Freeze Dried Camping Food – All That You Need to Know Before You Buy

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Most sportsmen are mindful that some types freeze dried food is available to reduce the weight of traditional foods. But there are currently a wide variety of freeze dried camping food available to satisfy just about any palette.

It used to be that your options were limited as to what you could buy for cycling, canoeing or backpacking in the freeze dried department. You would find freeze and dried spaghetti and stews as well as a desert or two and many sportsmen would look to MRE’s or meals ready to eat to give themselves a variety. Now campers and sportsmen can find just about any of this type of food they desire.

You can find dried and freeze beef patties alike to those you would buy in the supermarket. Then you will merely reconstitute or rehydrate and cook for a minute on each side. You can also find chunk chicken that you will add hot water too and will be ready in about 10 minutes. You can then use the chicken as you would traditional chunk chicken to make a pasta dish or eat plain.

You can likewise find freeze and dried campers deserts such as apple pie, strawberries and other. As far as dairy products you will find those as well, such as eggs, cheese and milk that can all be ready with a bit water.

Camper freeze dried food is packaged differently from the emergency food storage and is less expensive. You will discover it in pouches which are easy to open and have been vacuum packed. Emergency supply of this type of food is stored in enamel coated cans so that the can does not disintegrate with time.

These types of packages can last well beyond 30 years and come in a better variety than campers freeze and dried foods.

There are plenty of items your campers and sports enthusiasts will enjoy as gifts such as different types of campers chocolate bars, nutrition bars and a variety of easy to make freeze dried campers food. There are stroganoffs, stews, lasagna, freeze dried chicken breast and potatoes and many other camper foods that are great for any sports enthusiast gift ideas. Most people have found that these camper foods are better than something traditional foods they would have to bring and offer better nutritional value as well.

You can discover camping food at many sports shop such as REI and likewise direct from the internet. In fact many of the online stores will offer great prices and free shipping if you order enough freeze dried foods and campers gear. You might find the prices are cheaper online due to the low overhead of these camper supply shops.

Enjoy your outdoor canoeing, camping, biking and hiking with freeze dried camping food in lightweight and simple to open packaging. Find out more tips about freeze dried food at

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Maqui Berry Freeze Dried

The Maqui berry freeze dried pulp is a very rich and natural source of antioxidants. This wonder berry is starting the change the way people look at losing weight and boosting their health. The Maqui berry fruit is found to be growing in the central and Patagonian Region of Argentina and Southern Chile.

The ones who first harnessed and realized the value of the Maqui berry was the Mapuche Indians of Chile. They discovered this fruit several centuries ago. The berries are known to have properties which could help the body maintain its health by strengthening the body’s immune system. This wonderful berry can also be the treatment for different kinds of illnesses and diseases like sore throat, diarrhea, ulcers, tumors, diabetes and ulcers.

The Maqui berry is actually a tiny, rich purple berry and is the world’s only berry which is very abundant in antioxidants. There has been a study conducted by Brunswick laboratories which prove that Maqui berry has indeed the highest amount of antioxidants. Another amazing thing about the antioxidants of this fruit is that it contains an added molecule of oxygen which is twice as potent in removing and eliminating the free radicals in the human body. Because of this, the body cells will not be damaged or destroyed by the free radicals. 

In the past years, it was the Acai berry which held the attention of the world. It used to be the berry which contained the highest level of antioxidants and it used to be the berry which could provide numerous health benefits.

Now that’s Maqui berry is out in the market, it looks like the Acai berry has to take a step back and hand the spotlight to the Maqui berry. In fact, if you measure the amount of antioxidants per pound of each berry, the Maqui berry is a better source than the Acai berry. According to the ORAC or the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity test, the Maqui berry contains 27,600 value for every 100 gram serving of Maqui berry freeze dried. In comparison, the Acai berry has 16,700 per 100 gram serving. Its value is certainly below that of the Maqui berry’s level. Because of this fact, it is also a better source of nutrients than the Acai berry.

A great thing about Maqui berry is that it is a natural product and because of this, there are no adverse side effects reported when using or taking food supplements rich in the berry. There are plenty of products which aim to improve the health and wellness of a person. These products are full of unnecessary chemicals and are synthetically made which are more harmful to your health than beneficial.

This is where you have to be careful. Because of the booming popularity of the Maqui berry, there are many people who would take advantage of this demand. It is best to buy products which are made by and distributed by companies which are reputable. Otherwise, don’t even take a second look at the product. Companies which have the license and certification to distribute Maqui berry products get the best from Maqui berry freeze dried.

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I wanted to review the difference between MRE’s and Freeze Dried Food in an emergency situation. I personally think people if able should mix up their food they put in a bail out bag. Remember options are good.
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Acai Berry – Freeze Dried

An indigenous product of the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, acai berries are known as super foods for their nutritional contents. They are packed with essential nutrients like antioxidants, proteins, fiber, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates. These elements are highly beneficial for the overall health of the body and if included in the regular diet one can keep a number of diseases at bay.

Although the acai berries are available in many forms like juices, health drinks, tablets and capsules, the purest form of the acai berries is the pulp of the fresh fruit. The acai berries are short-lived; which means they must be consumed quickly after being plucked from the trees. Due to its increasing importance the acai berry juice is being made available throughout the world, but for this it has to be processed in a certain way so as to protect its nutritional content.

