The Top 150 Conservative Websites, April 2014

Here are the latest standings of conservative news and opinion sites, which are ordered using their Alexa traffic rankings. Yes, some of these are center-right, libertarian, or more middle-of-the-road sites, but they are included because they do publish center-right opinion pieces on a regular basis.

Rank Website Traffic Rank
1 161
2 213
3 223
4 435
5 568
6 891
7 1079
8 1339
9 1420
10 1742
11 2070
12 2157
13 2265
14 2501
15 3659
16 4340
17 5097
18 5177
19 5372
20 5468
21 5613
22 5613
23 5726
24 5810
25 5868
26 6086
27 6231
28 6969
29 7200
30 7335
31 8003
32 8618
33 9425
34 9592
35 11166
36 11492
37 11767
38 11942
39 16398
40 16466
41 16708
42 17582
43 20946
44 21053
45 21066
46 21843
47 21879
48 22800
49 23026
50 23836
51 23948
52 25342
53 29735
54 31832
55 32894
56 33738
57,, 34765
58 35822
59 37840
60 39876
61 41000
62 42290
63 44528
64 45888
65 46264
66 46990
67 47131
68 48592
69 48915
70 49093
71 50111
72 51856
73 52027
74 54686
75 55181
76 58442
77 59624
78 61514
79 65886
80 67142
81 70777
82 71812
83 72890
84 74446
85 74706
86 75443
87 76296
88 77543
89 82225
90 82749
91 84403
92 85285
93 87889
94 88943
95 95402
96 96774
97 96929
98 97523
99 100946
100 109917
101 110165
102 110887
103 112397
104 115931
105 119954
106 126005
107 126262
108 127066
109 129345
110 130470
111 131568
112 136835
113 137692
114 140953
115 142848
116 147955
117 152044
118 160736
119 161076
120 161848
121 164045
122 164932
123 170038
124 175844
125 176366
126 183433
127 186722
128 193012
129 201212
130 205679
131 211447
132 213486
133 218574
134 219587
135 221742
136 224598
137 226367
138 227669
139 231750
140 235462
141 236558
142 243734
143 246241
144 246554
145 247310
146 254476
147 256253
148 256785
149 261966
150 262910
151 264164
152 269635
153 271530
154 272826
155 283085
156 285589
157 286539
158 291745
159 306126
160 313149
161 315823
162 319606
163 321728
164 325798
165 331715
166 350294
167 355895
168 357883
169 359235
170 359586
171 397710
172 409709
173 414900
174 424076
175 424088
176 433014
177 451127
178 451441
179 455574
180 455950
181 461739
182 466311
183 477211
184 478679
185 485805
186 487772
187 496805
188 505285
189 527790
190 534263
191 545330
192 547638
193 555037
194 556327
195 565154
196 568495
197 578297
198 587308
199 591029
200 605215

Why does the “Top 150” list have 200 entries? The same reason the Big Ten has, like, 48 teams.


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Doug Ross @ Journal

The worst April Fool’s Day prank in history

Guest post by Jim Quinn

It was so fitting that Obama sauntered into the Rose Garden on April Fools day to proclaim the wonderful success of Obamacare. We are the fools for allowing this fool and his fellow fools in Congress to further bankrupt our country with this disastrous, government-run clusterf***. He is a dangerous empty suit. The only thing that mattered to him and his sociopathic control freaks in the last two months was hitting an enrollment number that he could tout as success. Making sure there are enough doctors in the plan or ensuring excellent healthcare services once you get sick is not part of their agenda. And they certainly don’t worry about the 7.1 million people paying their premiums. That’s the insurance companies’ problem.

There is so much propaganda, spin, disinformation and outright lies circulating in the captured mainstream media that the dumbed down, distracted, disinterested American populace believe the sound bites from Obama and the talking heads on MSNBC and the rest of the Obama loving media. Isn’t it funny how early in the disastrous roll-out of this joke Sebelius and her band of HHS drones didn’t know how many people had enrolled for weeks after the end of a month, but yesterday Obama knew that exactly 7.1 million people had enrolled within hours of the final deadline?

You may have noticed the non-stop 30 second ads trying to convince iGadget addicted morons to sign up for Obamacare over the last three months, building to a crescendo in the last few weeks. Obama was desperate to get young people and his black constituency to sign up. Most of the commercials were black NBA superstars yapping about the wonders of Obamacare. These were surely targeted to white middle class people. Right? Guess how much the average 30 second commercial costs. How about $ 123,000. The government has admitted their advertising budget for the last three months was $ 52 million. My guess is they went over budget and probably spent $ 75 million of your tax dollars to convince millions to join a government program that will cost you trillions more of your tax dollars. The original July 2013 estimate from the government for the total advertising of this mess was $ 700 million. I’ll take the over in the final number. This is after spending $ 600 million on the wonderful glitch-free website.

