8 Vaccinated Students at NJ College Contract Mumps

My Fox NY | The college in Hoboken says the students range in age from 18 to 21.

FreedomWorks Announces: “A Health Care Contract With America”

Guest post by Dean Clancy

For years, FreedomWorks has urged ObamaCare opponents in Congress to enunciate very clearly what they are “for.” 

We’ve also advocated a series of reform ideas, the top ten of which we are now pulling together into a single, easy-to-understand set of principles.

Here is what FreedomWorks is for:

A Health Care Contract with America

1) Allow everyone to maintain his current health insurance. No exceptions. (And treat everyone the same, including all Members of Congress and government employees.)

2) Allow people to own their own medical insurance and take it with them from job to job.

3) Allow all taxpayers to receive tax deductions for medical expenses, including personal Health Savings Accounts.

4) Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines.

5) Help people with pre-existing medical conditions through significant transitional block grants to states.

6) Provide all citizens advance knowledge of their health care costs (excluding medical emergencies).

7) Provide reasonable maximums for “pain and suffering.”

8) Avert Medicare’s bankruptcy by providing fewer benefits to the wealthy.

9) Allow the elderly and all doctors the choice between private insurance and Medicare.

10) Eliminate first-dollar coverage. Everyone should pay at least something for each medical service.

These principles balance boldness with achievability, injecting much-needed “patient power,” choice, and competition into the system.

It lets people choose whether to have insurance or pay for health care with cash, lets them choose the kind of insurance that actually meets their real needs (including bare bones coverage, if that’s what they want), and helps them save for medical expenses without being penalized by the tax code.

(Note that the plan doesn’t “throw Grandma over the cliff” — i.e., fundamentally change Medicare in such a way that the Left can easiliy mischaracterize the reform as “harming” seniors — nor does it force people to buy health insurance they don’t want or need [ObamaCare’s individual mandate].)

If fully implemented, this plan would lower health care costs and improve access to care (as well as reduce the number of uninsured Americans) — by voluntary rather than coercive means.

We know this reform plan will work, because we know freedom works. 


Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal

IT’S MAGIC! Joe Biden’s Brother Wins $100 Million Federal Contract to Build Homes In Iraq

Even better: he has no background in residential construction. Charles Gasparino at Fox Business gives us the lowdown:

David Richter, the president of Hill International (HIL), a mid-sized outfit that manages construction projects, was speaking last year at a private meeting with investors when he was asked about the recent success of his newest subsidiary, HillStone International.

How was it that HillStone, a newcomer in the business of home building, landed a massive and potentially lucrative contract to build 100,000 homes in war-torn Iraq?

Richter didn’t mince words. It really helps, he said, to have “the brother of the vice president as a partner,” according to a person who was present.

The “brother” Richter was referring to during the meeting is James Biden, the younger brother of Vice President Joe Biden.

Since November 2010, James Biden has been the executive vice president of Hill International’s housing subsidiary despite little if any documented work history in residential construction. And if the company’s projections are accurate, both Hill and Biden are on the verge of a huge payday…

…the Iraq project may be the most lucrative single development in Hill’s history.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

When the final history of this administration is written — with the dozens of green energy companies tied to Obama’s campaign bundlers, the hundreds of Mexicans and Americans killed by Operation Fast and Furious, and the rest of the hideous Obama legacy — it will have recorded the greatest collective fleecing of the American taxpayer in history.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Doug Ross @ Journal