Larwyn’s Linx: The culmination of Democratic dysfunction – #BlameHarryReid #ObamaReidShutdown

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The culmination of Democratic dysfunction – #BlameHarryReid: Jacobson
Surprise, The World Spins On: Erick Erickson
GOP, You’ve Tried Surrender; Let’s Try Fighting: David Limbaugh

Entitled federal workers tell Washington Post they’re totally essential: Hot Air
Shutdown benefits – 90 percent IRS’s workforce gets furloughed: FAM
Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to ‘Free Health Care’: WS

Unless The Right Acts Now, Missouri Will Turn Blue By 2016: MoTorch
California Obamacare Exchange Offline: WZ
ObamaCare Website Fails when Congressman Tries to Sign Up: Huelskamp


Historic! As Government Shutdown Nears, King Putt Hits the Links: JWF
Federal agencies go on their ‘use it or lose it’ shopping sprees: WaPo
It’s the Spending, Idiots!: Western

Make the Able Bodied Work for Food Stamps: Outcast
Shutdown claims its first victims: Senate Democrats’ graphics art team: RS
What’s a Little Fraud When We’re Talking Obamacare?: Sara Noble

Scandal Central

Harry Reid Reportedly Talked Obama Out of Negotiations Over Shutdown: Mediate
Lois Lerner’s Pension Could Be as Much as $ 102,600/Year, $ 3.96 Million Lifetime: CNS
‘1940s Germany’: Parents Livid After Video of Celebrities Who ‘Pledge’ Support for Obama: NoisyRm

Climate and Energy

Democratic congressman eviscerates new EPA coal regulation: Ashe Schow
MIT’s Lindzen: IPCC Report “Hilariously Flawed”: Ace
Top MIT scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed: RWN


Would you look at that..Another Anti-Conservative Post From the Conservative Blogosphere!: Jen Kuznicki
Surviving a government shutdown: an Idiot’s Guide: Protein Wisdom
Why is the British Leftist Henry Porter so eager to have gun control in the U.S.?: Winter Soldier

Extremely Extreme Extremists: Ace
New Poll Suggests People Hate Republicans: Ace
Bad News: NBC, CNN Scrap Hillary Clinton Movies: Ed Driscoll

Peter King’s Media Whoring Showing No Signs Of Slowing Down: “I Can Never Forgive Ted Cruz”: WZ
Half of New Jerseyans are blissfully unaware of Obamacare’s impending fascism: WyBlog
Sally Kohn upset at starring in four Twitchy posts in two days — so we’re making it five: Twitchy


Aren’t They a Pair?: Ed Driscoll
Al-Shabaab and Obama’s Family Push For Islamic Kenya: FPM
A subculture that praises, and deliberately breeds, serial killers: Ace


Obama HHS seeks to reduce cases of cancer in US…by changing the definition of cancer: Poor Richard
What Was It?: MagNote
John McAfee takes on the NSA with secure anonymity device: PC World


Shut. It. Down.: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Sad Breaking Bad is over? Watch these 5 mini-episodes you’ve probably never seen: The Week
7 Adorable Animals Sad About Obamacare: Jon Gabriel, BuzzFeed

Image: Michael Ramirez

QOTD: “What we have today, uniquely in human history, is a terrorism that seems myopically focused on killing as many people as possible and which has no clear political goals and no stated territorial aims. The question is, why? It is not moral masturbation to ask this question or to point out the peculiarity and perversity of modern Islamist violence. My penny’s worth is that this terrorism speaks to a profound crisis of politics and of morality. Where earlier terrorist groups were restrained both by their desire to appear as rational political actors with a clear goal in mind and by basic moral rules of human behaviour – meaning their violence was often bloody, yes, but rarely focused narrowly on committing mass murder – today’s Islamist terrorists appear to float free of normal political rules and moral compunctions. This is what is so infuriating about the BBC’s refusal to call these groups terrorists – because if anything, and historically speaking, even the term terrorist might be too good for them.” —Brendan O’Neill

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