Let’s assess the tremendous success the Savior was blustering about yesterday. He sold the plan to the American public back in 2009 with a number of promises:

It won’t add one dime to the deficit

Our teleprompter reader in chief told the American people his plan would not add one dime to the deficit. After it passed he told Congress it would cost $ 900 billion over ten years. Then the CBO actually ran the numbers and it jumped to $ 1.4 trillion. What’s a $ 500 billion error among friends? That almost perfect accuracy for the Federal government. Of course the Democratic politicians that passed this wonderful bill delayed all the bad stuff until 2014 and after, while front loading all the good stuff.

They delayed the major spending provisions in order to show only six years of spending under the plan in the original 10-year budget window (from FY2010-19) used by CBO at the time the law was enacted. Therefore, the original estimate concealed the fact that most of the law’s spending only doesn’t even begin until four years into the 10-year window. A Senate Budget Committee analysis (based on CBO estimates and growth rates) finds that that total spending under the law will amount to at least $ 2.6 trillion over a true 10-year period (from FY2014–23). That’s a lot of dimes added to the deficit. Does $ 2.6 trillion sound like budget neutral to you? Of course we’re doing it for the children.

It will cover the 46 million uninsured Americans

The Census Bureau number of 46 million includes 10 million illegal immigrants. I know Obama wants to cover them on our dime, but even he will have trouble with that one. A report from the Kaiser Foundation put the number of true uninsured at 28.6 million. The CBO numbers and the Obama administration storyline were built on the assumption that everyone signing up for Obamacare was previously uninsured. Studies by the McKinsey Group and Rand Corporation have concluded that only 30% of all enrollees into Obamacare were previously uninsured.

The vast majority are previously insured people, many of whom are getting a better deal on the exchanges because they either qualify for subsidies, or because they’re older individuals who benefit from the law’s massive rate increases for the young. I know Obama loving liberals don’t like math and wish that Common Core feel good math could be applied to the Obamacare clusterf*ck, but here are the facts:

  • Supposedly 7.1 million people have signed up for Obamacare.
  • Approximately 30% of these people were previously uninsured – totaling 2.1 million people. That is only 7.3% of the uninsured people in the country. What about the 26.5 million people still uninsured? Obama spent all this money on advertising and only convinced 7.3% of the uninsured to sign up????
  • The Obama administration seems to be uninterested in whether the people who have signed up for Obamacare have actually paid their premium. The McKinsey survey found that the proportion of those who had formally enrolled in coverage, by paying their first month’s premium, was considerably lower among the previously uninsured, relative to the previously insured. 86% of those who were previously insured who had “selected a marketplace plan” on the exchanges had paid, whereas only 53% of the previously uninsured had.
  • If you run the numbers, 5 million times 86% equals 4.3 million who have paid their premiums. Of the previously uninsured 2.1 million times 53% equals 1.1 million who have paid their premiums. Therefore, the true number of paying Obamacare enrollees is 5.4 million.

The skewed demographics implications will get worse over time, as the cost of plans continues to go up. In the McKinsey survey, of those who had decided not to sign up for Obamacare, the most common reason was the “affordability” of the offered plans. Indications from insurers like Aetna and WellPoint is that the premiums on the exchange will go up substantially next year. The demographic assumptions for the Obamacare enrollees are disastrous for the American taxpayer. It is skewed toward old sickly people, with very few young healthy people. The risk pool is how premiums are determined.

The LA Times painted the ominous picture for what will happen next year:

Long-term stability could be undermined if newly insured people do not pay their bills or if they drop coverage in coming months because they are unhappy about the high deductibles or narrow doctor and hospital networks some plans offer.Some people have had to pay higher premiums to replace old plans that did not comply with the law’s consumer standards.More ominously, some insurance industry officials are warning they may raise rates substantially next year. Major rate hikes could push out healthy consumers, undermining the law’s marketplaces and recharging political opposition.

