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How can illegal aliens be in “the shadows” when each one receives thousands of dollars in benefits each year?

Out from the shadows: We are told — or rather, instructed — by the Beltway ruling class that our duty as Americans is to bring illegal aliens “out from the shadows”. Never mind that we can find illegal aliens wherever we turn.

Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers more than $ 110 billion each year.

Worse yet, we’re starting to discover all of the nuggets hidden inside the Corker-Rubio-Schumer Amnesty Crap Sandwich — you know, that other bill no one bothered to read. Some of the pieces of undigested corn:


Well, now we know why the corporatists like Karl Rove and Jeb Bush support this madness. According to Sen. Ted Cruz, businesses get a tax break for hiring a legalized illegal over an American citizen.

…the “bipartisan” immigration bill creates a $ 5,000 incentive per employee for businesses to hire workers legalized under the immigration bill, in preference to citizens or legal immigrants.


Have you seen those commercials on television that assert the Rove-Rubio-Schumer Amnesty bill is “conservative”? The ones that say the border will be secured? Can you guess what I’m going to say next? Yep: it’s bullcrap.

The new version of the “Gang of Eight” bill, repackaged with the “border surge” amendment from Sens. Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND), would grant the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to decide whether or not to implement the border security technology and fencing provisions in the bill…

Ignoring them would result in no repercussions whatsoever.

In short, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano gets to veto any of the border security measures passed by Congress.


Another loophole in the McCain-Graham-McConnell Amnesty bill gives Napolitano complete latitude over who gets to stay in the U.S..

The Secretary can do pretty much whatever she wants in terms of waiving removal or deportation of a person attempting to enter the country or in the country illegally based on her determination of the “public interest”… There are similar provisions in section 3215 as to admissibility into the United States…

The section not only guarantees that a single family member being lawfully in the country will allow the full immediate family to stay, but it also will provide the Secretary — Janet Napolitano now — with broad discretion to allow anyone to stay for almost any reason.


Walid Shoebat observes that many of the 9/11 terrorists violated the terms of their visas and others overstayed their visas. Under the Mendendez-Graham Amnesty Bill, these terrorists could have been rewarded with citizenship.

If this amendment – or something like it – is part of any final bill that becomes law, obtaining a work visa will become quite desirous on the part of those who plot against the U.S. Are there stealth jihadists out there who would set out to acquire a work visa if they knew that once it expired, they could overstay it, not only without consequence, but with the reward of citizenship?

What about that secure border?

Perhaps in another ten years, we can make it contingent on giving stealth jihadists the right to vote.

William A. Jacobson summarizes the Senate’s undemocratic process: “The rush to a vote in the Senate does not allow time to fully understand all the provisions. And that’s why the rush is taking place.”

This bill must be stopped in the House. We will need to put maximum pressure on the feckless House leadership and every Republican member of Congress. Gird your loins.

Hat tip: Mark Levin.

Doug Ross @ Journal

Frightening Future of Socialized Healthcare: Nearly One Million Veterans In Backlog; 20,000 Die Each Year Waiting for Medical Care

In coming years the President’s landmark Affordable Care Act will be integrated into the American health care system with the promise of providing free, abundant and complete medical care for every American citizen who needs it.

There are those who claim that the new law, passed through Congress without ever having been read by a single Senator or State Representative, is the solution to all of our problems. Its aim is to have the government manage not only the doctors in America, but the specific care that an individual will be able to receive based on their personal needs.

On paper, the idea that every American will have access to free and efficient health care seems like a dream come true.

However, like everything the government touches, the pipe dream of universal health care functioning effectively in a system plagued by corruption, corporate malfeasance, bureaucracy  and greed will end disastrously.

How could we make such a suggestion without first giving it a try?


America’s military veterans have been depending on a government managed health care system for decades. If the efficiency and care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs is any guide, then what the rest of us have to look forward to is a cradle-to-grave existence of frustration, pain, suffering and a lack of any kind of oversight for our health care needs.

There are currently over 900,000 disability claims cases from veterans waiting to be processed, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting.

The average time to process a claim at the VA is now 272 days, or approximately 9 months, according to the Center. In many cases, the wait is sometimes over a year, Enyart said.

“These men and women are rightfully entitled to prompt adjudication and payment for their claims,” Enyart said. “Often these disabled veterans are unable to work because of their injuries and they are suffering without income while waiting on the VA to process their claims.”


That’s one million American veterans who have been promised health care by our government and are being completely ignored.

Many live in pain every day of their life, often without any sort of treatment provided by their local VA hospital.

Others are depending on disability to checks to pay the rent and put food on the table; disability checks that never come in the mail because they are still waiting for a professional VA assessor to determine if they are worthy of assistance.

In a recent Veteran’s Day speech, President Obama made the following claim:

We take care of our own. We take care of our veterans.

We take care of your families, not just by saluting you on one day, once a year, but by fighting for you and your families every day of every year. That’s our obligation, a sacred obligation to all of you.

If the nearly one million American veterans whose medical claims are currently backlogged are this important to the President, then this country is in for a world of hurt.

Supporters of Obamacare will deny the existence of “death panels” which will have authority to determine who or who does not receive treatment for certain diseases or conditions under the new health care laws.

Guess what?

The death panels are already fully operational at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Last year, as hundreds of thousands of veterans’ claims were shuffled across the desks of VA bureaucrats, 20,000 veterans died awaiting medical care that could have saved their lives.

This is how much President Obama, his administration, our Congressional representatives and government administrators care.

They care that much about you and your family, too.


