to his cabinet, to his agency heads and to everybody in the federal government that this is their time? Now come hell or high water by 2016 when he leaves office he wants thousands and thousands of regulations pouring out at the EPA, the [Agriculture] Department, the Education department, the Energy department, Interior and all the rest.

This man is a one-man wrecking ball, that’s exactly what he is. He wants to talk about inequality; we want to talk about liberty. And it is liberty that we need to talk about.

Via Mark Levin

Doug Ross @ Journal

I, for one, applaud the Democrats’ war cry of “income inequality”

Thanks to email pal Jane Dough:

We should embrace income inequality as our rallying cry.

• Obama’s $ 4 million Hawaii vacation.

• Michelle’s $ 500k Hawaii extension.

• The multi-million dollar vaycay-cays to Africa

• The Spanish Riviera

• Her brother in Oregon

• Martha’s Vineyard

• Broadway plays, playa

• Taxpayer-funded campaign trips on pretty much a weekly basis

• $ 1,000-a-plate dinners with rich entertainment f***s.

Eight of the ten wealthiest counties in America surround D.C.

All on King Putt’s watch.

So yeah, by all means, let’s talk about income inequality. And let’s start with the Imperial Presidency and its explosive diarrhea dump on the middle class.

Doug Ross @ Journal

OBAMA IS RIGHT: We Must Eradicate This Horrific Income Inequality Now!

I had the thought earlier, but GayPatriot beat me to it, his story even making the top headline at BadBlue.

As Barack Obama rails against “income inequality” (read: free market capitalism) and “trickle-down economics” (read: free market capitalism), it’s worth remembering this simple fact.

Obama has been president for coming up on six years. Every one of his many promises: hope, change, shovel-ready, Stimulus, cash-for-clunkers, green energy, Solyndra, Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, keeping your health care plan, keeping your doctor… every single one has been a disaster. Every single one of his Utopian fantasies has increased misery, poverty, and malaise.

And who has benefited the most from his policies? The federal bureaucracy and Democrat apparatchiks around the Beltway:

DC – i.e., government employees – got richer compared to the rest of America. What also happened back then was a newly-Democrat Congress adding hundreds of billions to government spending, followed of course by President Obama and his 2009 “Porkulus”.

Via Zero Hedge, who suggests that Obama should maybe keep this in mind when he gives his speeches on inequality.

Insofar as it applies to D.C. first, I agree with Obama. Income inequality must be addressed. Let’s start with the ruling class in D.C. by slashing every non-defense discretionary agency by 50 percent. For starters.

Doug Ross @ Journal