Larwyn’s Linx: Violent Illegal Alien Criminals Secretly Released by ICE as Obama “Dreamers”

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Violent Foreign Criminals Released by ICE as Obama Dreamers: MB
Steve King Nails Grover on Immigration: Trevor Loudon
Rand Paul: I’ll do anything I can to help Mike Enzi defeat Liz Cheney: Hot Air

A White House point man at the IRS is revealed: Exam
Best Videos From IRS Hearing: Issa, Chaffetz, Gowdy: Nice Deb
Jason Chaffetz SLAMS Elijah Cummings at IRS hearing : TRS

How The Zimmerman Case Doesn’t Add Up: Robert Cleveland
DOJ: Hey, Email Us Tips Saying George Zimmerman Is a Racist: Wm. Teach
New Black Panthers Conspired to Violate 18 USC 245, Holder Snoozes: Adams


Obama’s Nominee for Secretary of Illegal Alien Labor: Michelle Malkin
Is There Nothing That Obama Can’t Do?: SDA
Bernanke: “If We Were To Tighten Policy, Economy Would Tank”: SHTFplan

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Detroit Files Bankruptcy: HayRide
It Really Is an Approaching Train Wreck: Elephant
Purdue University – The latest victim of Obamacare: Leslie Eastman

Scandal Central

IRS Scandal (Malik Obama) reaching the White House: Walid Shoebat
Congressman: Obama Admin Forced Benghazi Survivors To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements: WS
Despite Pentagon claims, Marine colonel sought in Benghazi investigation not yet retired: Marine Corps Times

Climate & Energy

Grist: Everyone Should Stay Single Because It’s “Sustainable”: Pirate’s Cove
Radical nut confirmed as head of EPA: Times
EPA renames headquarters after impeached, disbarred pervert and philanderer: Valerie Volcovici, Reuters


Ex-Gang Member To Sharpton And Jackson: I See Right Through You: HayRide
White people rioting!!: Minority Report
Mark Levin: At Least Jesse Jackson Didn’t Call Florida ‘Hymietown’: Breitbart

Mark Levin: Greg Gutfeld is DEAD WRONG: Scoop
ACLU: Police Can Read, Track, And Store Your License Plate Number Wherever You Go: OTB
TRAIN WRECK: Rep. Bobby Rush tries to defend Trayvon Martin on Hannity: Scoop


Egyptian General: Hamas Smuggled Rockets to Muslim Brotherhood: John Rossomando
Obama Honors Trayvon Martin, Ignores Fort Hood Killed: IBD
Remnants of King David’s palace unearthed southwest of Jerusalem : Hayom


Botcoin: Bitcoin Mining by Botnet: Krebs
Scientists Silence Extra Chromosome In Down Syndrome Cells: Slashdot
The First Smartwatch You Might Actually Want Is Designed For Kids: Gizmodo


Possibly The Best Soldier-Dog Reunion Video Ever: Tammy Bruce
George Zimmerman Neighborhood Security T-shirt: Sooper
Slavery in America: Michelle Malkin

Image: George Zimmerman Neighborhood Security T-shirt
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QOTD: “After my last visit to the shooting range, I am confident that if I am ever attacked by a blue man who stands motionless 25 yards away, I can defend myself.” —Anonymous Commenter

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