Must read: “More Christians died for the faith in the twentieth century than in the previous nineteen centuries of Christian history combined.”

Jesus-onthecrossRead a sobering yet fascinating article this morning about the magnitude of Christian persecution in our age. It was written by George Weigel, the distinguished senior fellow of Washington’s Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Weigel is Catholic and writes from this vantage point in an on-line magazine called, First Things.

Regardless of whether you’re Catholic or Protestant, however, it is worth noting what Weigel is saying, especially in light of Christ’s warning in Matthew 24 that persecution will increase in the last days before His return.

Let us be praying faithfully for persecuted Christians in the Middle East, and around the world.


Excerpts from article by George Weigel:

We have been living, and we’re living now, in the greatest era of persecution in Christian history.

More Christians died for the faith in the twentieth century than in the previous nineteen centuries of Christian history combined.

And while the character of the persecutors has changed, from the lethal heyday of the twentieth-century totalitarianisms to the first decades of the twenty-first century, the assault on the Christian faithful today is ongoing, extensive, and heart-rending.

Solidarity with the persecuted Church is an obligation of Christian faith. Reflecting on how well each of us has lived that obligation is a worthy point on which to examine one’s conscience during Lent. And that brings me to a suggestion….spend ten minutes a day reading John Allen’s new book, The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution.

 The longtime Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and CNN’s senior Vatican analyst, Allen has recently moved to the Boston Globe as associate editor, where he (and we) will see if talent and resources can combine to deepen a mainstream media outlet’s coverage of all things Catholic, both in print and on the Web.

Meanwhile, Allen will continue the Roman work that has made him the best Anglophone Vatican reporter ever—work that has given him a unique perspective on the world Church, and indeed on world Christianity.

His extensive experience across the globe, and his contacts with everyone who’s anyone in the field of international religious freedom issues, makes him an ideal witness to what he calls, without exaggeration, a global war on Christian believers.


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QOTD: “S.744 does not secure the border or strengthen national security. Instead, the bill rewards law-breaking and encourages more illegal immigration:

1. S.744 allows DHS to grant legal status (registered provision immigrant, or RPI status) in 6 months, before any measure to secure the border has been taken. (Sec. 3, p. 10; Sec. 5, p. 24)

2. S.744 includes the DREAM Act, which puts illegal aliens who entered the U.S. before 16 on a 5-year path to citizenship. However, unlike previous versions of the bill, there is no age limit and DHS may waive the work/study requirement. (Sec. 2103, p. 112)

3. S.744 grants amnesty to illegal farm workers and gives them green cards in five years. (Sec. 2211, p. 155; Sec. 2212, p. 177)

5. S.744 does not require any additional border fencing or completion of current border fence requirements. Instead, it requires DHS to submit to Congress a fencing “strategy,” in which DHS recommends what additional fencing is needed along the U.S.-Mexico border, if any. (Sec. 5, p. 24)
FAIR’s Top 40 Reasons to Oppose the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill

6. S.744 does not require illegal aliens to pay back taxes before getting legal status (RPI status). It only requires RPI applicants to pay back taxes “assessed” at the time of application. (Sec. 2101, p. 70)

7. S.744 does not require illegal aliens to learn English before receiving amnesty or even a green card. Under Section 2101, an RPI alien who applies for a green card that the alien is satisfactorily pursuing a course of study “to achieve an understanding of English and knowledge and understanding” of civics (Sec. 2101, p. 105)

8. S.744 allows illegal aliens who have been deported (for any reason) and/or who have re-entered illegally to apply for RPI status if they have certain family members in the U.S. (Sec. 2101, p. 73)

9. S.744 does not add any additional Border Patrol agents, who patrol the vast territory between ports of entry. Instead, S.744 adds 3,500 Customs and Border Protection officers, many of whom do only customs work, and are stationed at official ports of entry.

10. S.744 does not require any border security measures be taken on the northern border or along the coasts where more illegal aliens are arriving to avoid border patrol agents and drug cartels. Instead, it only requires that DHS prepare a border security strategy for the U.S.-Mexico border.

12. S.744 does not end abuse of prosecutorial discretion or administrative amnesty by the Obama administration. Instead, it leaves in place policies direct immigration agents to release illegal aliens the Administration deems “low priority.”

13. S.744 allows DHS to waive multiple misdemeanor convictions when granting amnesty, so an alien with three or more misdemeanors still may be eligible for legal status (RPI status). (Sec. 2101, pp. 64-67)

14. S.744 also authorizes DHS to waive a broad array of unlawful behavior for the purpose of determining whether illegal aliens are admissible, including:

Gang-related crimes and gang membership;
Three or more drunk driving offenses;
Domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, and violation of protective orders;
Committing crimes of moral turpitude;
Violating federal or state drug laws;
Trafficking in passports;
Providing fraudulent immigration services;
Trafficking immigration documents, including document fraud;
Misrepresenting a material fact to procure visas or other immigration benefits (if done for any purpose other than submitting an amnesty application);
Violating student visas;
Falsely claiming citizenship; and
Illegally re-entering the U.S. after deportation (which is a felony); (Sec. 2101, p. 66)
All other grounds not specifically listed in the bill. (Sec. 2101 INA245B(b)(3)(i), p. 65)

17. S.744 voids state and local E-Verify laws. (Sec. 3101, p. 511)” –FAIR’s Top 40 Reasons to Oppose the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill (PDF)

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MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: How my parents & I came to faith in Jesus Christ.

Right now, we are engaged in 40 days of prayer for America and Israel. I hope you’ll join me and Christians all over the country who are beseeching the Lord to show His mercy on our country and unleash the greatest revival in history. I don’t see how we keep from imploding if we don’t experience a Third Great Awakening. Learn more at

Today, in this context, I wanted to share with you my own personal testimony. In this hour-long audio message (divided up in 10 minute segments on YouTube), I explain the spiritual journey my parents and I were on to come to faith in Jesus Christ, as well as I how I experienced a powerful revival in my junior year of high school that completely transformed my life. I hope it will encourage you in your own faith, and that it will be something you can share with family and friends to help and encourage them, as well. Thanks and God bless you.

  • My spiritual journey — part 1 – how becoming the author of The Last Jihad triggered people asking me a critical question
  • Part 2 – how my Jewish grandparents escaped from Russia, my father’s Jewish upbringing, my mother’s Gentile heritage, and how they met
  • Part 3 – my mother’s spiritual journey
  • Part 4 – my father’s spiritual journey, and then how I came to faith
  • Part 5 – how I learned I was Jewish, and then my crisis of faith in high school
  • Part 6 – the conclusion of my story, and so what? Why should this matter to you?

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