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Top Ten Questions To Ask A Liberal: Brian Anderson
Truce Reached in Bundy Ranch Battle with BLM: WatchdogWire
We the People Converging on Nevada force BLM into Retreat: CFP

It’s Not the Time to Go Wobbly: Abort Obamacare: R.S. McCain
Washington Post Op-Ed: You Didn’t Pay For That (And She’s Right): Foundry
A single Battle, nothing more…: III Percent

House Rep: If Eric Holder Were a “Regular Citizen,” He’d Be In Jail : RWN
President Barack Obama and the ‘noble lie’: Christian Schneider
Colorado Sheriff: You Can’t Make Me Enforce Gun Control: ConTrib


Vermont. Or, ‘Why Obamacare will not lead to single-payer.’: Moe Lane
Paycheck Fairness fraud: USA Today
Puerto Rico bond crisis leaves boxing champ Trinidad ruined: Reuters

Scandal Central

Obama Deliberately Collapsing Our Law Enforcement System: Sara Noble
Former Judge: Congress Should Impeach Eric Holder: ConTrib
Bundy Standoff May Have Ended, But the War is Far From Over: Billboard

Climate & Energy

EPA’s War On Coal Puts US At Risk Of Brownouts And Blackouts: RWN
BLM Also a Problem for Texans: ‘Nox & Friends
Creepy Sculptures Show As What Happens “If We Ignore Climate Change”: Cove


Dana Milbank Is Incoherent On Marriage: Federalist
In Nevada, and Everywhere Else in America, Guns Speak Louder Than Words…: DC Clothesline
Six reasons why I’m glad John Paul Stevens is no longer an active judge: DTG

Three Pictures in Washingtonian that Make Jay Carney Look Ridiculous: Noah Rothman
Epic: Kids everywhere are using social media to fight Michelle Obama’s school lunches: YC
Krauthammer On Sebelius: She’s Clearly a Liability to the Obama Administration: Scoop

Marathon bombing survivor leaves NBC set in tears; calls Meet the Press ‘cowardice, dishonorable’: BPR
New York Court Struggles To Find Jurors Who Don’t Hate The Occupy Movement: Glob
IRS going after decades-old debts from children of debtors ‘unbelievable,’ says Megyn Kelly: BPR


Islamic Radicals Mount Influence Operation On Louisiana Leges: Christopher Holton
Ukraine’s Debt And Putin’s Upper Hand: James S. Henry
Forgetting freedom on Passover: Caroline Glick

Exclusive: Key General Splits With Obama Over Ukraine: Eli Lake
Ukraine Crisis: Deadly Clashes Break Out in Slovyansk: WSJ
Tennessee: School enforces sharia, bans town hall on…sharia law: Creeping

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Google is transforming power and politics: WaPo
IRS tastes its own medicine, will pay Microsoft millions for Windows XP support: Engadget
Say Goodbye To Microsoft: John Kirk


If we thought of life as a gift: American Digest
This Proves Racing Flat-Out In Single-Seaters Makes You An Athlete: Car Throttle
Pacquiao beats Bradley by decision in rematch: KABC

Image: Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh arrives in Nevada with questions as Bundy Ranch standoff ends
Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: Conservative J.D. Winteregg for Congress: Fire John Boehner

QOTD: “I compared Fort Hood and Pearl Harbor as enemy attacks on US military bases. They’re different in one key respect, of course: These days a sclerotic republic can’t even convict a confessed killer in less time than it took to win the Second World War. Pearl Harbor to the Japanese surrender: three years, eight months, eight days. Fort Hood to the opening of Hasan’s trial: three years, nine months, one day.

…It is striking to me that a country responsible for over 40 per cent of the planet’s military spending apparently has no money to treat its returning warriors with a modicum of dignity. That it should do the same to men and women gunned down by a traitor who set off every alarm bell and was still allowed to proceed to that table at Fort Hood is an absolute disgrace.” —Mark Steyn

Doug Ross @ Journal

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