House Intel Boss: Putin Looking to Invade Eastern Europe

Kurt Nimmo | Meanwhile multiple sources report no sign of Russian military build-up.

It is now 8pm Eastern Time… and all of the Obamacare Health Exchange websites are not well

Surprise! Everything’s still broken!

Four of the four websites I tried are down including the main Sebelius HHS site, California, Maryland and Oregon.

But don’t worry, folks: these are the technological whiz-kids who will keep all of your personal medical data tippity top-secret!

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal

I’ll be on the Hannity radio show at 3:30pm eastern today to discuss Iran, Israel & Damascus Countdown.






>> Report: Iran’s Arak reactor to have nuclear weapons grade plutonium by next summer – “The Arak heavy water nuclear reactor in Iran will be capable of producing two nuclear bombs’ worth of weapons grade plutonium a year and will be capable of producing the material by next summer, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Monday that cited US, UN and EU officials…..’There’s no question that the reactor and its heavy water are more vulnerable targets than the enrichment plants,’ the report quoted Gary Samore as saying, a former top adviser on nuclear issues to US President Barack Obama. ‘This could be another factor in [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu’s calculations in deciding how long to wait before launching military operations,’ Samore added. The report cited current and former US officials who said an Israeli strike on Arak would likely have to take place prior to Iran introducing nuclear materials into the facility, in order to prevent an enormous environmental disaster.”


I’ll be on the “Sean Hannity Radio Show” at 3:30pm eastern today. Sean is on vacation. The guest host is my friend, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas.

The Congressman has asked me to be on the show to discuss a range of troubling trends in the Middle East, including the rise of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the prospects for a possible war in 2013 between Israel and Iran, and the  worst-case scenario I write about in my recent political thriller, Damascus Countdown.

The interview is currently scheduled for 3:30pm eastern today. Please join us if you can — on your local station, or at

>> Please join me for a public event on Thursday evening, August 8th in Denver where I’ll talk about “The War Clouds Rising Between Israel & Iran” and take your questions.

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