Foolish conclusions

  • Obama and his Democratic minions (law passed without one Republican vote) have adjusted, delayed, and not enforced all the really bad stuff in this law until after the 2014 mid-term elections, with some really bad stuff delayed until after Hillary assumes power in 2016.
  • As usual the CBO estimate of $ 2.6 trillion will be off by 100% as the true cost will soar past $ 5 trillion. It will be the gift that keeps on giving, like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc.
  • The risk pool will be so skewed towards older sicker Americans that premiums will skyrocket by 20% per year over the next few years, making many of the enrollees drop it altogether.
  • The millions who end up not paying their premiums to the insurance companies will be subsidized by the paying customers of the insurance companies because we are rich and need to help the poor. Obama will punish insurance companies that tell the truth about non-payment by the dregs.
  • The government has taken control of our healthcare system under the auspices of covering the millions of uninsured. The fact that 93% of the uninsured remain uninsured after the rollout reveals that this has been nothing but a socialistic power grab by Obama and the people who want to control every aspect of our lives.
  • The promised $ 2,500 annual savings in premiums for the average family seems unlikely to materialize as premiums for the average family have risen by 30% to 50% since 2009.
  • The if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor promise seems to be ringing hollow as millions have been forced out of their existing plans and now have much less choice of plan and doctor options.
  • The millions of math challenged drones who believed Obama and have focused solely on the monthly premiums evidently don’t understand that deductibles on the lowest level plan average $ 5,000 and go as high as $ 12,000 drive the true cost much higher. I hope they don’t get sick or injured.

I hope you enjoyed being Obama’s fool on April 1. They say a fool is born every minute. Obama and his minions are counting on it.

Read more at The Burning Platform

Doug Ross @ Journal

Breaking: North Korea warns foreign embassies to evacuate by April 10th. War coming, or is it another bluff?

"Western intelligence officials believe it is his desire to make his mark -- in the face of concerns about his inexperience -- that lies behind Kim Jong-un's seemingly unprovoked bellicosity towards America." (UK Daily Mail quote/AP photo)

NK leader Kim Jong Un. (AP photo)

>> Damascus Countdown tour in Florida this week

UPDATED: Is Kim Jung Un, the 30-year old despotic leader of North Korea, about to launch a nuclear war against the United States and South Korea? Experts keep saying “probably not,” that he is just trying to show the world he is tough, but what if they are wrong? What if the leaders in Pyongyang blunder into a war? Or what if they really believe they can wage such a war and somehow “win”?

The rhetoric is red hot. But the military moves are aggressive and preparatory for war. And now foreign embassies in Pyongyang are being encouraged by Un’s government to evacuate by April 10th. Could that suggest war is coming in five days? Or is it merely yet another in a history of high-profile bluffs?

On March 10, 2011, “Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, testified that North Korea ‘may now have several plutonium-based nuclear warheads that it can deliver by ballistic missiles and aircraft as well as unconventional means,” noted Bruce Klingner, former chief of the CIA’s Korea branch and now a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center. At the time, Klingner noted that “it is uncertain whether Lt. General Burgess’s statement is based on new intelligence reporting or a higher level of confidence that DIA has in the new analytic assessment. His remarks were disturbing because most experts to date have held that North Korea has not yet mastered the requirements to miniaturize any nuclear warhead sufficiently to put it on a missile.”

Two years and a third nuclear warhead test later, it appears North Korea may now have built and deployed short-range nuclear missiles.

Dr. David Albright, a leading expert on the North Korean nuclear weapons program and President of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), wrote on February 13th — just after Pyongyang’s third nuclear test — that “ISIS assesses that North Korea has the capability to mount a warhead on the Nodong missile” which has a range of about 800 miles. In other words, Albright and his fellow experts have concluded North Korea does have the ability to fire nuclear missiles that could potentially obliterate major cities in South Korea and Japan, though they cannot say with certainty that such nuclear warhead-tipped missiles have been deployed. At this point, ISIS has concluded that North Korea probably cannot launch a nuclear warhead on an ICBM yet, but that they are steadily approaching that goal.

“The United States would ‘not be surprised’ if North Korea launched a missile, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday,” reports CNN. “‘We have seen them launch missiles in the past and the United Nations Security Council has repeatedly condemned them as violations of the North’s obligations under numerous Security Council resolutions.’”

“North Korea has advised foreign diplomats to consider evacuating their embassies in Pyongyang in light of increasing tensions in the region, Russian and British diplomats said Friday,” reports the Washington Post. “Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, told reporters traveling with him in Uzbekistan on Friday afternoon that Moscow was seeking more details about the North Korean statement before making a decision about whether to evacuate.”

