Hurricane Preparedness and Tips

With this hurricane season starting out strong, we considered it a fitting time to talk a bit about hurricane preparedness. If you live in an area that could potentially be hit by tropical storms, you need to learn to prepare yourself before a hurricane hits.

When you first hear word about a hurricane, you need to know:

- What hazards are associated with the hurricane?

- What do these hazards mean to you?

- What actions can you take to be prepared?

These are all steps of hurricane preparedness. First, you need to have a family disaster plan. This should be planned out long before you ever face a definite threat. Then when the moment comes, you and your family will know what to do and where to go.

You should also create a disaster supply kit. These are specific items that will help you in the event of a disaster such as a hurricane. When you have this kit ready beforehand, it will be there if disaster strikes and you need it. You won’t have to worry about not having the supplies that you need for the situation.

You also need to secure your home should you get the order to evacuate. Be sure you know how to properly secure your home and that you have the supplies on the property to do so. Part of your evacuation plan should also include where you will go and stay during an evacuation.

Be sure if your family has pets that you also have a pet disaster plan. Many shelters will not allow pets and you don’t want to leave your beloved family pet at the disaster area. Be sure you plan ahead of time how and where you will evacuate your pets should disaster strike.

Hurricane preparedness will reduce and prevent many causes of stress and panic in the event of a disaster.

When you have a solid plan and you are prepared with the right supplies, you and your family have a better chance of surviving a hurricane.

At this time, let’s also keep in mind all of the people being effected by Hurricane Ike at this time. Let’s hope the storm peters out and doesn’t cause as much damage as it has the potential to and keep all of those people in your thoughts. Some of them may not even have homes to go back to.

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