BLM Feds Assault More Protesters As ‘First Amendment Area’ Taken Down

Paul Joseph Watson | Spencer Schillig thrown to the ground, handcuffed for demonstrating against seizure of cattle.

Federal Snipers Train Guns on Family For Filming Cattle: “Outside the Bounds of Designated First Amendment Area”

Editor’s Note: This is what it has come to. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars explains.

(Pictured: Cliven Bundy walks by a first amendment area set up by the Bureau of Land Management near Bunkerville, Nev.)

Federal snipers with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trained guns on members of a family yesterday after they dared to stop and take video footage of cattle outside the bounds of a designated “First Amendment Area,” before arresting one of the men for non-compliance.

The cattle were being rounded up by BLM officers as part of a crackdown on Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has refused to pay “grazing fees” demanded by the feds as a result of a re-classification of 600,000 acres of federal land in northeastern Clark County which Bundy claims has been in his family for generations.

Some fear the dispute could turn into a Ruby Ridge-style violent standoff because Bundy has said he is prepared to become a martyr for what he perceives as a constitutional stance against tyranny.

As we reported earlier, the feds have now started rounding up Bundy’s cattle in the name of protecting a supposedly endangered species, the desert tortoise, forbidding Bundy from interfering or even entering the vast area. The case is quickly turning into another iconic battle between big government and a besieged family.

Fears that the confrontation may turn violent and concerns that Bundy is drawing increased support from liberty activists and the local community prompted the feds to tape off two ridiculous “First Amendment Areas,” outside of which free speech in support of Bundy is banned. A sign placed inside the area reads “Welcome to Amerika – Wake Up” alongside a hammer and sickle logo.

When Bundy’s family members violated that rule yesterday in an attempt to peacefully document the cattle roundup, they were met with a barrage of loudspeaker warnings and four BLM snipers with their guns trained on the dissenters.

“Several members of the family had gone out for a drive in several vehicles to try to monitor the ongoing federal action to remove their father’s cattle from the range,” reports the Moapa Valley Progress. “They were not travelling on recently restricted federal land, but were travelling along the state highway looking north across the valley for signs of cattle, Ryan Bundy said.”

“He was doing nothing but standing there and filming the landscape,” Bundy said of his brother Dave. “We were on the state highway, not even off of the right-of-way. Even if they want to call [the area that we were filming] federal land; which it’s not; we weren’t even on it. We were on the road.”

None of the family members were armed, but as soon as Dave Bundy began filming the cattle in the distance, 11 BLM vehicles each with two agents arrived and surrounded him.

“They also had four snipers on the hill above us all trained on us. We were doing nothing besides filming the area,” said Ryan Bundy.

The family were told to leave the area via loudspeaker because they had violated the crudely established “First Amendment Area”.

“They said that we had no first amendment rights except for up by the bridge where they had established an area for that,” Bundy said.

When Dave Bundy didn’t immediately heed the warning and return to his vehicle, a dog was set on him and he was subsequently arrested.

“He was filming and talking on the phone, I don’t know to whom,” Ryan Bundy said. “It happened pretty fast. They came down on him hard and had a German Shepherd on him. And then they took him.”

When Dave Bundy’s father Cliven attempted to contact emergency response in both Mesquite and for Metro in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of his son, he was told to, “get off the phone or he would be arrested,” according to Ryan Bundy.

Should the Bundy case escalate any further, what has up to this point remained a largely local news story threatens to explode into a national controversy – re-igniting resentment over big government and a federal bureaucracy increasingly trampling on the rights of the American people to be left alone.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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Michigan Triggers Constitutional Convention: Could U.S. Constitution Be Changed to Eliminate Second Amendment?


(Pictured: The Constitutional Convention of 1787)

Editor’s Note: As highlighted in the article below by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, Michigan may have just triggered a modern-day Constitutional Convention. Though it’s not yet clear if Michigan’s call for a convention pushes us over the threshold due to procedural issues associated with the applications of other states, at the very least our Federal Congress will now be forced to review the situation.

Our nation is broken, that should be clear. Our Founders left for us a  mechanism to fix it, and one of the most powerful is an Article V Constitutional Convention, which is designed specifically for the fifty states to initiate Constitutional changes outside of the purview of the federal government. The President of the United States, for example, will have absolutely no say in the matter and is unable to exercise veto power over Constitutional Amendments. The Federal Congress can do nothing more than oversee the Convention. And the Judicial Branch will have to abide by ANY and ALL ratified changes.

What this means is that should Congress determine that the 2/3 state (34 states) qualification has been met, then the States will propose and then vote on Amendments to the existing U.S. Constitution. Keep in mind that this could mean the addition of Amendments in the form of codicils (Like the amendments that followed the Bill of Rights), or the complete removal of existing amendments. This could go either direction – good or bad, as Paul points out with the Second Amendment. The Founders did take steps to ensure that all, or at least most, Americans supported any proposes changes by requiring 3/4 (38) states to ratify any changes.

This may be a welcome change for America at the present time. We’re sure our readers can think of scores of Amendments that would make America better. But, there is a flip side to that coin, and things could change for the worse should the States agree on changes that might, for example, “update” the Second or First amendments (or any of the others that are the pillars of American liberty).

Could U.S. Constitution Be Changed to Eliminate Second Amendment?
By Paul Joseph Watson

The entire U.S. Constitution could be up for review after Michigan became the 34th state to vote in favor of a Constitutional Convention, satisfying a rule that states America’s founding document can be amended if two thirds of state legislatures approve the measure.

Article V of the U.S. Constitution states that Congress “shall call a convention for proposing amendments” should the two thirds requirement be met, which it was last week when Michigan lawmakers endorsed the move.

Following the vote, California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter called for a Constitutional Convention to be given the go ahead.

“Based on several reports and opinions, Michigan might be the 34th state to issue such a call and therefore presents the constitutionally-required number of states to begin the process of achieving a balanced budget amendment,” Hunter wrote.

While some would welcome the opportunity to amend the Constitution to institute fiscal conservatism, others fear the move could easily be hijacked to negate parts of the document that protect fundamental liberties, such as the right to bear arms and freedom of speech.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens recently called for ”improving” the Constitution by changing the second amendment so the right to bear arms only applied to those in a “militia” and not the general public at large.

“Nevertheless, in such a convention, the ENTIRE Constitution is subject to review and can be altered and changed. This could be everything from installing “social justice” to the dissolution of the federal government. Everything is on the table as if we were back in 1776 Philadelphia,” writes Martin Armstrong, adding that the Michigan vote represents an, “unprecedented event to amend the U.S. Constitution.”

Fox News’ Barnini Chakraborty notes that it is unclear whether the 34 state requirement has been met since some have rescinded their votes, but constitutional scholar Gregory Watson said there could be no take backs.

“If it is ultimately adjudicated that a state may not rescind a prior application, then Ohio’s 2013 application for a Balanced Budget Amendment convention would be the 33rd and Michigan’s 2014 application would be the 34th on that topic,” said Watson.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You