Spray drying and freeze drying are the two techniques that are used to process the acai berries. Although freeze dried form of the acai berry is more nutritious than the spray dried form, it is ten times costly than the spray dried form. The process of freeze drying involves three steps which are: freezing, primary drying and secondary drying.

In this process the berries are first frozen to keep the natural contents intact and then are allowed to sublime. Here adequate amount of heat is allowed to pass through the berries to remove the water from them. So if one wants to benefit from the acai, the freeze dried form is the best. This powder is used to make juices, drinks and smoothies.

But before buying the powder one must ensure that it is 100% pure.

Acai berries are not cheap and hence with the increase in demand, many companies mix it with other ingredients to bring the cost down. This is a compromise on quality. Hence care must be taken to purchase genuine acai and its supplements.

Dana Hawkes is a Acai berry diet expert, explaining everything about it on her acai berry blog on This is the one prime source to visit about acai berry diet. More then 100 articles, so start reading now!

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Satiate Your Hunger While on a Voyage With Delectable Freeze Dried Food

A trouble or a misery won’t come before informing you. Ever thought of a situation where a natural calamity would hit you and you are left with nothing to survive on for days or weeks? To save yourself from such a condition it is a sensible option to hoard a stock of food. But again a question that might arise in the minds of many would be what to save that can’t be spoiled. There is an answer to even this predicament.
The world market is flooded with an assortment of best freeze dried food available with 90 servings. These emergency freeze dried groceries are great for your food storage plan. You can unfasten these chilled dried foods and take out the number of emergency food meals you wish and close the package with the zip lock top and bank your other freeze dried meals for future use. You will obtain 90 adult servings
This food gratifies all of these with a reasonable, appetizing and cost effective Freeze Dried Foodfreeze dried food stuff and a way to train you for the mysterious. These dried foods can last for 20 long years. They are light weight and are easy to store along with being great to taste. The Zip lock re-sealable pouches keep your emergency dried food fresh. The delicious emergency food meals are ready in minutes. All you have to do is to add water for a quick emergency meal. These emergency foods can be enjoyed by whole of your family since these dried foods also provide 2000 calories per day for 7 days or 1000 calories per day for 15 days.
This bucket includes the following 9 scrumptious gourmet freeze dried meals and beverages:
• Nourishing filling Oatmeal (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
• Fluffy tousled Eggs (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
• Beef savored Vegetable Soup (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
• Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli Soup (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
• Revitalizing Orange Drink (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
• Chicken Flavored Vegetable Soup (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
• Vigorous Potato Soup (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch.
• Cajun Red Beans and Rice (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
• Delicious Orange Drink (10 servings per pouch) 1 pouch
People love to devour the freeze foods as they are delectable to taste.

It is not obligatory to maintain a specific low temperature to stock up the freeze foods. They are excellent in terms of color texture and aroma when evaluated to the canned or dehydrated foods. Freeze foods are lighter than the conventional food products. These freeze foods are also simple to transport with any kind of backpack or other bags if a person is necessitated to go away his house in a hurry.
We can get freeze dried food in a collection of simple and suitable packages today. There are large numbers of companies that offers freeze foods in diverse packages. We can attain these freeze foods from a variety of companies by placing orders with them.

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Where to Buy Freeze Dried Food – Find Out The Many Options Available

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When it comes to purchasing and buying freeze dried food it will not be difficult to find if you have an internet connection. Of course, you can also find where to buy freeze dried food within your own community.

These types of packages come in variety such as a complete years supply of food for one person that is nutritionally put together to include all of the nutritional value one person would need. Most of these types of places will contain a little selection of the most well known freeze dried foods such as spaghetti or stew together with breakfast needs. You will find that the items cost a bit more to purchase as you are only purchasing one meal at a time but you can slowly but surely stock up so you have a few meals for emergency needs.

For those of your who are using the

Many of the Internet sites will offer you the opportunity to purchase a years supply on a per person basis. These types of packages come in variety such as a complete years supply of food for one person that is nutritionally put together to include all of the nutritional value one person would need. You will find that the package comes with approximately 3 different kinds of meat protein sources such as beef, pork, and chicken.

They will also offer you a variety of other foods such as fruits and vegetables and even a milk calcium source such as cottage cheese, which is recommended for women especially.

Most of this type of freeze dried food is packaged to last for 30 years or more so you won’t have to worry about it spoiling.

dried meals for cycling, boating or backpacking will not have an issue as you will find a nice selection at most of your sports shops. For those of you who are utilizing the.

The stress reaction is going to expect anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 more protein than a body without strain so do ensure you are buying extra proteins sources and dairy sources.

If you are trying to prepare for emergency food shortages be sure to purchase extra protein sources such as the beef and chicken as most people do not realize how stress can increase the demand for protein within the bodies. The packaging is dissimilar from those sold to sportsmen at sports shops, which is food to be consume within a year or two and is used because of it’s light weight.

You can determine where to buy freeze dried food easily and speedily using your internet connection as there are several good suppliers online for sportsmen as well as emergency preparedness. Find out more important tips about freeze dried food at