25 Things President Obama is Guaranteed NOT to Mention During his State of the Union Speech


I bet he won’t mention any of these:

• Fast and Furious – gun-running to Mexican drug lords; investigation shut down by executive privilege.

• Benghazi – we don’t know: why the ambassador was there, who ordered military to stand down, what Obama did for 8 hours, who gave Susan Rice the video talking points, or why Hillary Clinton and Obama tried to perpetuate the lies

• IRS – used to target perceived enemies of the Obama agenda

• AP – no one held accountable for spying on the media

• James Rosen and his parents- Holder not held accountable for lying to Congress about his role in spying on a journalist and lying to a federal judge to obtain the secret warrant

• NSA data collection – massive, warrantless data collection… just in case they need it

• Clinton State Department shuts down investigation of criminal activity by employees

• James Clapper lies to congress about collecting data on American citizens

• EPA releases personal information on 80,000 farmers to environmental groups

• HHS Secretary Sebelius shakes down companies to help fund the failing ObamaCare, violating the Hatch Act

• Military members told what book they can’t read, chaplains can’t talk about God

• Lavish IRS parties at taxpayer expense

• Lavish GAO parties at taxpayer expense

• Lavish Veterans Administration parties at taxpayer expense

• Fort Hood called “workplace violence”, shooter still collecting paychecks

• Pigford – redistributing taxpayer money to minorities

• Solyndra – money pays back Obama bundlers, bankruptcy held until after the 2010 election

• Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson uses fake email account for government business, other suspected

• New Black Panthers not prosecuted by Holder

• Obama doesn’t get Congressional approval before attacking Libya

• Executive order by Obama to legalize “Dreamers”

• Obama decides what laws will be enforced – Defense of Marriage Act, legalizing illegals

• NLRB board appointment ruled unconstitutional but they are still working

• Gibson Guitars – illegal seizure of the company’s private property

• EPA using drones to spy on farmers

• John Corzine – MF Global not prosecuted for mismanagement of investor funds and large losses

For that matter – where are the prosecutions for Bill Clinton’s Mortgage Meltdown?

Doug Ross @ Journal

FAUXCAHONTAS FOR PREZIDIZZLE: The funniest news story you’ll read this week, guaranteed

Chris Wysocki just burned his nostrils (hat tip: Papa B).

As part of my morning routine I check a few news sites for blog fodder: NJ.com, Fox, and Yahoo News being the usual suspects. And Bingo! Yahoo gets today’s prize. It’s a doozy, too. Top of their page, more important than Benghazi-gate (buried at the bottom), but below Donald Trump’s latest idiocy:

Elizabeth Warren for president 2016?

For President! Because one lying crapweasel in the White House wasn’t enough!


Obama hasn’t even lost yet. And Lie-awatha hasn’t defeated Scott Brown, let alone served a day in the U.S. Senate. But hey, a girl who exploits affirmative action for fun and profit can dream, right?

Thanks fans of Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Crockagawea Lie-awatha Warren, you made me snort coffee out of my nose this morning!

Uhm, media schmucks: here’s a news flash. Elizabeth Warren has about as much chance of serving as President as Kim Kardashian has of being named the next Pope.

Doug Ross @ Journal