Why are Boehner and Issa helping cover up Obama’s scandals?

Once again the IRS appears to be complicit in a targeted leak of a private citizen’s tax return to effect a nakedly partisan attack. This time the IRS reportedly leaked the tax return of an executive at Mozilla who had expressed support for traditional marriage.

As for the gun-running operation that killed hundreds, Eric Holder and Barack Obama continue to unlawfully claim “executive privilege” over a massive trove of documents that likely implicate both in “Operation Fast and Furious“. Throughout American history, “Executive Privilege” was reserved only for a small, explicitly named set of communications unrelated to a specific criminal investigation. Until Obama, that is.

As for Benghazi? Well, for starters, we still don’t know what Barack Obama did for eight hours during a running terror attack that resulted in the deaths of four American diplomats. We still don’t know who coordinated the campaign of lies to the victims’ families and the American people about the nature of the attack.

So what does Johnny Boehner and his hand-picked Oversight Chairman, Darrell Issa, do? Next to nothing. They hold show hearings. They appear on television. But they refuse to name a Select Investigative Committee for any of these outrageous scandals.


Allen West has a pretty good idea and I have some additional thoughts (*cough* they got somethin’ on him *cough*).

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ALLEN WEST: We may finally know why John Boehner is helping to cover up the Benghazi debacle

Guest post by Allen West

The intricate web spun around the incident at Benghazi seems to have no end. It is really quite shameful for this nation that we have come this far and still have no resolution as to what truly occurred that fateful night of September 11, 2012 — nor do we have a select committee with subpoena powers, despite broad support in the House.

However, there are some who embody the highest level of journalistic integrity and will not allow this story to fade away. One of those individuals is Catherine Herridge of Fox News. Her recent analysis brings forth more questions than answers about how a particular consulting firm, Beacon Global Strategies, is entwined with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others involved with the controversy.

As Herridge reports, Beacon Global Strategies employs former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell, Philippe Reines, whom the New York Times magazine recently described as Clinton’s “principal gatekeeper” and who traveled with her to over a hundred countries, Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff to Leon Panetta and Andrew Shapiro, a Clinton policy adviser at the State Department whose portfolio included ridding Libya of shoulder-launched missiles called MANPADs.

But this is also a bipartisan mess, as Beacon Global Strategies also employs J. Michael Allen, who was a former majority staff director for the House Intelligence Committee.

For the full report by Catherine Herrdige, click here.

One just has to become more and more suspect about what happened in Benghazi, but even more concerning, will we ever ascertain the truth?

Herridge’s report does nothing to dispel my belief there is bipartisan culpability on Benghazi and hence why, even with a majority of House support, we do not have a select committee with subpoena powers.

There are far too many lies, cover-ups, and unanswered questions — not to mention secrecy and questionable maneuvers. I believe one day America will come to know that Benghazi was one of the darkest days in our history, and our government sought to hide the truth.

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ALLEN WEST: Speaker Boehner, find the courage to establish a Benghazi select committee

Guest post by Allen West

This morning I had a chance to visit with a former colleague, someone for whom I have the utmost respect, Virginia Representative Frank Wolf. Rep. Wolf is the author of House Resolution 36, which calls for a Benghazi select committee with subpoena powers to formally and singularly focus on the incidents surrounding the US Consulate attack in Benghazi Libya.

Rep. Wolf shared with me today that he now has 182 cosponsors, all from the House GOP. One has to ask if the Democrats are more aligned with their political party or truth? The 182 cosponsors represent approximately 80 percent of the House Republican conference, and according to former Speaker Dennis Hastert, meet the standard of the “Hastert Rule,” a majority of the majority. Yet this piece of legislation is blocked from being brought to the House floor for a vote.

Rep. Wolf and I mused — actually we both became infuriated — considering how in the State of New Jersey Democrats have established a select committee and are pursuing subpoenas against Governor Chris Christie over traffic lanes being closed. Is it possible that traffic lane closures are more important than the abandonment, murder, and lying that hangs like a dark cloud over the events of September 11, 2012? Have we become so degraded that we do not see the utterly despicable hypocrisy of the Democrats in New Jersey and the liberal progressive media?

Over the weekend, we witnessed the arrogant dismissal of President Obama, who has already referred to Benghazi as a “phony scandal,” as he chided Bill O’Reilly, stating that Benghazi, among other nefarious actions, are just talking points driven by Fox News. The belligerence of President Obama has been enabled by a House GOP leadership reluctant to stop the diluted process of five different committees who must ask for information by way of FOIA requests. Just yesterday before a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, and others were asked when will someone be held responsible for the incidents surrounding Benghazi? The question was met with nearly 10 seconds of silence.

Losing an American Ambassador is not the new normal. Abandoning brave Americans to die is not the new normal. Supplying arms to Islamic terrorist and jihadists and running a covert weapons program is treasonous and represents high crimes and misdemeanors.

And liberals, just stop it. Stop telling America there is nothing there. You all know that if it were Speaker Pelosi and a Republican president, there would have been a select committee, an incessant screech calling for impeachment, and calls for imprisonment. If Democrats can become frenzied over the closing of traffic lanes and create a select committee to investigate a Republican governor, we all know what you would do in this case to a Republican President — lying hypocrites that you all are.

