Larwyn’s Linx: Krauthammer: White House blackmailed Petraeus for false testimony on Benghazi

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QOTD: “Jill Kelley, 37, is not from Tampa Bay. She grew up in Pennsylvania with her four siblings. She is first generation American. Her parents moved to the U.S. from Lebanon in the 1970s.

She started to volunteer at MacDill after Kelley “organized galas and fashion shows benefiting the American Red Cross and the Tampa Museum of Art,” according to the Tampa paper… The Kelley family soon befriended Petraeus and his wife as well as other leading members of the military brass who frequently visited CentCom headquarters. Those connections combined with her family’s financial problems would have motivated the FBI to look deeper into Kelley’s past.

“I can’t think of a better target for a foreign intelligence source than a woman who is connected to America’s top military leaders and who is also struggling financially,” said a Pentagon security official who asked not to be named.” —Mike Hoffman

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Larwyn’s Linx: Confirmed–SEALs killed in Benghazi 7 Hours After White House Informed of Attack

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Images: Chicago Boyz and Robert Stacy McCain
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QOTD: “Today, Obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. Today I ask you to vote for love of country.” —Mitt Romney (via Moe Lane)

Bonus QOTD: “Last week, Nanny Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, rivaled his own personal best for worst mayoral performance since that snowstorm a couple of years back. This is a man who spends his days micromanaging the amount of soda New Yorkers are allowed to have in their beverage containers rather than, say, the amount of ocean New Yorkers are allowed to have in their subway system – just as, in the previous crisis, the municipal titan who can regulate the salt out of your cheeseburger proved utterly incapable of regulating any salt on to Sixth Avenue. Imagine if this preening buffoon had expended as much executive energy on flood protection for the electrical grid and transit system as he does on approved quantities of carbonated beverages. But that’s leadership 21st-century style: When the going gets tough, the tough ban trans fats.

Back in Benghazi, the president who looks so cool in a bomber jacket declined to answer his beleaguered diplomats’ calls for help – even though he had aircraft and Special Forces in the region. Too bad. He’s all jacket and no bombers. This, too, is an example of America’s uniquely profligate impotence. When something goes screwy at a ramshackle consulate halfway round the globe, very few governments have the technological capacity to watch it unfold in real time. Even fewer have deployable military assets only a couple of hours away. What is the point of unmanned drones, of military bases around the planet, of elite Special Forces trained to the peak of perfection if the president and the vast bloated federal bureaucracy cannot rouse themselves to action? What is the point of outspending Russia, Britain, France, China, Germany and every middle-rank military power combined if, when it matters, America cannot urge into the air one plane with a couple of dozen commandoes? In Iraq, al-Qaida is running training camps in the western desert. In Afghanistan, the Taliban are all but certain to return most of the country to its pre-9/11 glories. But in Washington the head of the world’s biggest “counterterrorism” bureaucracy briefs the president on flood damage and downed trees.” —Mark Steyn

Doug Ross @ Journal

FAST AND FURIOUS IN BENGHAZI: Timing of Attack Hints at Double-Cross of White House Gun-Running Operation by Turkey

Clare Lopez is an international security consultant at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies. She is uniquely qualified to analyze the intelligence and defense communities not only through her current professional connections, but also because of her 20-year background with the CIA. She served for 20 years as an operations officer specializing in counterintelligence, counternarcotics, and counterproliferation programs.

Today, writing at, Lopez spots a very troubling anomaly with the timeline of the Benghazi attack. And, as if there aren’t enough unanswered questions about the attacks and the subsequent White House cover-up, her discovery has the potential to implicate Turkish officials in the murders.

…Ambassador Christopher Stevens held his last meeting of the day on September 11 with [a]] Turkish diplomat [Ali Sait Akin] from 7:30pm to 8:30pm and then escorted him out to the compound gate to bid farewell. At that point, the briefing states, “Everything is calm at 8:30 p.m. There’s nothing unusual.”

But the AP witnesses said that, “The neighbors all described the militants setting up checkpoints around the compound at about 8 p.m.” The checkpoints were described as being manned by bearded jihadis in pickup trucks mounted with heavy machine guns and bearing the logo of the Al-Qaeda terror franchise, Ansar al-Shariah.

That means that the Turkish Consul General would have had to pass out through the blockade as he departed the American compound and left the area. There is no record that he phoned a warning to his American colleague, the one he’d just had dinner with, Ambassador Stevens. Given the description of the blockade around the American compound and of the jihadis and their trucks that were manning it, it seems unlikely that the he somehow just failed to notice. “[N]o one could get out or in,” according to one neighbor interviewed by the AP.

Except for the Turkish Consul General, it would appear.

Stevens was a sitting duck, a target surrounded by the jihadist attackers who shortly would take his life and that of his Public Affairs Officer, Sean Smith.

…Similarly, this raises the question of the Libyan gate guards from the “February 17 Martyrs Brigade,” the jihadi militia subcontracted by the British firm Blue Mountain, which was the prime contractor for the U.S. Benghazi compound security contract… [T]he Libyans of the Martyrs Brigade surely must have been [aware of the checkpoints]. Yet they provided no warning to the Ambassador and his people either, because again, according to the State Department briefing, the American security officers inside were taken by surprise when the first gunshots and explosions rang out around 9:40 pm…

In other words, the Turkish Consul General met with Stevens — the discussion topics of which have not been released by the State Department — and then left the Ambassador, drove safely through a newly-established terrorist checkpoint, and disappeared into the night without warning his colleague.

