Survivalist by Circumstance – Novel One Reviews

Survivalist by Circumstance – Novel One

Survivalist by Circumstance - Novel One

Part One of an open-ended series. SURVIVALIST BY CIRCUMSTANCE – Novel One is finally available!


Darrell’s life is about to change. Once a high-flying stockbroker at a prestigious brokerage in San Francisco, Darrell suddenly finds himself without a job and without options. Or so it may seem!

The economy has tanked, prices are rising and Darrell has exhausted every avenue in his search for a new job. But that’s where things start to get interesting.

Darrell announces to his family that he intends to sell the house and move his family to Santa Fe where he will become a rancher on his own plot of land.

And thus begins the adventure for this little family. They’re destined to become Survivalists, whether they know it or not.

Meet the cast:

* Mallory: Darrell’s emerald-eyed wife of sixteen years. Mallory jumps at Darrell’s suggestion. She immediately begins a job search at the local hospital