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What Was Best About Last Night’s Debate Was…: HayRide
Absentee Ballot Data Ohio Shows Bad News: Ace
Desperate Dems Hide Behind Big Bird: Malkin

Honey, I shrunk the president!: Instapundit
Hmmm… Pro-Obama Super PAC Pulls Ads From WI and FL: GWP
Matthews Meltdown Mirrors Mainstream Media Panic: IBD

McLaughlin exposes rigging of swing-state polls: Morris
Obama collapse in Illinois?: Breitbart
Next (Taiwanese) Animation Makes It Official…: Ace


Joe Biden Continues to Campaign for Romney/Ryan: RS
AARP to Obama: Don’t mention us again: Exam
Anarcho-Laziness: Occupy LA’s one-year anniversary rally: Zombie

Obama’s Re-Election Case Rests On 5 Phony Claims: IBD
Eric Holder’s Brother Employs Illegal Immigrants: Breitbart
DSA Marxists Use Obama to push their health care takeover: Loudon

Scandal Central

Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?: Exam
Benghazi: House panel names source – Regional Security Officer confirmed Libya threats: Riehl
House Ways and Means Chairman says docs make clear Delphi pension decision included Obama officials: Exam

WH Aide Involved in Fast and Furious Was ‘Suddenly’ Transferred to Iraq; Issa Threatens Subpoena: CNS
The Cleveland Clinic, cited as a “model” by Obama, is actually illegal under Obamacare: WyBlog
BTW, Obama Decided Not To Send In The Military To Rescue Our Benghazi Personnel: Cove

Climate & Energy

‘Drunken’ Broker Sent Oil to 8-Month High in 2009: Report: OilPrice


The Left Goes To Their Last Refuge Defense, Axelrod Calls Out To The MSM For Support: Wolf Howling
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Grimaces: VodkaPundit
Does Obamacare Cover Butt-Kickings?: Breitbart

Last Night, I Said To MSNBC’s Touré What Millions Of Americans Have Wanted To Say For Years: Hawkins
Comedy gold: New York Times declares ‘unhelpful debate’ pretty much a draw: Twitchy
UK Media: Romney Humiliated Obama in the Presidential Debate: FoxNation

Good For Him. George Zimmerman Sues NBC Over Edited 911 Tape: Bruce
Man of the Hour: Former Spook
Obama Adviser Axelrod Calls on Media to Attack Romney: Blaze

Remember That “$ 5 Trillion Tax Cut” Obama Was Blathering About? Yeah, He Was Lying: Ace
Obama Twitter feed takes over WaPo’s website: Exam
Real Obama Revealed In Bumbling Debate Performance: IBD


October Surprise? Obama plans major airstrike in Libya before election: Breitbart
Somalia Community Organizing Comes to Maine: Mellow Jihadi
Israel Builds a Model Farm in South Sudan: Cutting Edge

More Documents Found In Unsecured Consulate: S&L
Obama’s “Muslim World” Journey and Its Consequences for America: NoisyRm
Egypt’s Christians – Distraught and Displaced: IPT


Video Marketing Strategy 101: SocMedToday
Free online identity risk calculator: NetSec
Tumblr Woos Brands with Analytics Showing How Content Spreads: Clickz


Important Obama Debate Highlights: Spew
Obama debacle: not a good idea to believe your own press clippings: MOTUS
A female Marine lieutenant got through the USMC’s Combat Endurance Test: C.J. Chivers

Image: MOTUS
Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: The life and legacy of slain Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie

QOTD: “…Mitt Romney did show up ready to be President. Obama showed up with — as — the Empty Chair. He stared at his feet. He grimaced. Occasionally a smile would flash on his face, with all the spontaneity of Bush 41′s “Message: I Care.” He was whiny, he was defensive. Worst of all? Empty Chair’s body language did just show contempt for Romney. He displayed contempt for the setting, for the requirement that he be there, and I think it even showed contempt for the office he (still) holds.

Barack Obama is tired of being President. I’m not sure he ever enjoyed it. That is what he brought to the debate last night, and that is why he lost.” —Stephen Green

Doug Ross @ Journal

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