Obama Budget Lays Groundwork for Universal Gun Registration… and Eventual Confiscation

Guest post by GOA

Last Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder testified before a House appropriations subcommittee on behalf of his department’s proposed budget for FY2015.

Apparently, Holder didn’t think anyone would read his written submission, because he all-but-admitted that Obama intends to implement a Universal Gun Registry by executive fiat.

He also asked Congress to help fund so-called “smart gun” technology, which would prevent a gun from firing unless the shooter is wearing an accompanying bracelet or ring.

“Smart guns” are a dumb idea

Given that “smart gun” technology only works about 80 percent of the time — according to the New Jersey Institute of Technology — gun owners almost universally consider this a “dumb” idea.

Even police have rejected the “dumb gun” approach for themselves.

Currently, there are no such guns on the market in the United States. One gun store did briefly offer an Armatix .22 caliber earlier this year, but public outrage forced them to pull the handgun from the shelves.

Holder pushes a Universal Gun Registry

This year’s Obama budget shows how the administration is trying to quietly create the infrastructure for a universal gun registry.

In proposed “Program Increases” for the FBI, Holder has this to say:

“This program enhancement will double the capacity of the existing NICS [National Instant Check System] system. These expansions are vital in ensuring that the NICS system can support a Universal Background Check requirement, which is expected to double gross NICS transactions.”


It may have escaped the Attorney General’s notice, but the Democrat Senate defeated his Universal Background Check requirement.

So, in effect, Holder’s asking for $ 100 million and 524 personnel to implement a program Congress rejected.

But that’s not all.

Holder seeking more ATF agents to copy to 4473 forms

In the section on ATF “Program Increases,” Holder demands $ 51.1 million and 255 agents and other personnel for enforcement and inspections.

In case anyone has forgotten, these are the people who are going to the FFL’s in connection with “annual inspections” — and physically copying all the 4473’s and bound book entries. GOA has reported on these efforts before, and one can read first-hand accounts from gun dealers here and here.

So under Holder’s proposed budget, many more 4473’s would be copied and fed into ATF’s de facto registry.

At the same time, Obama’s illegal Universal Background Check — implemented, presumably, by executive fiat — would ensure every gun transaction would have to go through an FFL. And this, of course, would guarantee that every American gun owner would have a 4473 which can be copied.

Think about it. With Republicans expected to take the Senate this fall — and Obama stymied legislatively — he has every incentive to go “full tyrant.” And that, apparently, is exactly what he intends to do.

But we have no intention to sit back and let Holder take away our Second Amendment rights. We have drafted legislation to prohibit ATF from copying 4473’s — and to require it to destroy any 4473’s it currently has.

UPDATE: GOA recently alerted you that an import ban on certain ammunition could be forthcoming from the ATF. Well, it’s official now — the ATF just declared that Russian-made 7N6 5.45×39 ammo is armor piercing. This lawlessness represents another reason that Congress needs to cut the ATF’s budget.

ACTION: Contact your Representative. Demand that the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill contain language to prohibit ATF from compiling a national gun registry by copying and retaining the 4473’s of every American.

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Doug Ross @ Journal

CHUTZPAH EXPLOSION: Obama lectures man who earns $36,000-a-year how to balance his family budget

President Obama appeared recently on Telemundo and fielded call-in questions. A man who earned $ 36,000-a-year (and asked his question in Spanish — but that for another day) had seen his health care premiums skyrocket under Obamacare. He complained that he simply couldn’t afford Obamacare. Obama offered the following brilliant riposte to the caller:

If you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care. Because right now they’re healthy.

Mark Levin’s response — from his 12 March 2014 show (MP3) — is worth quoting in full.

So now we have Obama lecturing a man who earns $ 36,000 a year on balancing his budget, Mr. Producer!

Has Obama ever balanced a budget in his life?

Has Obama insisted that the era of austerity is over? Has Obama not run up the national debt trillions and trillions and trillions more?

Does Obama make choices like this for the country? Does he ever say, “You know what, we’ve got to control — once and for all our debt — and therefore, you know, it’s just like a family. It’s just like a budget. You look at the cable bill, you look at their cell phone bill, other things they’re spending money on… and it may turn out that they haven’t prioritized health care because everyone’s healthy.”

Does he ever say anything like that about himself? Or our spendthrift federal government? Never.

It’s just so ironic coming from a man like Obama, a man who spends recklessly on vacations, because we subsidize them. A man who spends recklessly on these banquets, these concerts in the White House. Who spends recklessly on his wife’s birthday and so forth. On his golf outings.

This guy who earns $ 36,000 a year — he’s subsidizing Obama!

A caller to the show that night had another interesting point: why the hell should anyone buy insurance until they’re sick?

After all, Obamacare’s big claim to fame is coverage for pre-existing conditions. Which, of course, isn’t insurance, it’s something else. Big government, monolithic, authoritarian, bankruptcy-inducing madness. But not insurance.

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Doug Ross @ Journal

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