Larwyn’s Linx: The Mile High Massacre

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The Mile High Massacre: Ace
Well, that was terrific: Power Line
Have You Donated to Romney Yet?: Virtuous

LIES: Within hours, WH had 12 reports Benghazi was terrorism: Tatler
It’s Over: Power Line
Romney’s Win: Tabin

To be merciful, “slaughter rule” needed in debates: Hawkins
Oh, the humanity! Ted Cruz’s classless opponent self-destructs: Twitchy
Politico: Romney Up Four in Toss-Up States: Breitbart


It’s Official: Obamacare Is a $ 1 Trillion Net Tax Hike: ATR
Washington’s Disdain for Wealth Creators Is the Problem: Cato
Obama voted against Stafford Waiver for New Orleans: Twitchy

Scandal Central

Obama Book Purged of All Mentions of Communist Frank Davis : Blaze
WH Mum: Libyan Mission Requested Security?: Tapper
Claim: Feds Invited Sinaloa Drug Cartel Into U.S.: Insider

Climate & Energy

Embassies Facing Security Cuts Waste Money on Chevy Volts: NLPC


Observation Can Become an Intervention — The Reverse Is Also True: Driscoll
DNC scrambles to deflate Obama video before Daily Caller story published: DC
No, Obama’s Divisive 2007 Speech is Not ‘Old News’: Tatler

Liberal Media Calls It for Romney: Beacon
Debate Aftermath: P&F
Lying Liar Stephanie Cutter Lamely Defends Obama’s Debate Performance, Attacks Moderator: AmPower

The Commander in Chief of MSNBC: Driscoll
Barack Obama’s “Other Race Speech” Vindicates Glenn Beck: Nice Deb
MSNBC’S Motto: ‘Lean Racist’: Coulter

SO, ANN, criticizing Obama’s racial hypocrisy looks ugly? : Instapundit
Ann Althouse asks: [updated]: ProWis
Obama Campaign In Disarray? Conflicting Talking Heads: Lid


Iranians Protest As Hyperinflation Begins: Ace
Dictator Trifecta: JW
Does Obama Believe Israel Was Behind 9/11 Like His Human Rights Appointee Does?: Lid

American Perversions: The Not-So-Great Generation and the Vision That Dare Not Speak Its Name: AmDigest
Left wants multiculturalism to trump free speech: Hanson
Obama’s ‘Historic Firsts’ don’t put America First: Caldwell’s Corner


Code Monster teaches kids to crunch Javascript, builds appetite for programming: GeekWire
“Pardon Me, Soldier, but Would You Happen to Have the Atomic Time?”: DefTech
Twitter Broke Another Tweet Record And, Sorry TechCrunch, But You Bet It Matters: MarketingLand


Corsi exposes Down Low Club at Trinity United: HillBuzz
Important Poll- Hilary vs Obama Whose Fake Black Accent is Better?: Lid
Ed Hochuli unplugged: his life outside the stripes and food vice: SI

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QOTD: “In 2010, even Scott Brown’s pickup truck came in for a charge of racism on MSNBC. Olbermann said that what Scott Brown voters truly opposed was having “an African-American president.”

When this insane point was met with mild resistance from Howard Fineman, Keith produced the smoking gun: “What were the Scott Brown ads, though? Every one of the Scott Brown ads had him in a pickup truck.”

I wonder if it was an “uppity” pickup truck …

As soon as the racism hunters at MSNBC come up with a final and complete list of racist code words, they should release it to the public. But it needs to be aired on a network with lots of viewers, so they better send it to Fox News.” —Ann Coulter

Doug Ross @ Journal

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