Busting Eight Common Excuses for NSA Mass Surveillance

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Eight of Top 10 States For Job Growth Share Windmill Farms and GOP Governors, But Mostly GOP Governors

Writing at ConservativeIntel, David Freddoso points us to the following data:

…the RNC needs to do more to showcase its governors and their successes. Here’s one of the things they should be talking about…

According to today’s release by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 31 of the 50 states have experienced significant job growth over the last 12 months.

It might not come as a huge surprise, but states with GOP governors (8 of the top 10) and right-to-work states (7 of the top 10, in bold) dominate the top of the list in terms of job growth over the last 12 months…

…some of the Republican governors of states not on this list are still okay. Gov. John Kasich’s Ohio doesn’t appear above, but in May it had a stronger month than any other state, gaining 32,000, jobs, or about as many as Maryland gained in the last year. Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is looking increasingly safe for re-election thanks to fiscal reforms and strong job creation last month (10,400) helps his cause…

Would that we had these kinds of conservatives in the Senate.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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OBAMA AIDE: It’s Now “Offensive” to Ask What President Did for Eight Hours as Four Americans Fought and Died in #Benghazi

The White House appears to be in full cover-up mode over the President’s missing eight hours as the Benghazi attack unfolded.

The latest evidence: Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer appeared on Fox News Sunday and made the astounding claim that asking questions about the President’s actions during the terror attack “is offensive.”

WALLACE: …the ambassador goes missing, the first ambassador in more than 30 years is killed. Four americans, including the Ambassador, are killed. Dozens of Americans are in jeopardy. The president at 4:00 in the afternoon says to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to deploy forces. No forces are deployed. Where is he while all this is going on?

PFEIFFER: This has been tested to by —

WALLACE: Well, no. no one knows where he is, who was involved, the —

PFEIFFER: The suggestion of your question that somehow the president —

WALLACE: I just want to know the answer.

PFEIFFER: The assertions from Republicans that the President didn’t take action is offensive. There’s no evidence to support it.

WALLACE: I’m simply asking a question. Where was he? What did he do? How did he respond in who told him you can’t deploy forces and what was he doing as president?

PFEIFFER: The president was basically uninterested in getting involved, because acknowledging any terror attack with a military response could have jeopardized his reelection. Remember, he’d just spent the entire convention claiming Al Qaeda is dead and GM is alive! He went to sleep, Chris, so he could get some rest for his trip to the Vegas fundraiser.

I made up that last snippet from Pfeiffer. Suffice it to say that’s precisely what happened, though.

It wasn’t offensive to question the President’s actions when G. W. Bush served. Remember the incredible questions the media raised after the 9/11 attacks regarding Bush’s seven minutes reading The Pet Goat to an elementary school class? How the media portrayed Bush as cowardly and clueless for taking seven whole minutes to respond?

Never mind that the Secret Service needed that infinitesimally small delay to prepare Air Force One to scramble as well as to scout evacuation routes to the airport.

When questioning the president’s actions during a terror attack is portrayed by the White House as “offensive”, you can be sure his actions (or, rather, his inaction) were egregious. And the act of suppressing questions from the press is itself offensive and indicative of a fascist mindset.

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National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers to Gang of Eight: How About Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement First, Geniuses?

Actually, I paraphrased their respectful and compelling open letter:

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