Lopez asserts that “it is obvious that the Turkish diplomat and by extension, his government, were at least to some degree complicit in the attack against Ambassador Stevens and the others.”

What was the subject of the discussion between Stevens and Akin? Malta Today offers some context that hints at some strong possibilities.

A Libyan-flagged vessel which last year was used by a Malta-based humanitarian organisation in supplying a lifeline to rebels in Misurata, has been implicated in a covert US arms smuggling operation to Syrian freedom fighters, which may also be linked to murdered US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi last month.

The ship ‘Al Entisar’ which was chartered last year by I-Go Aid Libya, then run by businessman Mario Debono, has been reported to be linked to last September’s attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

A Fox News investigation revealed that shipping records confirmed that the Al Entisar entered the Turkish port of Iskenderun, some 35 miles from the Syrian border, just five days before Ambassador Chris Stevens, and three other US officials were killed during an assault by more than 100 Islamist militants on the US Consulate compound in Benghazi.

Another report, this time appearing on the Times of London, said that the Al Entisar was carrying 400 tons of cargo. Some of it was humanitarian, but also reportedly weapons, described by the report as the largest consignment of weapons headed for Syria’s rebels on the frontlines

…The cargo reportedly included surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, RPGs and Russian-designed shoulder-launched missiles known as MANPADS.

The ship’s Libyan captain reportedly told the Times of London that “I can only talk about the medicine and humanitarian aid” for the Syrian rebels.

It was reported there was a fight about the weapons and who got what “between the free Syrian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

A reasonable person would deduce from these stories that the United States was running weapons (does “Fast and Furious” ring a bell?) from Libya to Syria using Turkey as a go-between. The end result turned out to be a complete disaster — like everything this administration attempts.

The Libyan weapons likely went to the Muslim Brotherhood and a Turkish diplomat appears to have helped set up the assassination of Ambassador Stevens. We simply don’t know whether the government of Turkey itself was involved with the double-cross or whether Akin was a Brotherhood sympathizer who helped set up the attack.

The families of those murdered deserve answers. America deserves answers. And we can start the interrogatory by firing this administration on November 6th and launching a full-scale Congressional investigation. We don’t have to take this s*** any more.

Update: Clinton discloses West’s effort to help reshape Syria opposition

Doug Ross @ Journal

Larwyn’s Linx: White House Informed Of Militant Claim Two Hours After Benghazi Attack

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Image: Donald Trump to reveal ‘divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama’
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QOTD: “…Speaking of Fox and last night’s debate, it ended up being the highest-rated program in the network’s history, slightly ahead of their audience for the Palin/Biden debate in 2008. Total television viewers according to Nielsen’s preliminary estimate were 53.9 million, which is predictably way off the pace of the first and second debates. Too much competition last night with the NLCS and “Monday Night Football” and likely not enough interest in foreign policy. It may also be that low-information voters decided they didn’t need a third look at Romney. He killed in the first debate and was perfectly acceptable in the second, so he’d already cleared the bar of viability. And he knew it, which is why he was playing prevent defense…” —Allahpundit

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OH, IT’S ON: Open Warfare Breaks Out Between the White House and the Clinton Clan

How else can one describe the escalating rhetoric bouncing between the State Department and the White House, each volley intended to duck blame for the Benghazi terror attack?

White House throws Hillary under the 2012 bus

The White House is throwing Hillary Clinton under the 2012 election bus… Top officials have already claimed the nation’s intelligence agencies did not alert the White House to the growing danger facing the State Department’s facility in Benghazi, Libya, which was destroyed Sept. 11 by a jihadi attack on the 11th anniversary of the atrocities in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

The claim was repeated Oct. 11 by Vice President Joe Biden during the vice presidential debate in Danville, Ky. “We weren’t told they wanted more security,” he announced. [And] Ben Rhodes, President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser for communications, extended the claim Oct. 11 by telling told Foreign Policy magazine that neither Biden nor President Barack Obama knew of the growing danger.

…“These kinds of issues are handling in the State Department by security officials,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said during Friday’s press briefing… Security matters “are decided at the State Department,” he said, amid tough questioning from Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry.

The White House’s statements leaves Hillary Clinton on the hook, because she runs the Department of State.

How are Bill and Hillary dealing with this sellout? Not well, according to bestselling author Ed Klein.

As Benghazi blame nears Hillary, Clintons grow furious

With tensions between President Obama and the Clintons at a new high, former President Bill Clinton is moving fast to develop a contingency plan for how his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, should react if Obama attempts to tie the Benghazi fiasco around her neck, according to author Ed Klein…

…sources close to the Clintons tell him that Bill Clinton has assembled an informal legal team to discuss how the Secretary of State should deal with the issue of being blamed for not preventing the Benghazi terrorist attack last month.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters during a press conference Friday that responsibility for the consulate in Libya fell on the State Department, not the White House

If blame for the security failures falls to Hillary Clinton, Klein said, it’s possible that she would even consider resigning over the issue…

Klein also noted that the famously troubled Obama-Clinton relationship has “reached a new low” with Joe Biden’s refusal to have Bill Clinton help guide the gaffe-master’s debate strategy.

That thumping noise you heard was Hillary Clinton going under the bus.

Doug Ross @ Journal