The 21st Century Survivalist

The active survivalistIn our modern times, we are dependent on convenient  things to survive.  Food, water, fire, heat, fuel to name a few are available at a moments notice.  As a society, we don’t even think twice about these items.  Many incidents, whether caused by humans or by nature, can remove these basic necessities from our grasp.  Being a survivalist means being ready to protect your family when things go awry.

Being a survivalist in our modern world is hard because our society has become lazy and complacent.

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These are a few questions you need to ask yourself.  These skills may include the methods to produce fire, ways to find and cook food, build shelters and other methods to be sane during a world changing event.  Not being prepared could put your family at risk.

What it boils down to is that we live in uncertain times.  One only needs to turn on their television and the worlds problems are presented to you everyday.  Sadly, our nation is not all brotherly love and friendly neighbors. Additionally, we only need to look at the events of 9-11 & Hurricane Katrina to see the fragility of our government during emergency situations.

It goes without saying, being a survivalist means taking care of ourselves and are not dependent on the government to take care of our daily needs especially during a disaster.  Most likely the government will respond too late or not at all during an emergency situation.  Being prepared is not an option if you want to survive.

The end of the world as we know it or (TEOTWAWKI) will require people to learn one very important skill.  That one skill will be adaptability.  Being able to adapt to new situations or environments are key to survival.  You may have a stockpile of food and water to last your family for 72 hours; but, what happens if help never arrives or if it takes months to recover.

It is not hard to learn survival skills as there are many resources on the internet.  The key is to start your family’s emergency preparedness now and learn the skills necessary to protect them.  I recommend at least (Minimum) a 3 month supply of food & water.  However, don’t wait 3 months before you start foraging for food and water during a disaster.  The quicker you adapt to the situation the longer you will survive.

A few days after TEOTWAWKI begins, most people will run out of food and water and then panic will set in.  When this happens the ill prepared will do whatever it takes to provide for their family.  Grocery stores, gas stations will be looted and private homes will be burglarized.  Personal protection should be part of your survival needs.  I’m not saying be armed with every firearm known to man.  However, you should have something to protect your emergency supplies and mostly to protect your family.

I have listed some excellent resources below to help you become a 21st Century Survivalist.  I hope you find this post informative and useful.  If there is anything you would like to add and/or share with our readers please leave a comment.  I would love to hear your strategies.

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By Rodney Butler