However, I am beginning to develop an even stronger concern about House GOP leadership, primarily Speaker John Boehner. Speaker Boehner, you know very well, your approach on this has not been effective. President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as the entire Democrat party are laughing at you. You have a majority of your conference supporting this select committee — explain why you do not? It can’t be that resources do not exist and there’s not enough time.

Here is my recommendation. Select five individuals to make up this committee, three Republican and two Democrat. We don’t need a committee of pontificators who will not get to the bottom of this. I recommend you select from House GOP Representatives Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz, and Trey Gowdy as head of the Select Committee. I really don’t care who the House Democrats are since they lack any integrity and concern on the matter. They’d all be the same. If you do not want a select committee, then appoint a special investigator with subpoena powers. I would be happy to volunteer. All I ask for is a staff of five and cranberry juice.

Whether you pursue a select committee or special investigator with subpoena powers here is the initial list to be called: President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Leon Panetta, General David Petraeus, John Brennan, Victoria Nuland, Michael Morell, General Carter Ham, General Martin Dempsey. As well, they would need to have their Chiefs of Staff prepared for subpoena and testimony. This would be a public hearing and all subpoenaed would present themselves in person before the committee.

Speaker Boehner, this should make you angry — angry at what happened in Benghazi, which cannot be the new normal. I implore you to find the courage to make the right decision and establish the select committee with subpoena powers on Benghazi, and operations in Libya. If you cannot find the courage to do so, Americans will see it as one of two things: cowardice or complicit. Neither are good, combined they are disheartening.

Speaker Boehner, Thomas Paine once stated, “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in the crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

The choice is yours, summer soldier and sunshine patriot, or will you win the love and thanks of all Americans? One thing I know, in keeping with the finest traditions of our Founding Fathers from Virginia, Representative Frank Wolf has earned the love and thanks of man and woman, especially those who lost their loved ones at Benghazi.

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BOOM: Johnny Boehner will have a primary opponent!

Now this is something all Americans can get behind:

BUTLER COUNTY [OH] — Anyone with aspirations to be a countywide officeholder has until Wednesday to be on the partisan primary ballots on May 6…

…The most petition[s] filed have been for Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, currently held by Speaker of the House John Boehner. The district encompasses all of Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami and Preble counties and the southernmost part of Mercer County.

Boehner is guaranteed to have one primary opponent in West Chester Twp. businessman Eric Gurr, who lives in Liberty Twp. There could be at least two other Republicans on this primary ballot in Liberty Twp. resident Matthew Ashworth and Troy resident J.D. Winteregg, who have filed but the elections board has yet to certify their petitions.

Greenville resident Matthew Guyette, who is certified to be on the Democratic ballot for the 8th Congressional District, looks to be facing Miami University professor Tom Poetter, who has filed his petitions but they have not yet been certified.

A while back I proposed a “nuclear option” for dealing with John Boehner, which Mark Levin was kind enough to publicize.

Before we resort to that, I’ll be tracking the primary process in OH-8. We may in fact have a credible way to replace the feckless, cowardly and mumble-mouthed Speaker without resorting to nukes.

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BOEHNER ON LENO: An embarrassing, wheezy, boozy debacle that proves he’s unfit to be Speaker

Guest post by Ken McIntyre

House Speaker John Boehner didn’t show leadership in his late-night chat with Jay Leno by blaming fellow Republicans for a government “shutdown” over Obamacare, the CEO of The Heritage Foundation’s political action arm said today.

“By now, everyone should understand President Obama was the driving force behind the partial government shutdown because his first and only priority is protecting his failing health care law,” Michael A. Needham, chief executive officer of Heritage Action for America, told The Foundry.

The ever-shakier implementation of Obamacare proves that conservatives who tried to stop it were correct, Needham said.

Boehner, making his debut last night on NBC’s “Tonight Show,” said some in the Republican conference created “a very predictable disaster” in October by disagreeing “tactically” over how to delay Obamacare.

“You learn that a leader without followers is simply a man taking a walk,” Boehner told Leno. “So I said, ‘Do you want to fight this fight? I’ll go fight the fight with you.’ But it was a very predictable disaster.”

The Ohio Republican also took a veiled swipe at Heritage Action [Ed: and other groups], which had argued in favor of efforts by conservatives to defund Obamacare. “My problem was with some Washington organizations who purport to represent the Tea Party, who I think mislead them,” he said. “There’s nothing I could do that was ever conservative enough for them.”

Asked about Boehner’s comments, Needham told The Foundry:

“Leaders lead — they don’t blame their conference. Americans are learning every day why those legislators who had the courage to do everything they could to stop Obamacare before it took root in America were correct to do so.”

Boehner did sound a conciliatory note about the GOP’s internal disagreements, telling Leno:

“Listen, you know, the funny thing about the so-called infighting is that we agree on all the goals. We think Obamacare is bad for the country, we think we shouldn’t spend more than what we bring in, we think the president’s ignoring the laws. It’s all a fight over tactics, it’s not over what our goals are.”

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