Watch: VA’s Disability Claims Backlog Pushes 900,000

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Inside Israel’s Iron Dome system: why the cost of each interceptor is dropping fast

irondomeJust to be clear: I’m a huge fan of Israel’s “Iron Dome” rocket and missile defense system. It’s downright miraculous, and it’s saving a lot of lives, probably including my own.

As readers of this column know, my Joshua Fund colleagues and I were in Israel for the entire eight-day war with Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. Numerous times we heard the air raid sirens go off and had to run into bomb shelters with our Jewish and Arab friends. We also personally witnessed the Iron Dome system in action — its interceptors zig-zagging through the skies over Ashkelon, for example, at supersonic speeds and destroying the incoming rockets with earth-shaking booms. The results were stunning. The system destroyed about 421 of the 1,500 or so rockets fired at Israel, and with a success rate of some 90%. In the end, only six Israelis died during ”Operation Pillar of Defense,” despite the near constant barrage of Palestinian attacks. Sadly, most of those were from fathers standing outside to watch the rocket war, while their wives and children were safely inside their bomb shelters.

The Israeli-designed system can determine whether a Palestinian rocket will land in an open field or on a house or business. If the former, Israel doesn’t fire an interceptor, thus saving money. If the later, Israel fires multiple interceptors to destroy the incoming rocket before it can do damage or kill. An interceptor in mid-flight that misses its target or isn’t needed automatically self-destructs so as to minimize further casualties. Understandably, Israelis are in love with the new system. They’re ecstatic that they have a new level of protection. They know the system is not perfect, but it’s better than they had in the last war, and they know it’s steadily improving and is making the job of Iran, Hamas and Islamic Jihad that much harder.

One of the issues my colleagues and I discussed while we were in Israel was the high cost of the Israeli interceptors. That’s why I was so intrigued this morning when I read a fascinating story in the Jerusalem Post about the Iron Dome. Consider:

  • ISRAEL’S COSTS PER INTECEPTOR ARE DROPPING: The Post noted that while the cost of each interceptor originally built for the system was between $ 40,000 and $ 50,000 a piece, most of those costs were R&D related. Now the cost of producing new interceptors is dropping fast as Israel produces more of them. “Iron Dome’s Tamir interceptors don’t really cost $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 each to manufacture,” reports the Post. “Like any high technology system, the vast majority of the costs of Iron Dome are systems development and manufacturing setup. These fixed costs are spread  over the number of items estimated to be manufactured and priced accordingly.  However, if the number of items produced substantially exceeds the initial  estimate, costs drop proportionately. The actual marginal cost of production of a Tamir interceptor is low and reflects the costs of the basic raw  materials; metal, fuel, explosives and electronic components used in its manufacture, and the labor required to run the assembly line. If the IDF ends up ordering 10 times as many interceptors as originally estimated, then their ‘cost’ will likely drop to around $ 5,000. At 100 times as many the “cost” will approach the marginal cost of less than $ 1000.”
  • THE IRON DOME’S SHOOT-DOWN ACCURACY IS IMPROVING: “Iron Dome is fundamentally a highly advanced computer system with a very rapid upgrade cycle,” reports the Post. “So far Iron Dome is matching pace with the iPhone for major software and hardware upgrades, and consequent performance  increases. This will not only continue but will actually accelerate in accordance with Moore’s Law and Ray Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns which state that the performance of computer systems increases exponentially with time. With each upgrade the interception rate will improve and the range of missiles it can intercept may also improve further. It is therefore that we can expect Iron Dome to reach a 95 percent or higher interception rate in the next year or two, and to continue to improve as the speed and processing power of the computers that make up its brain and eyes (radar) advance. The  practical upshot of this is that the number of rockets per Israeli fatality has risen from 50-75 (Lebanon and Gaza pre-Iron Dome) to 300 in 2011 (75%  interception) and around 500 in 2012 (90% interception), despite Hamas using  more lethal rockets.”
  • IRAN’S AND HAMAS’S COSTS PER ROCKET — AND PER ISRAELI KILLED — ARE SOARING: “The real cost of  the rockets and missiles which Iron Dome intercepts is vastly underestimated by most commentators,” the Post asserts. “Grad rockets may well cost Iran only $ 1,000 each on the open market, but this is not the delivered cost to Hamas in Gaza. The supply line from Iran to Gaza is an extremely convoluted and expensive one which  involves huge losses from IAF action bombing convoys and factories in Sudan, and  interception by western navies. Large bribes have to be paid at every step of the way, particularly to the Beduin in Sinai and the Egyptian soldiers in Rafah who are supposed to be stopping the smuggling. And the losses continue once the Grad gets to Gaza, with the IDF regularly destroying rocket caches. Thus, 1,000 Grads, which cost Iran $ 1 million to purchase, may end up as 300  Grads which cost a further $ 2 million in ‘delivery charges.’ This turns a $ 1,000 Grad rocket in Iran into a $ 10,000 Grad rocket in Gaza….The strategic implications are that the current rocket-based terror strategy of Hamas and Hezbollah has been rendered both  ineffective and economically unsustainable. I estimate it is currently costing  Hamas (and thus its patron Iran) around $ 5 million (500 rockets at $ 10,000 each) to murder a single Israeli. When Iron Dome reaches 95% interception rate these figures will double and at 97.5% they will double again.”

We could all wish the Iron Dome system — and Israel’s newly-developed system to shoot down medium-range missiles, known as “David’s Sling” — weren’t needed. But they are. Let’s keep praying for peace and security for Israel and her neighbors. But let’s also be grateful for all the scientists and engineers that developed these system, for the leaders who had the foresight to insist that they be built (including Ronald Reagan who was ridiculed for insisting upon the development of missile defenses), and for the American taxpayers who have been helping to foot some of the bills.

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