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15 Photos and Text Messages From the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Court Case

A REMINDER: Based upon the photos and messages retrieved from Trayvon Martin’s phone as reported by CNN, the young man appears to have been involved with guns, weed and street-fighting.

Items taken from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone — including a text-message discussion of drug use and pictures of a gun and marijuana plants — are among new details released Thursday by attorneys for the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing him…

In other messages, text message exchanges appear to be discussing guns.
“U wanna share a .380 w/ (blacked out),” one text message sent from Martin’s phone reads.
The text messaging logs are also peppered with references to marijuana use.
“I got weed nd I get money Friday,” a message sent from his phone reads.
“I hid m weed,” another text sent from Martin’s phone reads. “its wrapped.”

The text messages include a conversation from November 2011 in which he appears to say his mother has kicked him out of the house after:
“da police caught me outta skool.”
“So you just turning into a lil hoodlum,” the person with whom he is texting says.
“Naw, I’m a gangsta,” the text message read.

And here are the original police photos of Zimmerman taking immediately after the incident.

I ask you to consider whether immediate publication of these photos might have defused much of the controversy surrounding this case.

Via: CNN and The Hollywood Gossip.

Doug Ross @ Journal