Larwyn’s Linx: Paglia notes the fall of excellence; admits Mark Levin won with Liberty and Tyranny

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Paglia notes the fall of excellence; admits Mark Levin won: Kuznicki
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Surprise: California Numbers Missing From Rosy Jobless Report: JWF

Scandal Central

SEAL Parents: Obama ‘Put a Target on Our Son’s Back’: NRO
Father of fallen SEAL begs for military to tell the truth about “criminal” rules of engagement: Scoop
Biden, Dems enlisted by energy company to win billion-dollar loan deal, emails show: Times

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Climate & Energy

More Windmill-Related Environmental Concerns: Mackinac


Stephanie Cutter Goes On Bret Baier…: HayRide
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Media Rips Biden’s Performance on Twitter: Politico
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Al-Qaeda Assassinates Top Security Official at US Embassy in Yemen on His Way to Work: GWP
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Bolton on Obama Administration: ‘They can’t be left in the same room with our national security’: HySci
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Future cyber attacks could rival 9-11, cripple US, warns Panetta: ComputerWorld
Night Vision Watches and Video Recording Glasses – We Visit The Real-Life Q: IB Times
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Proof that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii: Matzav
New Newsweek Cover Hacked & Cutterized: Sooper
Why I’m Voting for Mitt Romney: Trish

Image: Joe Biden Facial Expressions From the Debate
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QOTD: “While the base probably found Joe’s performance exciting and emotionally honest, I suspect that millions of Americans did not appreciate that Joe made a mockery of a ritual performance that is meant to enhance the honor of the presidential office and to give voters an opportunity to compare the two parties. If people were actually comparing the two debaters, Ryan was an attractive, polite, stable, normal, well-informed young man. Joe was the bloviating, obnoxious drunk at the bar who had grabbed Ryan by his lapel and wouldn’t let go. You could practically see Ryan’s hair melt from the noxious odors wafting out from behind Joe’s peculiarly whitened dentures.

I do not know that I have ever before seen such a loathsome spectacle at the national level. In a sane world, the moderator would have reined him in. In a decent world, Joe would call a press conference tomorrow to apologize for his behavior. In the real world, the media will laud his energy, aggression, and mastery of the “facts.”

If this is what our political process has come too, we are in trouble. The Obama administration is damaging the very fabric of our democracy, and the drunk, crazy uncle they hauled out for the debate tonight is one of the weapons in their arsenal.” —Bookworm

Doug Ross @ Journal

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