FANATIC FUNNIES: Bachmann Was Right Edition

Yes, all of this really happened.

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REMINDER FOR THE NEXT ELECTION: The Media Lies, Flashback to 1980 Edition

As we begin to consider possible presidential candidates for 2016, it’s worth using the Internet Wayback Machine to venture back to 1980. Then, a truly conservative GOP candidate had battled the establishment to secure the nomination. The media immediately began to tar that candidate as unelectable, stupid, a know-nothing Hollywood actor, too conservative, too extreme, too prone to starting a war.

So let’s venture back to March 23, 1980, where New York Times columnist E.J. Dionne demonstrated his uncanny ability to get every single aspect of the story wrong. It’s a knack he continues to exercise even today.

The reason I bring this up: imagine that a truly popular conservative candidate like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee or Rand Paul are able to secure the GOP nomination.

Expect the same kind of ridiculous lies and predictions coming from the establishment, be it The New York Times or NBC News.

Doug Ross @ Journal

DEMOCRAT LOGIC COMIX: Washington Post Self-Beclownment Edition @mikeciandella @mateagold @themrc

Rumor has it that liberal billionaire Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for two snow tires and a bottle of A-1 Steak Sauce. And overpaid, based upon untreated sewage propaganda like this.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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MAN VS. NATURE: Warmal Colding Edition

I wonder how many tens of millions of carbon-emitting automobiles it would take to match the 50 volcanic eruptions that occurred yesterday in Indonesia?

As an aside, now the U.S. Coast Guard will assist the icebreaking ships that have been trapped in Antarctic ice. You know, the same ice that Al Gore and Tree-Ring Boy predicted wouldn’t be there. Oh — and it’s summer in Antarctica.

Remember: the global cooling deniers are Marxists. They want to redistribute your wealth using “climate change” as the excuse. It’s a scam. Mankind can no more control the weather than Al Gore can control his appetite.

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