“The British Foreign Office said its embassy ‘received a communication from the North Korean government this morning saying that the North Korean government would be unable to guarantee the safety of embassies and international organizations in the country in the event of conflict from April 10,’” notes the Post. “The development comes at the end of a week of bellicose threats by the North Koreans against South Korea and the United States. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, citing intelligence sources in South Korea, reported Friday that the North had moved intermediate-range rocket launchers to its eastern coast, putting Guam potentially within range of a strike, Reuters news service said.”

“Two things appear to be going on,” notes Dr. Kim Holmes, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, now a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, a highly-respected think tank in Washington, D.C. “First, the young Mr. Kim is trying to prove himself, not only to us, but possibly to his own people, by playing tough. Second, and more worrisome, the leadership may be emboldened by the belief that they’re very close to possessing a nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States. The situation is ripe for miscalculation. The new South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, whose mother was killed by a North Korean agent, has made it clear she will not roll over like other South Korean leaders. Moreover, there is a new U.S.-South Korean agreement that could result in the United States more forcefully backing the South militarily short of all-out war. Another North Korean attack could result in the U.S. forces joining South Korea in some form of military retaliation. Either way, we should not think this is a case of parties on the peninsula crying wolf. North Korea has shown time and time again it will strike with violence. It may well be on the verge of doing so again.”

>> Read DEAD HEAT — a 2008 political thriller about a North Korea preemptive nuclear strike against the U.S. 


Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

Report: Over 250 Gold Robberies in Stockton Since April: Police Taken By Surprise

With the price of gold reaching all time highs as recently as this summer, it’s not just investors who are paying attention.

Predators who have nothing left to lose are as equally interested in the asset. It’s not only a portable store of value, but just about every American has some type of gold in their possession, be it a wedding ring or necklace.

In Stockton, California, where skyrocketing crime has left over 60 people dead this year, police and city officials are being overrun with reports of gold chain robberies. Since April there have been over 250 such armed robberies, culminating in the September death of a man who just happened to be taking a casual stroll through a local park.

As a result of rising crime in the city, residents are being more cautious, with many of them choosing to stay at home rather than risk being assaulted or murdered in a city that has seen its coffers bankrupted and its public workforce gutted.

Almost everyone walking the park knows the story of Armando Pina — even two months after the deadly broad-daylight gold chain robbery that ended his life, parkgoers said.

“It’s sad,” said Robert Alejandre, who now walks the park with his wife. “It just goes to show you you never know.”

“Fewer people seem to be walking,” said Jim Patterson, who continues to exercise at the park — but removes any jewelry first.

Pina — a 60-year-old cancer survivor, father and grandfather — was killed around 3 p.m. Sept. 17, as he walked along the park’s southern walkway, parallel to Picardy Drive.

Pina’s was the first murder in a boom of gold chain robberies in the troubled city.

Robbers have stolen approximately 250 chains since April — more than one every day.

Most of those robberies occur in broad daylight.

“It is an uphill battle,” said Sgt. Larry Parino of the Stockton Police Department.

Reported suspects are predominantly male (98 percent), of which 79 percent are black males ages 13-25, police said, and 9 percent Hispanic males 13-25. The majority of arrests were black males ages 13-25.

Most victims of the robberies are female (65 percent), and 44 percent of victims are age 50 or older, the data showed. The most common time of day for the crimes were between 12 and 5 p.m., though this only accounts for about a third of the crime.

Parino said robbers took even police by surprise initially.

Source: CBS Sacramento

Anything of value is up for grabs, especially in an economy on the brink of disaster.

In a related story also out of the Sacramento, CA area, businesses have been given permission to raise high voltage electric fencing around their grounds in an effort to prevent the theft of copper.

With food prices rising, jobs disappearing and government safety nets unable to offset the destruction of Americans’ wealth, even food has become a target. In Indianapolis, community gardens have seen a rise in thefts and vandalism, with thieves helping themselves to tomatoes, greens, potatoes and other produce.

As police find themselves undermanned and outgunned in gang war zones throughout America, criminals will continue to become more brash, targeting anyone who is suspected of being in possession of something of value.

If you are making an effort to protect your personal and financial interests through the acquisition of physical assets and other long-term survival investments, you must be prepared to defend them yourself. Local law enforcement officials simply do not have the resources available to protect everyone all the time.

So, the next time you make a trip to the mall or local park wearing your gold wedding ring or chain, be sure to have some lead on hand as well.

We’re now living in a world where some individuals are prepared to take your life for a $ 40 necklace.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You